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I just wanted to drop you an email because I truly believe that your products (restore… annoint… Coll force and eradic-8) have helped me get out of this awful, awful, acne (I’m 38 by the way…) that I have been suffering with since lockdown. I’ve never had bad skin but I have been plagued with these cyst like spots all around my mouth and chin for the last 6 months…. they have been painful, looked unsightly and many times I have been embarrassed to even leave my house! The days of wearing virtually no make up were gone. I started taking Coll force and eradicate after seeing a post by you and Lisa Faulkner (that was 3 months ago….) because I started to think that the the issue was internal (my IBS has been so bad and I watched some of your lives where you spoke about the gut and bowl habits etc) and It got me thinking that my gut was really not happy and perhaps, might, explain this sudden attack on my face. I changed my skin care (after a trip to a private clinic in Loughton) and I invested in some restore (Which… if you haven’t got… you NEED! Its amazing)  which has helped the red marks to fade and improved my skin texture and glow so much. The annoint oil is just sublime and so luxurious (as well as being fab for the skin).

I FINALLY…. feel like my skin is returning back to normal and with that, my confidence has begun to increase and I am no longer worrying that every time I wake up I’ve got another spot. I think your approach to the body, skin care, your philosophy and your general attitude is just wonderful and I just wanted to say thank you!!! I am a true MR fan


Thank you so much for the consultation, like always you you gave us 100% of your time and support. 
Gabriella’s skin has been an ongoing problem for us and even when we feel we have come to the end of the road you always come back with suggestions, therapies and supplements to help Gabriella. You make her feel so comfortable and she trusts and adores you as do I.


I just wanted to say thank you to Marie for the distance therapy this morning. It was actually really nice talking to her before the therapy, she is one very amazing and knowledgeable person! I definitely felt stuff happening in the moment and tingling, especially in my hands (it was actually pretty cool). But overall it was an amazing experience and I feel really good 🙂


I would just like to say that after 20 years+ of taking Movicol what a blessing COL-MOTION has been. It is truely a lifesaver.  I could go on in detail about how great it is but feel that this is definitely TMI!


It was wonderful to see you again and to once again be welcome into your wonderful clinic .
I would like to give you feed back on what’s happened/ happening and how incredible I am feeling since I receiving the Biophoton treatment .

1. My energy levels have risen to a new high .

2. Stubborn belly bloating GONE

3. My cravings for sugar has diminished both in food and alcohol , in my case wine .  I have actually lost over 3lb in weight !!! .

4.  I’m more focused and sleeping very well .

As always you gave a full explanation of the treatment and it’s benefits however my results are off the scale .

Thank you so much .


I just wanted to write you this email, to let you know how much the combo of treatments you provided has helped me. When I first met you I was struggling so much with both my physical and mental health and since treatment, I am like a whole new person! I am hoping to come back and see you soon for a tune-up (and hopefully one of your fab facials too!).
I am sure you hear it all the time but you’re absolutely magic and I’m so glad to have come across your work!


Just wanted to let you know that I went for my first hair cut in 2 years today (since chemo) and we had said in March that my hair should be a jaw length bob by Christmas, I’ve had it done today and it’s shoulder length!! The power of Coll force – my hairdresser couldn’t believe it thank you so much xx


I spoke to mum after her distance therapy today. She sleep for 2 hours and she said when she woke up, it was not the pain in her leg that woke her. She is walking with less pain and felt better overall.
What a great start. Thank you.

Nadia Narain

I fell into a ‘sleep’ state but I was aware and the weirdly awoke after 30-40 mins and checked the time because I felt I had been there for ages. I defo felt stuff in the moment. I felt tingling all over my body towards and especially my legs. My shoulder instantly felt less nervy, still pain later in the day but way less. This morning woke up pain free but is has returned again way less. More stiff than nervy! so THANK YOU. You are amazing


At the beginning of lockdown when my skin was very unhappy and covered in spots, I ordered Coll-Force and have been taking in twice a day. The results have been AMAZING! For the first time since being a teenager (I’m 35) I can now leave the house with no makeup and feel confident and comfortable. My skin is glowing and I can’t believe the improvement in my overall well-being. Thank you Marie Your supplements are transforming my life and how I feel about myself.  I am now going to order more to make sure I don’t run out


I think I told you already but I started using some of your skincare products at the beginning of the lockdown and have loved them sooooooo much that I have now changed my whole skin care routine to your products.


