As a former migraine sufferer I know the evil pain that encompasses your head, having an affect on sensitivity to sound, light and making you feel like you want to throw up at the slightest movement. I used to say that if I could cry I would cry blood that’s how much pressure was felt […]

Don’t Laugh ;0)

I was sent an email this week of a professional nature from someone I have not met before, within it, after a specific fact they wrote in brackets (Don’t laugh) at which point, I absolutely cracked up laughing. I know that as I write this I am thinking of the many occasions I have got […]


When I do my consultations one of the many questions I ask is how many soft drinks, tea or coffee is drunk and what times the first and last beverage is consumed. Now, of course the obvious is that it dehydrates the gut, affects skin health and is obviously a stimulant, but the fact is […]


I am writing this post because so many people have contacted me about the amazing results they have experienced with the Dermabiome™ . For me it is no surprise, I created this product initially for wound healing, packing the injuries and binding overnight gave amazing healing benefits and the speed with how it healed was […]


Biochemic Medicine is the use of tissue salts, although there are variations the main are the use of twelve specific salts that are found within the body and are ESSENTIAL for overall wellbeing and homeostasis. Where homeopathy works dynamicly, with energies and succussions, Biochemic tissue salts work physically, balancing deficiencies or surplus organic cell salts […]


The body holds an array of substances but those that are deemed harmful to the systems of the body are called toxins. It is when the body has a build up of these harmful substances, causing dis-ease, that it then becomes ‘toxicity’ . Toxins, built up externally and internally, are brought about by inhaling toxins […]


Most of us run through our day to day activities on auto pilot, not even thinking of the impact it may have on our body systems. Stressful jobs, deadlines to meet, kids to deal with, home life – just juggling with life in general can overwhelm, yet still we power on. The Adrenals are so […]

The Flu Shot! have or not to have?

I want to begin by stating that the following views are my own. If you are unsure of anything ALWAYS do your own research, ask questions and make your own educated choices. We have flu season upon us and I am always being asked my opinion on if one should have the shot or not, […]

Ground Control

It always makes me smile when I mention the use of crystals, earthing or sound frequency in my treatments and I am met with a response of rolling of eyeballs, wry smiles and a comment about new age tree hugging . Apart from the fact I absolutely love to hug a tree and have no […]

Melanin on Fleek

The beautiful Dija Ayodele launched her Black Skin Directory Instagram account recently with great excitement from many an Aesthetician, including myself. The website, which is launched early 2018 will give access to black women and men on skin health advice and services. Dija says ‘research shows that overwhelmingly black women struggle to find skin care […]


Skin care ingredients are forever under scrutiny, many love the organic, natural ingredients – myself included. The problem is when there is any product containing water there has to be a preservative to prevent bacterial growth and pathogens. Water based products allow water soluble ingredients work at their best. Green based skincare companies tend to […]


Did you know that Candida is linked to many skin conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis and blackheads! Yes – blackheads. I am forever banging on about the importance to treat the skin from within and one of the questions that is a common thread among facialists is from clients wanting blackhead removal or advice on […]


The lips are very much neglected in the day to day skin care regimen, they can suffer dehydration playing a huge role in skin issue’s and showing clues on the internal gut!. Cold sore sufferers tend to have painful blisters arrive around the lips, as well as nose but more often the mouth area these […]


Yes, smoking is bad for you … no sh*t Sherlock! But I just wanted to do a check list, a little nudge to those who indulge and wonder why their skin is not the best it could be. Not only that the long term affects smoking has on overall health and well-being. I know I […]


Love them or hate them facial oils do have a place in your skin treatment plan. The mere mention of the word ‘oil’ send some people into panic, conjuring up images of a greasy skin that contribute to breakouts and clogged pores but we need to have a full recap on how they work and […]


Well it was only a matter of time – Virtual reality ‘mindfullness’ for the salon….I have taken a while to write my thoughts on this as it took some time for me to actually process as to why on earth this could be seen as beneficial. I also want to point out that the following […]


