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bionic photon therapy

Bionic Photon Therapy

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The Bionic Photon device aims to modify the intracellular space, in order to aid in stimulating cells, balancing hormones, modulating the immune system and harmonising the body and psyche.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review
Therapy Description

According to quantum theory, light consists of light bundles within human cells. These small light particles are called quanta or photons. The quanta from the cells transport information from cell to cell and when our system ages or is in a stage of imbalance it significantly affects the process of information between the cells. The intensity of the stored light begins to fade which may result in a lowered immunity.

The Bionic Photon 880 device is one of the most innovative and most efficient photon therapy devices of the world. The photons from the device during therapy are absorbed by the skin and spread in the body. It aids to stimulate cells, balance hormones, modulate the immune system and harmonise the body and psyche. By modifying the intracellular space and providing these cells light in the form of photons, the smallest particles of light it will boost overall health and wellbeing.

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Therapy Process

1. Arrive at Clinic
2. Consultation carried out
3. General energetic assessment is given
4. Biophoton actuator is applied to specified zones.


Marie's Method

The MRL range is intended for you to mix & match in order to maximise your ability to restore your body to its natural balanced state. For questions on how to pair products from the MRL range, please refer to our FAQs