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Facial Sculpting

Facial Sculpting

Face lift anti-aging treatment - Asian woman portrait with graphI am having more and more requests for alternatives to Botox and fillers. Non evasive treatments are becoming back in trend and I have recently created a new treatment called the ‘Invigorlift’ because of the demand for a natural ‘lifting’ treatment.

A natural sculpting massage is completely holistic, meaning there are no use of mechanics just the use of the therapists hands, alleviating tensions in the facial tissues and waking up tired facial muscles .

It is not as calming as a regular treatment as friction movements with varying degrees of pressure are applied all over the face and neck to detect areas of tension, it also helps tissue memory to ‘let go’. Deeper techniques are used that release restrictions in the ninety odd facial and neck muscles, which results in an ‘ironing out’ and ‘lifting’ of brows, jowls and neck, redefining and sculpting tired muscles back into shape, like an energizing work out!.

So as you can imagine it can be quite vigorous but it has amazing effects on overall skin health, by having this type of treatment it will not only re-educate the muscles but improve circulation and the lymph leaving the skin with an overall healthy glow.

The fact is if we look younger we feel younger so it will impact on our behavior and confidence. As anything it is always best to have a course of treatments to have the optimum effect but you certainly feel ‘revived’ after just one treatment. It is also very important to remember diet and lifestyle will impact on your skin and its receptiveness to treatment. I always recommend Collagen Shots to compliment the treatment from the inside out!

I have two non surgical lifting treatments, the Invigorlift as mentioned which is completely holistic, (I also include the use of a secret blend of very natural raw ingredients which add that special boost) and the Masterlift although this one includes the use of a digital micro-needling technique but you can see by using both techniques there is an improvement in skin tone, texture and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

There are many techniques available to firm and tone the skin without the need for drastic measures with amazing results, having said that I am a great believer in you should do whatever makes YOU feel great, if that means having Botox or fillers then go for it (although ALWAYS do your research and have consultations with a reputable practitioner!) Ask your therapist if they offer a ‘Sculpting Facial’ you will be surprised how fingers and gentle manipulation can have such an impact!


                                  Marie Reynolds Masterlift

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