Noetics – how thoughts and emotions affect the physical form, how energy affects matter.  Matter is energy that has been compressed. It is made up of a radiation particle and radiation is the energy that will always preside over particles. Every part of us has its own frequency, our lungs, liver, pancreas and so on […]


The pressure both men and women place on themselves and on each other to have the ‘perfect’ (whatever that may be) body is staggering. Problem is, with the pressure of continued bombardment of svelte bikini clad and muscle-bound images thrown upon us via social media or magazines, many tend to feel insecure let alone the […]


Precious metals and crystals have been used throughout the centuries for their healing benefits, they have been used to adorn Royalty and the elite, as well as f ceremonial purposes.The first reported use of Copper was found in an Egyptian medical text 2200 BC. Queens of Ancient civilizations including the Queen of Sheeba, Cleopatra & […]


I came across a post by Claire Felicie,a photographer who had captured images of Soldiers before, during and after their deployment to Afghanistan and it inspired this blog entry. The human body is one of wonder, as a skin care therapist, I look at the different aspects of skin conditions, but as a Noetic therapist, […]


Niacinamide is one of the ingredients I use in my Masterlift cocktails, a fabulous booster for optimum skin health – so what is Niacinamide? Niacinamide is one of those ingredients that fly under the radar, it has been overlooked in the skin care world especially with its amazing benefits it has to the skin and  […]


It is so lovely to have such wonderful feedback from my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers regarding the fabulous before and after pictures of my clients. However, I have to say that it is not down to me, well not just me. I only point my clients in the right direction of how they can […]


Beauty as they say, is in the eye of the beholder and can be perceived in many different ways. Society places such high importance on aesthetic appearances, from flawless complexion to white teeth, plump lips, glossy flowing locks, false nails and a size 6 figure with an ample bosom – It is society that is […]


The elements within are the ones required for skin health and general wellness. It is not enough to just take supplements and hope for the best. I never have been comfortable with a sweeping ‘one size fits all’ approach to skin treatments, supplements or skin products. My treatments are all about progressive skin health along […]


Where are you? I am not talking about your exact physical location but your whole being, your consciousness, your soul. Mindfullness is one thing but it can be a process of  going through the motions of breathing or ‘meditating’  and yet not actually receiving or allowing yourself to truly accept and understand, to surrender and […]


A small post in light of the New Year  that is upon us and as always there are posts of ‘New Year, New You!’ …. arrrgghhhhh! The New year should be a time of reflection to look back and take note of all of the experiences we have had that has brought us to where […]


The B in this case stands for Bowen! I have written many posts on the magical way this healing modality works on the body. It involves piezoelectricity, hydration of the fascia anatomy trains and a total mind-body healing. Anatomy trains are ribbons of fascia that run up, down, across and around the body linking joints, […]


Vitamin A is one of the skins most important vitamins. It is essential for wound healing, circulation, cell turn over, UV protection, decreasing over active oil production and a powerful anti-oxidant. So knowing it has these fabulous actions we can now see why therapists use it in clinic as well as recommend to clients for […]


For me head pain is THE worst of all pains. I was a migraine sufferer from early teens until I had my hysterectomy, I still get the odd one, actually just coming out of a four day corker which led me to write this post. Headaches are not a ‘one size fits all’ we know […]


Are you addicted to sugar? I know I seriously have a challenge with it but having a mother that bakes continually and gets offended, I mean seriously cheesed off if you don’t eat her cakes it is hardly a surprise! Sugar causes internal inflammation and when inflammation occurs so does dis-harmony and dis-ease. Sugar is extremely […]


Many products have ‘wonder claims’ that they can penetrate the skin with the amazing ingredients they hold but how does this happen? How can  molecules that are simply to big  penetrate further than the epidermis? It is like trying to squeeze a square peg in a round hole! To make any real change in the […]


I treat many wonderful clients one of which is the beautiful Glynis Barber who wrote about The Masterlift treatment on her fabulous blog Ageless. The story was also picked up by the Daily Mail expanding on how dermal needling can be painful and scary, which prompted me to write this post. There is a huge […]


