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Marie believes passionately about the power of the human body. All her treatments start by considering the body as a whole rather than just the symptoms presenting. Bioresonance Therapy fits in perfectly with this holistic approach.

The Human Body and it’s energies

The human body is made up of energy, and this therapy works around the principles of this energy. In today’s world it is increasingly common that the bodies own energy, or frequencies, are interrupted by virus, pathogens or fungus’, resulting in illness. Bioresonance Therapy helps the body to correct itself back to it’s most beneficial frequency level.

A good example of how the bodies frequencies can be interrupted is a toxin. When it enters the body, it has disturbed frequency patterns which interfere with the body’s own regulatory powers and may impair the body’s functions. Bioresonance Therapy uses a device called the BICOM, to knock out the ‘white noise’ and interference between the cellular communication, allowing free flow of healthy frequencies.



How does it work?

Essentially Bioresonance therapy is an energy “medicine” that works with the patient’s own electromagnetic frequency patterns. The patient’s own electromagnetic oscillations are received by electrodes held in the hand that work as an antenna. These frequencies are then fed into the BICOM device.

The BICOM device ‘decodes’ these disrupted frequencies and they are then returned to the patient by the output cable which is held in the patient’s hand.

What to expect on your first treatment.
The first session of your Bioresonance Therapy includes a detailed consultation, and a collection of information so that a profile can be created.

There will then be various testings with the Bioresonance for possible frequency factors that may be causing dis-harmony in your body. You will then be tested for further possible blocks in your meridians and quadrants as well as your own conductance values  (the level of energy you have in your cells). Further testing may include the frequencies of specific bacteria strains, allergens and molds. Marie will then create a bespoke therapy program for you.

Below is a list of just some of the ailments that may be helped with Bioresonance Therapies.

Allergies – airborne and food intolerances
Sports injuries
Weight gain
Neurological disorders
Metal toxicity including environmental, ingested and amalgam
Hormonal imbalance
Skin conditions including acne, rosacea, perioral-dermatitis, eczema & psoriasis
Infectious diseases
Rheumatoid arthritis
Depression & anxiety
Bacterial infections
Toxic overload
Connective tissue disorders – fibromyalgia
Autoimmune disorders
Candida and fungal infections
Joint disorders
Muscular pain
Gut health
Adrenal fatigue
Urinary problems

Our test  involves the use of the Bicom Bioresonance device which has been used worldwide by over 16,000 practitioners and has been in existence for over 40 years. We cannot say that we can diagnose conditions or recommend treatment, the test results are to be used as a part of the diagnostic process. We actively encourage a variety of options and would never discourage the use of your local doctor. If your symptoms are recent and require urgent attention visit your doctor before applying for the test.

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