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Scar Rejuvenation

Scar Rejuvenation



Early intervention with trauma to the skin is key to the health and regeneration of scar tissue. Injury to the skin will cause scaring and the skin will never return to its former pre injury state, as scar tissue is less functional than healthy tissue. The best outcome would be to increase the health and tensegrity of the scar by 70-80%.

Scars take on many forms and caused by many different traumas including wounds, burns, acne, C-sections, Hysterectomy, general surgery and of course adhesions caused by inflammation like IBS and Endometriosis.

Variations in scars include:

  • Keloid - (this should be treated by your medical practitioner)
  • Hypertrophic
  • Atrophic (acne scaring)
  • Contracture
  • Widespread
  • Adhesions


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Therapy Description

Therapy would depend on the type of scar treated. A range of different modalities are used from Bioresonance scar program, Lymphotouch - negative pressure, Deep Oscillation therapy and feather needling. A course of treatments are recommended for the best outcome

Therapy Process

1. Arrive at Clinic
2. Review of consultation card and clients needs
3. Cleansing of the area and assessment
4. Therapy will commence using any or combination of the above methods
5. Aftercare given


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews Write a review

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