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You will notice with Marie Reynolds London line that there are not a selection of different cleansers, toners or moisturisers that are designed for specific skin types or skin conditions. This is because Marie belies that although we have external influences from our environment and topical products that influence our skin, fundamentally it is the internal influences that create imbalances shown on the surface of the skin. Marie says ‘ the skin is like a barometer showing clues of internal imbalances’ . She believes that the skin is ever changing and it is important to support the lipid barrier- this is a combination of oil and moisture that protects the skin from invading bacterias and moisture loss, and to feed the microbiome. The surface of the skin has its own living community of flora and fauna that is changing all the time and is so important for overall skin health.

The following routine it recommended for the use of the MRL Range, for further information on each product, simply click on the link and it will take you to the description.

Morning Routine:

  • Goji Mallow Cleanse with Mitt – Apply Goji Mallow Cleanse  to dry skin, and work well into the skin. Moisten hands and massage for a further 1-2 minutes.
  • Elixir – Apply 2-3 drops onto a cleansed skin and work into the neck
  • Hydr8 Misting Veil – Spritz over the skin and press in lightly. This can also be used throughout the day to hydrate, the perfect companion on flights to quench a parched skin.
  • Reson8 mixed with Skin Quencher – Reson8 can be used aloe, just 1-2 pumps to seal in the previous steps but for that added Quench of hydration mix with Skin Quencher – Use the Copper Wand to stimulate lymph and blood flow, rejuvenating and soothing the skin
  • Evy Technology SPF Face mousse

Evening Routine:

  • Goji Mallow Cleanse with Mitt – Apply Goji Mallow Cleanse  to dry skin, and work well into the skin, use the ring finger in circular movements over lashes and eyes to gently remove any eye make up. Moisten hands and massage for a further 1-2 minutes. Remove product with the MRL Cleansing Mitt  – for an added extra you can add a sprinkling of Repair+ into Goji Mallow and apply like a mask for 3-5 minutes before removing with mitt
  • Elixir – Apply 2-3 drops onto a cleansed skin and work into the neck
  • Hydr8 Misting Veil – Spritz over the skin and press in lightly. This can also be used throughout the day to hydrate, the perfect companion on flights to quench a parched skin.
  • Skin Quencher mixed with a drop of Anoint  You can also add a pinch of Repair + into this hydration for an added amino acid boost.
  • Use the Copper Wand to stimulate lymph and blood flow, rejuvenating and soothing the skin
  • Skin Quencher – apply a pinhead size of skin Quencher around eye area to hydrate


Twice weekly:

Restore mixed with Anoint (or on it’s own as a mask)

Repair+ mixed with Anoint used twice a week as a mask

You can certainly use the skincare, with Restore it is always best to avoid while pregnant and breastfeeding as well as the supplements. Although I believe they will be perfectly safe to use there has not been any studies on pregnant or lactating women with any supplement use so I always err on the side of caution and wait until lactation (breastfeeding) is over and baby is fully weened off the breast.

Eczema is a symptom of underlying causes – I am not a doctor so any problems you may have you must always seek the advice of your GP, however looking at internal factors like diet, lifestyle, how you were born, emotional management are all things to take into consideration. The best thing is to book a consultation here and start the process. Topical products keep it very simple look at Restore and Anoint to begin with.

Melasma and pigmentation are auto immune responses that need to be managed. Topically look at the order of process above but fundamentally it is looking at supporting the liver. You can add Liver Rescue into your regimen to help with this condition and of course book Information a consultation for further advice.

Eye creams and gels are a bit of a ‘smoke and mirrors’ dark circles are linked to w weak Kidney or Spleen energy – meaning the meridians get tired quickly when over strained. Late nights, spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol all contribute. Also gut stagnation so always look at your gut health

I personally do not believe in types or conditions as skin is ever changing. It is an organ of many functions and also very responsive to mental, emotional, dietary, genetic and environmental experiences. Hence why I only have one cleanser, one spritz etc. The skin is a barometer of what is going on internally, treat within and the skin reflects!