The tides in our veins – words from the poet Robinson Jeffers, resonate for me because that is exactly what we have, tides that ebb and flow dependent on diet, lifestyle and emotion. Do you truly understand the importance of hydration? Water is THE most important nutrient for the human body, it is the substance […]


The BBC recently reported that we are not getting enough vitamin D in the winter months, it included a statement from Public Health England  advising that vitamin D supplements should be taken throughout the year. Vitamin D helps the absorption of calcium which as we all know is good for skeletal health, so vitamin D […]


I wrote a post recently on the skins PIN code, something I use with clients to achieve the best possible outcomes in general well being and skin health. Skin care is, of course an important factor in our skin health as is our thought processes but diet and lifestyle are the true key to the […]


Mens skin care is something I am often asked to comment on and I have to say that I do not actually believe in a specific brand that targets just men. Yes, there are brands that have been masculinised to attract men but ingredients and products should target skin concerns after all we are all […]


So what actually happens to our skin when we sleep? I wrote a post on the importance of sleep and some tips for a healthy nights sleep but I wanted to also elaborate on what happens to the skin during sleep. There is a huge emphasis on night creams and serums but we are forgetting […]


The reason my clients get the results they do is not just from my work in the clinic, it is from their ability to commit and invest in the knowledge I give. I explain to my clients the desire for great skin is dependent on the skins pin code. You need a four digit code […]


Keratosis Pilaris is a very common genetic condition that affects the upper arms, thighs, back and face. Around 40% of the population are affected including children, it is a condition that is very much like hardened goosebumps on the skin that can itch and sometimes be inflamed and looks a bit like chicken skin. Dead […]


Being a skin therapist I am constantly being asked advice on how to improve skin conditions from dehydration to acne. Now, of course skin care and treatments as well as the Noetic side of things play a huge role in the skins behavior BUT why is it that as soon as the moisturizer and SPF […]


Today I had a client in for a consultation. Her skin was severely impaired and I asked her what skin care she currently used and if she had any advanced treatments. She continued to reel off all ‘best’ skincare in her cabinet and all the ‘latest’ treatments she had had. She explained that she did […]


Crystals have a way of dipping in and out of trend. I have always been a fan, even from a small child I had a fascination with them. Below are some questions I was asked about Crystals and how they interact with the skin, enjoy! What exactly are crystals and where do we get them […]


The title of this blog is clearly a tongue in cheek slant on my views on the latest clinical and scientific skin care products and why I ADORE the results driven benefits they provide. ‘The Big Bang Theory is the leading explanation about how the universe began. At its simplest, it talks about the universe […]


Part of Noetic therapy is the consultation, I spend a long time sitting with my clients discussing and showing ways of ‘rewiring’ their thought process. The biggest and hardest thing to do is to constantly check yourself in your actions and thinking, something that is second nature to all of us is to react to […]


I have written a post on the importance of investing in your skin and I can not stress enough that purchasing results driven skin care is also an extension of the treatment you may have in a clinic or salon. TEOXANE cosmeceuticals is one of a few brands I adore, not only on a personal […]


I have a fascination of how the mind works and how certain behaviors affect the human being. We often think that the ego is to do with arrogance and self absorption but in fact the ego is, as it’s Latin namesake ‘I’. Without ‘I’ there would be no creation or existence, so you can see […]


Most of us suffer from the odd memory lapse, especially when we have a busy home and work life, however, many women suffer ‘brain fog’, short term memory loss which can leave you feeling scared and frustrated. I have always been known for my photographic memory but since having my hysterectomy and being launched into […]


There have been many posts about the latest Queen or King of the antioxidants but give me good ol vitamin C any day. Known as the ultimate helper, vitamin C packs a punch when it comes to free radical attack.  This water soluble vitamin is sensitive to oxygen and can very quickly become unstable. Once […]


A free radical is an element that has an unpaired electron, this makes the electron highly charged and unstable causing a lot of damage by rampaging through the body cells in a very short space of time. They cause tissue damage by going berserk in the system, attacking and destroying cells and even recreating more [...]


