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What is Dermal Resonance?

What if you could imprint the cellular information of your DNA into your skin care, not only that but additional frequencies of amino acids, biochemicals, frequency information of the skin’s microbiome?

Working with the same principles as the Bioresonance tests , your personal, internal cellular frequency is tested against a specific skin health test kit, containing frequencies of bacterias, fungi, bodybiochemicals  and nutritional factors to provide a completely bespoke product suited to your individual skin needs.

This information is then imprinted into either Anoint or Hydr8 Misting Veil to support a healthy skin and healthy ageing.

You can purchase the Dermal Resonance test here


Our test techniques involves the use of the Bicom Bioresonance device which has been used worldwide by over 16,000 practitioners and has been in existence for over 40 years. We cannot say that we can diagnose conditions or recommend treatment, the test results are to be used as a part of the diagnostic process. We actively encourage a variety of options and would never discourage the use of your local doctor or surgeon. The information we provide may help them in their investigations. If your symptoms are recent and require urgent attention visit your doctor before applying for the test



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