Hair loss or shedding can be linked with many factors, usually the Adrenals need supporting here. Adaptogens are amazing to help hair shedding which are in 3-SET along with Coll-Force which has Biotin and Selenium all wonderful ingredients to encourage hair growth and hair integrity. There are other Homeopathic remedies and minerals that are also beneficial but would need a consultation.

Every day we are faced with an increasing amount of environmental stressors and pathogens, some of which have become resistant to antibiotics. Parasites are one example – they have been known to cause many of the conditions that people suffer with in modern society. Energy medicine machines such as the Bicom have been used for over 35 years to try and eliminate these invaders in a holistic way, to allow the body to be supported through healing.

Biophysicists in the 1920’s discovered that cells emit energy and this energy can be measured and recorded as a frequency. These frequencies could be used to detect problems in a body and be used to treat a sick person.

Energy therapy has its roots in the 1970s with Dr Franz Morell, a German medical doctor who used homeopathy in his practice. Homeopathy is believed to be an ‘information therapy’ as it is based on the fundamental concept that water has a memory. As such, homeopathic remedies use information from substances diluted many, many times in water, with the memory of the original substance being retained in that water. Morell wondered if it might be possible to develop a kind of ‘electronic homeopathy’ by using electromagnetic signals taken from a patient’s body. After all, our bodies are 70% water and so ‘information’ should be stored there if the water memory theory was correct. Morell began working with his electronics engineer son-in-law, Erich Rasche on developing such a therapy device. Together with bio-physicist Dr Ludger Mersmann, in 1977 they developed a filter to separate ‘unhealthy’ and ‘healthy’ electromagnetic signals coming from the body. This led to a biofeedback therapy device called the MORA using electrodes on the skin. These picked up energetic information, modified it and fed it back to the patient to strengthen the ‘healthy’ energies in the body and help weaken and eliminate the ‘unhealthy’ or ‘disease’ energies.

Today, there are over 8000 BICOM devices in Germany, (17,000 worldwide in 80 countries) used by both medical practitioners in private practice and by complementary therapists. Bioresonance therapy is widely used in other German-speaking countries such as Austria and Switzerland and also in the Netherlands and the UK.

Fewer and fewer patients are prepared to just take a pill when they feel unwell, and  People who are careful about their health and want to act responsibly in health matters are looking for alternatives. This is evident from the press portal run by DAK, one of Germany’s leading health funds there is plenty of evidence to show that despite great advances in medicine, chronic disease is on the increase. A holistic approach can produce results not experienced when just treating symptoms.

In the vast majority of cases Energy Therapy is very well tolerated. It has been applied to a wide range of people, from babies to mature adults, for over 25 years.

No fluids with meals, chew your food slowly and have small mouthfuls, eat as a clean diet lots of fruit and vegetables, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Support the liver with Liver Rescue and if you’re eating late implement Catalyst Enzymes.

Let us take the example of allergies. They represent a challenge and the opportunities for treating them with conventional medicine are often highly unsatisfactory. If there was just the slightest suspicion that new therapeutic approaches could bring relief, ethically oriented research should jump upon them with scientific enthusiasm. It would take very little time to determine whether the new method was a waste of time or whether something genuinely valuable lay behind it. For, ultimately, allergies are a condition which affects millions of people and responsibility for the nation’s health is at stake.

So why isn’t this the case?

Who are the authorities in the UK that determine what is scientifically recognized or not? They’re universities and the courts! Universities are traditionally the centres of modern scientific research. Research is costly and becoming ever more so and the funding universities receive from the state for research work has been inadequate for some time. Consequently sponsors are needed. Research work is commissioned and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry and other sectors of industry. University professors responsible for the research can also boost their salaries by this means. It is quite natural to wonder how objective and neutral research actually is today. You would also expect that careful study design would always produce the same or similar results. Far from the truth. How often do we read studies of the same topic with totally different, even contradictory results! There is little interest in alternative methods which are not backed by big investors.