Have you ever come across that person who, in themselves are pleasant enough but struggles with personal contact? When you go to hug them the shoulders hunch and body stiffens making what should be a warm gesture a very awkward moment! ( these people I tend to hug even tighter!- they need it!) You also […]


The Bowen Technique is a great help for those who suffer from shin splints. This is a common injury (or symptom) for runners, rugby players and football players. Shin splints is described as pain over the front of the tibia bone (the shin hence the name) this can be caused by problems from muscle, bone […]


Fibromyalgia is a condition that is hard to diagnose, there are no tests to pinpoint this illness, no cure as yet although The Bowen Technique is a great alternative to manage the symptoms and treat the underlying cause. It is a condition that causes fatigue, sleeplessness and causes pain and tenderness throughout the body. It […]


This post covers most sports injuries but I am focusing on those sustained in Boxing. I have many friends and acquaintances who box as well as frequenting York Hall in my youth and I have to say it is not something that I enjoy, mainly because of the trauma and impact it has on the […]


Dehydration plays a part in an array of problems to the body and skin. We all know the importance of drinking water… or do we? Water is essential to life, we can live for days without food but no without water. It is crucial to maintain a healthy mind, body and transportation of  nutrients in […]


The body is a miraculous thing and once you understand the clues it possesses you can start to find solutions. To think the mind is a separate entity to the physical body is a mad notion, yet it is something that is so often overlooked or not even taken into account. Every thought we have […]


Faith is something that is often confused with religion – to me, faith is a belief in the greater good for something, someone or all. When we are told of the fantastic benefits of a the latest wonder cream or the wonder drug we believe. When we are told great news be it a truth […]


Planet Earth is covered with 70% of water, exactly the same ratio as the human being holds. As a New Born baby we hold 99% water, which decreases in adulthood to 70% and continues to decrease to 50% as we age. Water can shape landscapes in the form of rivers and streams in its fluid […]


We are not in a little lead box separate from our Mothers when we are developing. From week six of conception we are experiencing. We experience the food, emotions and sounds our mothers do, positive and negative. If your Mother was stressed throughout fetal development then it will mark you. High stress levels will increase […]


As Mae West said “Sex is an emotion in motion.” Sexual desire is the most powerful energy of human desires, it one of the seven ‘positive’ human emotions. It is suggested that the man has five astral bodies, the first being matter – the physical form that we can touch, see and feel. The other […]


After having a radical hysterectomy last year I was thrown into the Menopause by the scruff of my neck fretting that I would come out of the other side of surgery a depressed, sweating mess! Especially after foolishly reading Menopausal forums that promised a whole heap of trauma from hot sweats, to dark thoughts, extreme […]


I have spoken about fascia before in posts about the Bowen Technique. It is something that plays such a huge part in the health of the human being yet it is grossly overlooked in anatomy. Fascia is an integrated system within, it interacts and interweaves with every part of the body from bones, muscles, nerves, […]


Listen to your gut! A valid piece of advice given to me by my father, one that has never, ever failed me. Even now if I feel overwhelmed with ‘stuff’, I always stop and listen to my gut. We all know how our tummy can be affected through stress and trauma, how many times have […]


The sporting world is extremely competitive. One has to be in peak fitness, have dedication, motivation and commitment to the chosen sport, as well as discipline, which is paramount not only with the physical aspects but also emotional and mental, coping with pain from injury and the emotional high and lows of losing and wining. […]


Addiction is a way of masking pain from either emotional, physical or mental trauma. I saw this poem on a social media site and it touched the very core of me, mainly because I have witnessed myself the horror that drugs can do to families and young people. Now, having a teenage daughter myself I […]


The analytical mind is something almost all of us suffer from, over thinking and the inability to ‘switch off’ especially when it is time for rest. The mind itself has no physical home, the brain and the mind are not the same. The mind enables an awareness of the world and experiences, to think, and […]


Both men and women are placed under emotional, mental and physical stress in the workplace. I am writing this post focusing on men, I know women have just as much stress BUT men do have difficulty in expressing when enough is enough. According to the National Statistics of the HSE Government Report relating to Health […]