I just want to say how much your supplements have helped me. I’ve had this rash on my neck and chest for 5 years. Been back and forth to the doctors, private appointments with a dermatologist, nothing has worked. I’ve been told I have a type of roseaca. I’ve been using your liver rescue and Eradic8, the rash has calmed down so much I would say it’s pretty much gone.


I used the Restore mask for the first time last night and it is amazing……really gives you a glow!!


I have taken all the tablets and drops Marie suggested and miraculously my cheeks and skin have healed – I cant believe it.  I recently bought the full skincare range and its made me love my skincare routine and I have been able to stop wearing any type of tinted creams/foundations.


I’ve been using your products for about 1.5 years after we had a consultation for my skin a few years back. Your products helped hugely and I’ve been using them ever since. I’ve used MANY of your products but I’m currently using 3-Set, Evolve, Eradic8, the goji cleanser and your facial mitts – which are a godsend. I also recently listed to the podcast you recorded with Outspoken Beauty and I follow your Instagram to absorb as much of your wisdom as humanly possible. Basically- I am a huge believer and I trust you immeasurably when it comes to everything skin, gut, health related and beyond.


Marie Reynolds London changed my life!! My skin has never been the same since I started using Marie’s incredible array of products –  GO MARIE!!

Anshu Bahanda

Marie is the only person who has managed to make me use soooooo many products on my face – I don’t know how she did it! Many a people have tried and failed – I would use one cleanser and one moisturiser and would refuse to be talked into anything else! But then a few years ago Marie Reynolds came into my life, gave me a facial and slowly started weaving her magic into my life and skincare regime! I’m very grateful for her help with me and my girls and my friends and family – lots of who now use her lovely products.Marie is sensational – her energy therapy and remote healing is as powerful as her skincare products – she’s a force of nature and you will be better off for having her in your life .


Just wanted to pass on a message to Marie.  I started giving my little boy the Repair+ 2x a day and all the bumps and rash around his nose and mouth GONE!!!!!! Literally all gone, he’s had this for months and I have put everything on it and nothing worked!  So just wanted to say Thank You to Marie and you!!!! Really appreciate all her help and thank you for always being so kind and responsive!!


You are superwomen!!! I don’t know what you did yesterday but Gabriella has hardly been scratching today.  She is much calmer in her nature too, Incredible!


As promised a little update on how I am feeling after the treatment. I was quite exhausted right after the treatment for a couple of hours and my energy slowly came back throughout the afternoon, I had a great night (best night I had for a loooong time), no waking up at 1.30am which was happening every night for the past months. I had a lot more energy when I went out for my morning run. I already feel so much better but mostly thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a magician …


I am taking all of the supplements and have had really great results. My skin has really cleared and my pigmentation faded in just two short weeks.Anna


Marie you really do change lives. I have had a persistent cough for five years. I have literally coughed through everything every day…. and then I met you. One FaceTime session about skincare and you asking questions about my health and my life has changed. It’s been two months and I now no longer cough. Not only did you change my life but my little boy no longer gets stressed seeing me coughing. I even had to give birth coughing and have too seen so many consultants had so many tests and taken so many drugs. @mariereynolds_london very kindly prescribed a number of supplements that I was able to get from her. Within a couple of weeks I was coughing a huge amount less, now two months later – I can’t tell you when I last coughed. It caused me so much anxiety – worrying about coughing at weddings / when driving , in the night and waking my little boy etc. I wish I had spoken to @mariereynolds_london sooner.