The pressure for new developments now no longer comes from above (science and politics) but from below (general public). The studies to recognise acupuncture were not proposed by the universities. The pressure from patients and therapists became so great that it was no longer possible to avoid tackling the subject. But it took nearly 40 years

The small light particles (Photons) are produced by human cells. They transport information from cell to cell in the form of light beams (bio photons) which controls the thousands of biochemical reactions taking place within each cell every second of our lives. Illness and toxins reduce the intensity of biophoton emissions and disrupts this exchange of information, causing imbalance in our biological system and  possible weakening of our immune defenses.

The use of pulsed infra red light at the wavelength, 880Nm and at a specific chosen pulse frequency increases the detoxification of all toxic matter. Photons radiated by the Bionic 880 device are absorbed by the skin, then multiply in the body and spread through the meridian system.They reach all organs and pass through all branches of the central nervous system; the brain and spinal cord  where they regulate production of hormones and neurotransmitters such as endorphins and serotonin.

It is provided by placing the hand held part of the device to specific points on the body while the client is seated and fully clothed. Usually the recipient does not feel anything, sometimes a mild tingling at the location or other parts of the body may be experienced. Organs and regions in the body interior are reached through meridian lines of acupuncture points discovered in ancient China.

Modern medicine has acknowledged the existence and function of such meridians as a distribution system for the energy flow throughout the body. This energy system conducts light.

Almost everybody, although it is NOT recommended however with epilepsy, pacemaker or during pregnancy.

Health problems or disturbances first manifest at the energetic level before they appear in the form of physical symptoms Photon Therapy can help maintain the finely tuned energy system to prevent illness developing. In fact it is a great therapy to have as a maintenance.

There is no life possible without light. According to Prof. Dr. F. A. Popp in each cell of our body light radiates by so called bio photons. In affected cells the intensity of the light diminishes. The regeneration of these weakened cells is stimulated by supplying light in form of photons. That means at the same time that the photons do not have a stimulating effect with fully functioning cells (battery effect). 
The photon therapy used in the infrared wave band can activate many metabolic processes, including cell division, for cyclic AMP metabolism, oxidative phosphorylation, haemoglobin, collagen and other protein syntheses, leukocyte activity, production of macrophages and wound healing. 
If macrophages are exposed to infrared light within the range of 880 Nm, they release substances, which are helpful repairing damaged cells and which support production of connective tissue. 
Infrared light has been proved to have positive effects on leukocytes, several types of lymphocytes, several types of enzymes, prostaglandin production and collagen cells. It was proved that infrared photon radiation leads to an increase of the ATP concentration and the ATPase activity in living tissue. 

Endorphins are also mentioned as endogenous morphine, since they resemble morphine in chemical structure. They are found in different places of the body and the central nervous system and are considered as responsible for and / or participating in different functions such as pain reduction and well-being. 
Furthermore, they have a controlling influence on the reaction of the body in stress situations and on homoeostatic mechanisms such as heart circulation, respiration, digestion and thermal regularization. 
Clients/Patients with chronic pain were found to have a lowered level of endorphin in the cerebrospinal fluid, which was raised after the therapy with the Bionic 880, in connection with pain reduction. Addictive behaviour is attributed to a suppression of body-own production by endorphins as well. Cortisol plays a substantial role in stress situations in addition to adrenaline and noradrenaline. With shock or stress an increased cortisol production takes place. By stimulation with the Bionic 880 the cortisol level is lowered. The client/patient feels a pleasant continuous relaxation. 
Serotonin belongs to the group of dopamines. It is a natural amphetamine, which represents a natural “appetite suppressant “. The stimulation of serotonin production in connection with an adapted nutrition is a natural way of weight adjustment. 

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