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Deep Oscillation® Facial with Vital Air Activated Oxygen


The lymphatic system is a weblike structure that has no pumps or valves like the circulatory system, it can easily become stagnated and sluggish. This can result in the skin looking dull, congested and atrophied.

This beautiful therapy works on oscillating MLD (manual lymph drainage) techniques to aid the removal of lymphatic toxicity and strengthen cutaneous tissue. Your skin will feel energised and look glowing!

Activated Oxygen from Vital Air 5 will be introduced via a sterile nasal cannula to cleanse the airways and improve wellbeing.


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Further Information

Facial muscles are stimulated and then relaxed through the deep vibration induced Deep Oscillation® thereby training the facial muscles and keeping them toned. Stimulation of collagen production and cell regeneration gives both a fresh and young look to the appearance of the skin. Anti-oedema and anti-fibrosis action provides a smooth, elastic and wrinkle-free appearance.

This therapy is particularly good for sensitive skin, inflammatory conditions and great for dark circles and eye bags.

Activated Oxygen Therapy is a safe and easy method of improving oxygen levels within the body, at a cellular level. It also provides a gentle detoxification, helps stabilise the autonomic nervous system and improves one's anti-oxidant status. A wide range of symptoms and conditions have so far been supported and helped by this treatment. Since this therapy works at a cellular level within the body and does not specifically target any particular symptom, it can be helpful to anyone undergoing treatment for a chronic condition, or wanting to optimise their health and minimise the effects of ageing. For further information click here.

 DEEP OSCILLATION® was developed by Physiomed Elektromedizin in Germany and is an internationally patented therapeutic design, utilising the forces of pulsed electrostatic attraction and friction to provoke oscillations, which act deeply on the tissues of the body from the epidermis down through the conjunctive and adipose layers and into the muscles.


Customer Reviews

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