I’ve never felt better. For months I have suffered with Gastrointestinal Issues, not knowing the cause and the inflammation was so bad I looked pregnant! The Col-Motion and Liver Rescue have been brilliant, no bloating, no uncomfortable feeling and I feel energised. I’ve taken the Eradic8 and Yve for a while now and my skin says thank you!!!!


I am currently using your Skin Quencher and The Epidermal Blanket. It’s probably the best skincare products I’ve ever used and working in the industry God knows how many different products and brands I have tried.


Just wanted to say how amazing the Coll-Force vitamins are. Making a real difference to my hair. On my second pack!


I want to say thank you so much for the recommendations,  I have been using them for a couple weeks now and the results on my skin are phenomenal, I had some fine spots on my forehead that would not budge, my skin felt sensitive for the first time in my life. I was going red and   Now thanks to your products all that has cleared up.


I just wanted to let you know what an amazing product Restore is. I have since late January suffered from redness and itchiness around my lip area. I looked it up and I think it was cheilitis. Lip balm wasn’t helping and neither was cold sore creams. So i used Restore as my twice weekly mask routine and had some paste left so I covered my lip area and noticed after removing the mask, my lip area stopped itching! I followed it with Elixir oil. I have been using it every evening for the last 3 days now and the redness is gone, still a little bit itchy but not much. I only wish I took a before photo. I swear by Restore! Thank you so much for making such an amazing product. I love it!


I just wanted to say I have been using the supplements recommended for me since they arrived and have noticed a massive difference already in face pain and headaches, I have also noticed more energy and lack of need to eat anything sugary and less thirst. Amazing.
My skin regime has helped also, my back spots are clearing up  and my face scars seem a lot less visible already after using restore!


(On Distance Therapy): Thank you I did have a snooze and weird dreams. Thank you so much again. I think it’s incredible that I can feel it happen. You are magic, you are amazing and thank you so much You Witchy Poo Angel, there are so many lovely things I can call you!


I already feel so much better, my skin, my moods, you are bloody amazing !

Miss cerib

Honestly my fave supplement by far (Coll-Force) I can 100% notice the difference in just over a month. I don’t think I’ve ever had that off of an oral supplement.


I used to wear extensions as I had fine hair, after taking Coll-Force as directed, I no longer need them.



I just wanted to say Marie, I have felt an incredible change in my body already even after a month of doing this routine, inside and out and my energy levels and my skin are so much better! I would love to get some more recommendations with more of your products to try and how to use them. I am a huge fan and I have been looking for a skin therapist for a long time and you are fantastic and I follow all your information on social media etc. Please never stop making your products they are my saving grace during lockdown and a lovely way for me to get back on track with loving myself again. So thank you SO much.

Tina & Sofia

My daughter is an actress in lockdown: lucky enough to be making various audition self tapes for future work but feeling the stress of isolation and uncertainty.

Yesterday her skin flared up with bad eczema to the point she could not confidently film a close-up. After a consultation with Marie and using Marie Reynolds products I had to hand, she has woken up looking 90% as ‘dewy faced’ as before. She can now resume her filming. Marie has ‘rescued’ her in the past but the speed of this has been quite extraordinary.

Over the last year, Marie has also greatly improved my ‘mature’  skin with her wonderful skin care and supplements. A very heartfelt thank you Marie from us both.


Wanted to thank you.
Thanks for the treatments – I have started feeling much better and even my wife remarked a few weeks in to the chip/treatment that I was breathing clearly. Indeed I am breathing clearly now as well! I only had one small cold sore attack and the Restore stopped it erupting. Awesome!


It’s not been a full month of taking the recommended supplements, but I just wanted to say that the burning sensations I have been having for over two years in my stomach has reduced significantly already! There has only been two occasions when Iv felt discomfort and both times I was late taking the tablets. I’v noticed  a huge improvement in my gut health overall. Still have work to do with regards my diet, headaches remain but really hopeful with the difference already!


