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Precious metals and crystals have been used throughout the centuries for their healing benefits, they have been used to adorn Royalty and the elite, as well as f ceremonial purposes.The first reported use of Copper was found in an Egyptian medical text 2200 BC. Queens of Ancient civilizations including the Queen of Sheeba, Cleopatra & Nefertiti used copper to retain and improve their beauty and Pharaohs used Copper rods for physical and spiritual healing.

Copper is a metal that is becoming a trend for interior designers, I myself have a copper work surface in my clinic but not for aesthetic purposes, for energy and antibacterial reasons. Copper is an essential element for human metabolism and crucial for skin health and the synthesis of collagen production apart from the abundant benefits for overall health. Deficiency in copper in the body can cause aches, pains, premature greying of hair and premature ageing, copper peptides have been used in skincare to improve the skins elasticity and collagen synthesis and copper bracelets have been used for years for anti-inflammatory actions for arthritis conditions.

My new treatment, ‘ReCUvenate’ includes the use of infused water from copper flakes (the water is left overnight so copper is infused in the water to use in facial treatment, this can also be used to cleanse the skin at home) I also use copper wands in the treatment, which again can be used in your home skin care regimen. For professional treatments I use two as this help to lift and tone the skin but the use of one is perfect for home use. The wand can be used to ‘erase’ areas of concern – crows feet, frown lines and also used in sweeping, lifting movements to drain lymph and reduce puffiness. The use of the wand will improve circulation and also infuse into the skin as well as the many health benefits of copper listed below.

Copper, aches and painsCopper wand, massage wand, healing, crystalBenefits of Copper:

  • antioxidant
  • accelerates healing
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-viral
  • anti-bacterial
  • aids cell regeneration
  • boosts immune system
  • regulates thyroid gland
  • anti carcinogenic
  • regulates melanin production
  • helps absorption of iron (great for anemics)
  • Helps with digestive issues (ulcers, parasites, infection)
  • eliminates acidity
  • boosts cardiovascular health
  • helps regulate cholesterol levels
  • aids mental clarity
  • aids arthritic pain

Invest in a copper drinking vessel, place water in it and leave overnight, drink on an empty stomach every morning for overall skin health and wellness. Drinking water from Copper vessels have been used throughout the centuries and well revered for the health benefits, it is still a core part of Ayurvedic wellness.

Use upward movements draining out towards the ears.












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