There are some of you that know the core of my treatments are based on Noetic Science, how energy effects matter, in other words how thoughts and emotions effect the human form. Now, I have been called The Skin Psychic before, a term that I am not really comfortable with but I understand that with […]


Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder that may be true, after all we all have our superficial likes and dislikes. What one person finds attractive another may not necessarily so. Society places high importance on aesthetic appearances, from flawless complexions to white teeth, plump lips, glossy flowing locks, false nails and […]


The tissues I am referring to are not the variety you get in a Kleenex man size box, they are the body tissues and the issues we don’t deal with, that impact either physically, mentally or emotionally. We start experiencing from week six of conception, we are not in a little lead box while in […]

Step into the Light

LED (Light Emitting Diode) has been around for a long while now, the benefits they have on the skin can take a good facial treatment into a great facial treatment. In the beauty and cosmetology industries, light therapy is known as  ‘Chromatherapy’. Colored lamps are used to stimulate and decongest the skin and muscles. Each […]

WARNING!!! Check your Moles (Graphic images) #Safetyinbeauty

This post is a difficult one to write as it is very personal to me. I have been asked to write this on behalf of a very brave woman who is a family friend and I have known since I was a small child. I have not seen her for a while and was approached […]

Fact or Fiction?

There are many little ‘tips’ that are thrown about, supposedly ‘helping’ with acne or breakouts. If I had a pound for every time a client suffering with this condition asked me about the things I am going to list, then I would be very wealthy! So, without further ado, here are a list of by […]

To feed disease..or to fight it!

Last week I met two gorgeous women, Teena and Angelina, the founders of Pure Earth, a company that provides THE best organic juices with no corners cut, to improve health and wellness. Purearth is Certified Organic for maximum health benefits and to provide juices, mylks, tonics, cold brewed coffees and teas of the highest quality. […]

Safety In Beauty

With an increase of horrific conditions and dissatisfaction caused by beauty treatments and clinical procedures, Antonia Mariconda decided in 2013 to launch #SAFTEYINBEAUTY . Since then the campaign has gained much support by industry professionals and experts in the beauty, aesthetic and clinical fields. “More and more cases of patients and consumers being left with […]

Pregnancy Skin

Pregnancy draws on all resources from the body to enable the unborn child to develop into a healthy, bouncing baby. The skin during pregnancy also has immense changes ranging from breakouts, pigmentation, dehydration and oily conditions. The baby’s growth increases blood supply which in turn increases oil production, one of the reasons why sometimes acne […]

Invest in The Skin You’re in!

Tell me, why is it looked upon that skin care and facial treatments are deemed a ‘luxury’ when they are most certainly a necessity? To have a facial treatment is usually a treat us women give to ourselves or have given, as a gift to ‘pamper’.  Professional skin care is usually shied away from, preferring […]

The Dark Circle Conundrum

The dreaded dark circle is plagued by many a person, male and female. I decided to write this post because I have read a few blogs this week about dark circles, which are great for the quick fix of disguising the pesky shadows and superficial help BUT we really need to understand the cause of […]

GODS Pharmacy

What ever your belief or religion, whoever you choose your God to be, (I like to refer to G.O.D – Guardian Of Destiny), you cannot deny there is a higher power, a Master Creator of our beautiful planet. I am a Noetic and Progressive Skin Therapist and I love the natural active ingredients professional products […]

Progressive VS Aggressive

The gorgeously clever Andy Millward, Aesthetician and Beauty Writer wrote about the effects of progressive vs aggressive skin treatments, here he shares his pearls of wisdom:   Primum Non Nocere – it means ‘First do no harm’ in Latin and is a term used by Hippocrates and forms part of the medical doctrine, a guideline […]

Invest in the GREENS Party

No this is not part of a Party Political Campaign – but it IS a shout out for the fabulous Energetix Green Essence Concentrate – I am SO excited about this product, I am always advising clients (not all, depends on health issues) to add more greens in their diet, even if it is a […]

When you go in search of Honey, expect to be stung by Bee’s!