I just felt like I needed to write this. As above I have suffered with bowel damage for a long time. Having used laxatives which then in turn got my bowel to only empty when they were used. I have been stuck for such a long time in the best way to handle this problem. I ordered your Coll Motion. Marie I am in shock right now.  I have only been taking them two days and the change is beyond anything I could have ever dreamt off. I know this sounds dramatic but when you have suffered for eight years and you feel like there is no way out you just give up. I know this is not the best topic to talk about but I am in complete amazement right now. They have worked and I just can’t believe the change already in two days. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lisa Potter Dixon

Ending my 3 month detox 10 days early coz ya know, 80 days is enough with everything that’s going on. I honestly feel so amazing so will def keep up with it 5 days a week (starting Monday). Big up @mariereynolds_london who has been the diamond that created this program for me. It’s the best my endometriosis has felt in 20 years!!

Newby Hands

Just wanted to say that as a huge fan of your supplements I have been taking them regularly.

Kim Thompson

After an awful 12months of my skin suddenly erupting in spots and hives combined with dryness and redness and endless searching for a cure going from Doctor to Dermatologist to “Skin Specialists”. I had spent thousands on consultations.
I couldn’t eat any cleaner, I couldn’t use any less harsh ‘natural’ products.
I tried the vampire facial / cryotherapy …
I was told it was stress I changed my workload / it was contact dermatitis / it was rosacea (if I hear this one more time I will scream it’s always followed by there is no cure)/ it was my diet /it was my skincare. I was told I need laser / I need a peel / I need filler….thankfully my gut instinct told me these were not the answer.
My skin still kept flaring up. Working in events where I need to look polished, my confidence hit rock bottom.
You came to my rescue in my darkest months, I had days when I would not leave the house.
The time you spent with me on FaceTime at no cost and your sincerity is not like anything I had experienced before.
I have used your products now for several months. My skin is better than ever! Clear more hydrated and most importantly calm.My confidence is back on track, I am forever grateful.


Thank you so much for changing my skin health and making me so much more confident in my own body. It’s been an amazing feeling to wake up with a happy face.

Lisa Potter Dixon

This is a miracle for me. NO BLOATING – 52 days into my 90 day detox planned by @mariereynolds_london to help my endometriosis. I have never, ever felt better. Whatever you think of alternative medicine, this has done more for me in 2 months than western medicine (which I have huge respect FYI they just don’t have the research on end0), has done foe me in 20 years. Once the 3 months is up, I will doing an in depth blog post with all deets.


I just wanted to thank you for my consultation over FaceTime last Wednesday… I started taking everything you recommended on Sunday and already I feel so much more alert and one of my issues has gone… goodbye dandruff. I have told everyone who will listen about you

John Torode

Meet Marie Reynolds @mariereynolds_london . Her alternative therapies have helped me beyond belief . My digestion has not been so good for years . No more discomfort is a revelation . Thank you Marie .


(Restore) Takes a spot down incredibly quick, its an unbelievable mask. This stuff is fantastic, like everything Marie Reynolds does. Just the best!


I meant to post about Restore to say how wonderful this product is. I have used this on my cold sore, my cold sore went down after a day and its just about gone! This after about two days. Thank you so much xxx

Lisa Faulkner

Just had a Masterlift @mariereynolds_london. My skin feels amazing. Honestly the best in the business!!


The cigarette I sent was one of the last ones I ever smoked. Today is the last day of wearing my chip and i almost feel sad to take it off tomorrow. I haven’t smoked in the 4 weeks, but more importantly after the first week where I had quite a few cravings, I am rarely even thinking about lighting up. I have been consistent with the Alka c, Evolve and B multi vitamins and I feel great. I am confident that I can now continue to be a non smoker. Thank you x




I used the Restore mask yesterday for the first time as I had a reaction to another product and the Restore cleared it right up in just a few minutes. Amazing product. Looking forward to trying more products, oh and your mitt is the best I’ve ever used.. hands down!


Love your products! Ordered 7 packs of Coll-Force with my friend and lookinmo forward for them to arrive.


