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While we fully understand our clients eagerness to return to the MRL clinic for therapy we must make sure we are 100% prepared for the lifting of lockdown and are able to return to work with immediate effect thereafter, with our safety protocols as comprehensive as they can possibly be.

Currently there are NO Government Guidelines or timeframes in place. Our own guidelines may need adjusting over the coming weeks in line with any new recommendations or changes from Government. Ultimately the protocols and procedures we have in place are there to minimise the risk to you and us.

In developing best practice guidelines, it is firstly particularly important to understand how COVID19 is spread. As you are well aware COVID19 is a new Virus and thus research is still in its early stages and remains ongoing – it is important to remember that this could result in guidelines being updated.

People are thought to be most contagious when they are most symptomatic (i.e. experiencing fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath). However new reports suggest that the virus can be asymptomatic on up to 80% of carriers and they are still able to pass on the virus even although they are not presenting any symptoms.

Marie Reynolds London follows good hygiene practices within the clinic, frequently cleaning and disinfecting objects and surfaces that are touched regularly and in between clients. When the lockdown is lifted we kindly request you follow these guidelines:

  • If you are unwell, or anyone in your household is unwell,  particularly if you have a cold or flu-like symptoms, please re-schedule your appointment until the self-isolation period has passed.
  • Before attending the clinic you must complete a risk assessment form here
  • Please park outside the clinic and wait to be called for your treatment, only one person at a time may enter the premises to adhere to social distancing regulations.
  • Please adhere to safety guidelines to wash your hands upon entering the premises (following NHS Guidelines) should take place before, during treatment (when required) and use the sanitiser provided.  
  • Please arrive with as little personal property as possible e.g. leave handbags/scarfs jewellery etc at home.
  • Please also ensure you bring your own hand towel and blanket with you if you are having Energy Therapy.
  • Your temperature will also be taken when entering the premises and upon leaving.
  • Protective shoe covering is supplied upon entering the clinic.
  • Where possible, please pay  by invoice link that will be provided upon booking in order to avoid money handling.

MRL therapists will be using PPE Equipment in terms of general hygiene and also for the avoidance of Airborne viruses.

The following items will be required to be worn by therapists during treatment:

  • Medical Grade Gloves
  • Surgical Masks
  • Disposable aprons,
  • Frequent hand washing (following NHS Guidelines) should take place before, during treatment (when required) and after each client, before putting on and after removing PPE equipment & cleaning equipment and environment, each time you use the toilet, and arriving at work and home. Hands should be washed thoroughly, remembering to use the disposable towels to dry hands and turn the taps off.
  • All Equipment utilised during treatment- will be thoroughly cleaned, before and after each use using appropriate disinfectant/cleaner

We would ask you to be patient and mindful that we are doing this for your safety and ours in this uncertain time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



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