I have recently created a new treatment called the ‘Invigorlift’ , a natural sculpting massage that is completely holistic, meaning there are no use of mechanics just the use of my hands, alleviating tensions in the facial tissues and waking up tired facial muscles . It is not your usual relaxing beauty treatment but a […]

And Sleep……..

A little while ago now, I had the pleasure of spending a morning with the Britain’s leading Beauty Journalists, I was Guest Speaker at The Berkeley Hotel speaking about why sleep is important for the skin, what happens when we sleep and why we wake at certain times. We are all aware of the benefits […]

The Proof is in the Pudding!

I have raised some debate before on the use of topical ingredients on the skin that have had extreme adverse reactions and expressed how I base my opinions on Empirical Research NOT research that is available on the pro’s and cons of ingredients written by some, read by others that then give a platform to […]

The Transgender Tag!

Debates on professional and non professional social networking sites are something I avoid, however, a particular debate recently lured me into the gladiator arena with my net and trident. The question : Is it acceptable and right to deny a transgender client .. and so it started.. many therapists went on a tangent about having […]

What does ‘Holistic’ mean?

What does ‘Holistic’ mean to you? To some it leans toward a certain therapy, to others a spiritual practice but to me it is an all encompassing concept of the mind, body and soul, which may be looked upon as a new age movement but in my practice it is very much based on Noetic […]

Did you hear the one about Skin Care Ingredients?

We are surrounded with a minefield of skin care products, even the latest blog and vlog entries entice us with the feedback of the trend facial wash or moisturizer BUT very few actually tell you about the  hidden nasties they may hold. The consumer tends to buy into the marketing and hype surrounding the brands […]

Healing from Within

“The highest ideal of cure is the speedy, gentle and enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful way.” Along with my Noetic treatments and Bowen Sense I recommend and use the Energetics Homeopathic and Supplement range to compliment the healing  process. Energetix began with a vision to create to provide the […]

On The Nose

The sense of smell is one that evokes emotion, it is an amazing sense that can instantly throw our minds back to a specific place and time in our memories, it can associate us with people and it can also trigger physical responses. Our ancestors relied heavily on the sense of smell as it was […]

It’s a Shady Affair

Pigmentation is the new wrinkle, with many people being more concerned about even skin tone as dull skin with dark patches tend to draw more attention and give the appearance of ageing more than fine lines. Melanin is a major factor in determining skin, eye and hair colour, the lighter the eyes the more sensitive […]

Spring has Sprung!

The first glimpse of flower buds pushing through the earth tells us Spring is here. This is a great time to give your self a good ol’ spring clean to rid ourselves of the winter blues and prepare ourselves for the summer ahead. Top Tips for Spring! Get up nice and early throw on some […]

A Royal Pain in The Butt!

Butt pain is caused by many factors (including the odd irritating individual), ranging from Sciatica, Arthritis, Muscle Strain, Piriformis Syndrome, neighboring pain from a previous injury in the back or legs or even something as simple as having something like a wallet or keys in the same back pocket (if pain is located pain it […]

The Eyes Have it

One of the first places to show the signs of aging is the eyes, regardless of age! The skin around the eye area is much thinner than that of the neighboring facial skin, in fact ten times thinner, the under eye area will reflect sleepless nights, stress, lifestyle (especially smoking) poor skin care and excessive […]

Say NO to the ‘Anti’ of Ageing

We age as well as experience the moment we are conceived, we are then born into a hostile world of harsh pollutants, stress and nutritional obstacles. In our twenties our skin produces abundant amounts of proteins called Collagen and Elastin. These are responsible for our skin to be resilient and firm. As we age the […]

Facial Sculpting

I am having more and more requests for alternatives to Botox and fillers. Non evasive treatments are becoming back in trend and I have recently created a new treatment called the ‘Invigorlift’ because of the demand for a natural ‘lifting’ treatment. A natural sculpting massage is completely holistic, meaning there are no use of mechanics […]