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Vyking Beard Brush


This unique beard and body hair cleansing brush thoroughly lifts and cleanses body and facial hair, improves and stimulates lymph and blood flow, encouraging hair growth. 

      • Further Information
      • Most beard brushes are synthetic or wooden leaving a higher risk of pathogenic invasion and mould cultivation. The Vyking Beard Brush is 100% silicone, superseding the traditional wooden products for men that can harbour pathogens and moulds.

        • Antibacterial
        • Anti- inflammatory
        • Rejuvenating
        • Cleansing
        • Improves blood and lymph flow

        Use daily in the shower to scrub the beard or body hair with Vyking Beard shampoo.   Leave the brush on its side to allow water to drain and to dry naturally. Finish grooming with Vyking Tobacco & out Beard Oil

      How it's done

      • STEP 1
      • Wet Beard

      • STEP 2
      • Apply Vyking Beard Shampoo directly to the beard or in the bowl of the shampoo brush itself

      • STEP 3
      • Use circular motions to lather shampoo encouraging blood flow and cleansing facial hair

      • STEP 4
      • Rinse with fresh water and leave the brush to drain on the side

      • STEP 5
      • Follow with Vyking Beard Oil or Vyking Beard Balm.