Bioresonance Therapy


Bioresonance therapy is a energy medicine that works with the patient’s own electromagnetic frequency patterns. The patient’s electromagnetic oscillations of their body is received by electrodes working as an antenna, which is fed into the BICOM device. The BICOM device changes the body’s own information with the help of unique electronic systems into therapy signals, a sort of ‘de-coder’ of these frequencies and are then returned to the patient by the output cable. The electromagnetic pathologic information in the body is reduced and in many cases eliminated.

Cells communicate with each other by means of certain wavelengths (frequencies). This cellular communication becomes interrupted from frequencies of pathogens, fungus’ and virus’,  causing imbalance and dis-ease in the body. 

A toxin, for example, entering the body, has disturbed frequency patterns which interfere with the body’s own regulatory powers and in turn impair the body’s functions. Using the BICOM device, frequency patterns, which cause illness, can be transformed into therapeutically effective frequency patterns. This knocks out the ‘white noise’ and interference between the cellular communication, allowing free flow of healthy frequencies.

It goes without saying, if you are seriously ill then you need to consult your local health professional but, in addition, a growing number of people in the UK are discovering the benefits of bioresonance therapy. There are thousands of incidents where patients have become frustrated with conventional, alopathic medicine and can testify to the effectiveness of the treatment and diagnosis offered by bioresonance.

The BICOM device makes the transition into Bioresonance particularly easy. Over 400 indications are stored in the therapy programmes. These programmes contain the experience gained from 20 years’ work in Bioresonance.

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