Bioenergetic Home Blood Testing

Now you can test your blood in the quiet comfort of your own home with an easy to use home blood test kit. Blood tests are usually carried out in hospitals, clinics and surgeries and this test in not a replacement for these, but technological advances have made it possible for you to carry out a Bioenergetic test at home without the inconvenience of long waiting times in medical centres. Accurate results are available within 48 hours, and in contrast to standard tests for cholesterol or blood sugar, we search for the underlying stress on the body. You can be tested for various stressors, including viruses, allergies, toxins, metals, parasites, bacteria and food intolerances.

The procedure is quick and easy. Just order your required test online, and it will be posted to you. Follow the simple, step by step instructions (just one drop of blood is needed, unlike most other tests), and return the test in the envelope provided. Your results will follow within two days. Allergy testing in the UK has never been easier or more cost effective, with the lowest online prices.

Is it ok to post my sample?

Because the blood sample is dried and in a sealed plastic bag it is not classed as a UN3373 infectious substance.

Over the last four decades, biologists and physicians began recording frequencies emitted by cells, and it is now acknowledged that every living thing emits its own pattern of frequency, or oscillation. During the testing, the frequencies of most known substances are measured against your blood sample. Upon detection, frequency patterns that match emit a “resonance” which is then recorded. The substances which contribute to your stress, or are likely to cause stress, or that may have caused stress in the past are rendered identifiable.

The blood test for food intolerance tests your reaction to 690 different allergens, including E-numbers, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, sweets, snacks and some baby foods and milks. The blood test for parasites, viruses and bacteria checks for 285 infections, including the more well known, such as E. coli, Campylobacter, Clostridium difficile, Diphtheria/Pertussis/Tetanus, Malaria, Toxoplasmosis and House Dust Mite.

The blood test for allergies includes cat, dog and most animal hairs, fleas, mice and rats, pollens, insect bites, including mosquitoes, wasps, flowers and feathers. The tests are very comprehensive, and follow up information is available once you receive your results. For a fast, affordable, reliable and convenient home blood test service you need look no further .

The Bioenergetic home blood test for allows you to be tested for Toxins, Parasites, Allergies, Bacteria, Metals, Food Intolerances and many other conditions.You can be tested for conditions that others can’t, using biophysic testing methods as used in Germany for 40 years.

Wonder what is triggering your hayfever or what food it is that upsets your stomach? Find out in 48 hours with the lowest cost testing service available.  Plus Free Post treatment re-test.


Treatment Options after blood test


Our test techniques involves the use of the Bicom Bioresonance device which has been used worldwide by over 16,000 practitioners and has been in existence for over 40 years. We cannot say that we can diagnose conditions or recommend treatment, the test results are to be used as a part of the diagnostic process. We actively encourage a variety of options and would never discourage the use of your local doctor or surgeon. The information we provide may help them in their investigations. If your symptoms are recent and require urgent attention visit your doctor before applying for the test

Bioresonance Therapy

After you receive the results you may wish to learn more about bioresonance and this can be done on the link above.

Homeopathic, Herbal & Tissue Salt Therapy

Energetix, herbal and tissue salt remedies are recommended to support the healing process. Each remedy can also be imprinted with the personal frequencies to neutralise any ‘white noise’ interfering with healthy cell communication. This can be used to treat Candida and toxins with great success. You can also have the frequency imprinted in homeopathic remedies to aid healing.

Conventional Medicine

Following the test we may recommend a visit to your local doctor asking him to check a certain condition. It is advisable for serious conditions to visit your doctor urgently and not to use this service as an alternative, we can only find resonance which cannot diagnose a condition with one test, it needs to be combined with other conventional methods such as stool, blood, urine samples through your local hospital.


3 Easy Steps

  1. Order your required test – You can order here.
  2. Follow instructions on arrival – Your test kit will arrive in the post and is very easy to follow, unlike most blood testing services we only need one drop.
  3. Post and wait for your results – You will receive your test results on a pdf report within 48 hours