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The Flu Shot! have or not to have?

The Flu Shot! have or not to have?

I want to begin by stating that the following views are my own. If you are unsure of anything regarding your health ALWAYS do your own research, ask questions and make your own educated choices.

We have flu season upon us and I am always being asked my opinion on if one should have the shot or not, so for what it is worth here it is.

Our body’s are amazing! the anatomical architecture that has been created to fight the daily bombardment of toxins, pathogens and viruses is more than capable of fighting DIS-EASE within, given the chance and the proper support it needs. Doctors, in my opinion are amazing for trauma care but manage dis-ease in the body, usually offering a prescription to subside or suppress the symptoms and not treating the cause. The Hippocratic Oath states “ Primum non nocere, or, “First, do no harm.”   which is why I find it difficult that the human body is pumped with untold chemicals to suppress its own ability to heal,  pharmaceutical drugs used for common ailments, including the flu, can have harmful and negative side effects, yet traditional, natural medicines and treatments work in supporting the human body to heal itself. The problem is in the ‘holistic’ realm of alternative health and wellbeing there is no money to be made whereas the realm pharmaceuticals do!

I have never been a fan of the flu injections and wholeheartedly believe that you can fight infection with a healthy diet and lifestyle but also being aware of fundamental factors that contribute to viral and bacterial infections. Viruses, in particular can lay dormant and wait for an opportunity to present itself, usually when the seasons change but also if the body has an influx of heavy metals or toxins that allow viruses to gain strength, we live in the society where everyone wants a quick fix and on the other side of the coin are sucked into the scare mongering of fatality or extreme illness if you don’t have the shot, which, by the way, does not give you a guarantee of protection against the flu.

If you do choose to have the Flu shot, ask what it actually contains and do your own research of what  side affects the ingredients may cause. I am not going to list them because rather than focus on what I believe is not needed in the body I want to bring your attention on what you can do to reduce the risk of flu.

The body is able to produce an army of soldiers that fight infection, we just simply need to help it on its way with supplies from food and create a healthy environment with mental and emotional well-being. By doing this it will lower the risk of colds and flu, so below are my top tips to protect yourself from the seasons grots!

  • Hydration is key. Apart from eating and drinking plenty of water, add some hydration supplements with ionic minerals to hydrate intra-cellular as well as extra cellular. This will enable the body to absorb vitamins and minerals better . The Hydration Duo  are ideal to keep hydrated.
  • Vitamin D is key to fight viruses, it is needed and drawn upon at the first signs of illness, yet, especially at this time of year the body has usually insufficient levels. It is one of the most important vitamins to take daily – Vitamin D3- K2 taken every day will help to bolster the body’s immune system.
  • Our microbiome is essential for overall well-being, making sure your gut flora is topped up will be another way of protecting yourself. A course of Flora12+ & Col-mino will lay down strong, healthy flora – ready for the onslaught any virus ready for attack.
  • Top up with fresh fruit and vegetables, chew slowly so that the release of exogenous enzymes will flood the body. The intake of antioxidants is so crucial for health and wellbeing and can easily be achieved.
  • Neutraphils absorb free radicals, however if the negative ions in the cells are not abundant then they attack healthy cells – decrease sugar and carbohydrate intake and GROUND! this is a free and easy way to top up your negative ion intake!
  • Listen to your body, rest and go to bed early. Remove electrical devices and don’t watch TV – looking at screens omits blue light which will decrease melatonin in the body and can disrupt essential purging while we sleep. Phyto Cal Mag and Brain Feed 5HTP will help relax and aid sleep. For more tips on sleep read here.
  • If you do feel grotty then Elderberry Syrup is fab to top up the ol immune system.
  • Vitamin C and Co-enzyme Q10  are potent anti oxidants. Alka C Complex has anti-viral properties that may help with cold sores, shingles, and the common cold, it is abundant in Vitamin C.
  • Look at reducing heavy metal intake – reduce the intake of shellfish, watch what foods you eat in cans and cease using aluminium foil when cooking. If you are thinking of exchanging amalgam fillings for white ones then do one at a time in intervals, not all at once. Mercury is stable in fillings but remove them all at once can flood the blood stream with mercury potentially feeding viruses. Take a multi mineral with Boron like Bio Nutrient Multi-BioNutrient Multi- Viruses do not like Boron!
  • Sounds gross but if you have post basal drip with phlegm- do not swallow, spit out into a tissue and dispose. Sneeze and cough into tissues and throw away. Wash hands and clean electrical devices as they hold more bacteria on them than you have in your toilet!
  • Look at Essential Oils that are anti Viral and Bacterial like Eucalyptus, Tewa Tree and Lavender – placing a couple of drops in a handkerchief and inhaling (especially on a plane or train) will help.
  • If you have a fever or thick head cold then look nat tissue salts Ferr.Phos (which is chief remedy for colds and flu ) or Calc Sulph (especially if you have sore throat)
  • Most of all watch the stress intake! stress will bombard the immune system, be mindful what you are filling your emotional tank  with! off load the crap you have no control over, certainly do not stress over the flu, or get swept away with the hysteria surrounding flu shots!

So there you have it! my opinion and some tips to help for those of you who decide the flu shot is not for you! I also prescribe some homeopathic remedies like Flu tone, Viral Chord, bacteria Chord, Sinus Tone and Drainage tone – but you do need a consultation for these, which you can get if you book via

Keep well and healthy, in mind and emotion as well as body!


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