I wanted to thank you for the Restore. I live in the USA and it wasn’t easy for me to get the mask. it travelled all the way to Russia and then onto Canada. It is absolutely worth all the energy. I gave my friends a try of it and all of them are in love with this amazing mask. One of them even had her wounds recovered in an unbelievable speed. Next time we will make sure to order a few and not to run out of it. Thank you for the results Marie, we love you.


On my second tub of this miracle mask (Restore) Absolute best and I should know I am a beauty junkie and tried many.



By the way, this has been the second month I have been taking 3-set and I am amazed with how much my PMS has improved. What a huge impact in my quality of life

Nam Vo

You are a wizard. Glow on Marie Reynolds London

Lisa PD

The absolute best thing about this detox (40 days today) is the sleep, I am the worse sleeper, well I used to be. Now I sleep deeply for at least 8 hours, that’s so crazy to me, but I feel great!


I visited her (Marie’s) clinic in Norfolk last week for her bespoke body balancing energy treatment – within six hours I was walking better than I have in months. Complementary therapies work WITH your clever body in harmony, not against it. We are all energy.. just trying to get more of it – #myMSjourney


First of all I would like to say that you brought so much hope back to me.
While shopping on Net-a-Porter I caught your 3 SET product. Got it and have been taking 1 pill daily. Cannot express how helpful it has been for me.


Just had my first consultation with the lovely ‘Alternative Skincare Genius’, Marie Reynolds. What a warm, caring, personable, friendly, yet professional person she is! Straightaway she made me feel at ease and for the first time in years I feel positive and believe she is the ‘one’ to help me get better after suffering with severe skin problems for the last 5 years. I feel very positive thanks to Marie and am very excited to be working with her in my journey to wellness. Happy weekend everyone  x


I’ve got mild rosacea and have been using restore for about 1 year now and wow what a life saver

Linda C

I purchased Restore and Anoint two days ago, can’t believe the difference these two products have made in just two days unbelievable, best products I’ve ever used .


I had my energy therapy and facial with Marie at her Clinic on Friday, and I can honestly say that it was probably the best treatment I have ever had. I feel like a new person since then…


I have been taking the supplements you recommended (Eradic8, Coll-Force, 3-Set and adrenapath) and for the first time in a long time I didn’t get spots (spotting) before my period.

I always get tested since I have hipothyroid but that has always been a issue for me.

Usually in this period I also get cystic acne, and that didn’t happen either!

I believe it is all because of 3-Set since is the only new supplement I have been taking this past month.

Thank you!


You are magic! I’ve been feeling 100% better since last night and can finally drink water without throwing up! My mind also feels clearer and I’m back to being myself. Thank you so much. xx


(Distance Therapy)


I just wanted to say thank you so much for sending my microchip so quickly. I was so fascinated to see that you have said to place it on my lumbar area. I have continued pain in this area ever since having my little boy. I don’t know if it’s the epidural or the contractions but I’ve had a dull pain ever since that can get really bad. I placed the chip on this area this morning as soon as I received it and already it’s started to ease, is it just psychological? am I being crazy? either way I LOVE it! Thank you for all your support Marie. xx


Marie hope your well just to say been wearing my new chip for 6 days now and so far so good, feeling calm occasional anxious moments but a million times better!


I have a 12 year old daughter who was suffering from migraines. I cried when the doctors only advice was blockers for a 12 year old girl, thankfully I was following Marie on insta and I contacted Marie and she recommended some remedies, which worked perfectly for her no problems at all no migraines since. Absolutely brilliant totally over the moon.The migraines have gone now I am so extremely thankful.


Just wanted to write to express my gratitude. My skin has totally transformed and I could not be more grateful for everything you’ve done for me.
I look like a different person! And can not tell you how many comments I get about how good condition it is in.
I am a complete devotee!!!!


I am super impressed with the ingredients in 3-Set. Not only herbs/ adaptogens but also key vitamins and minerals needed for the essential hormonal production processes in the body.  I just love the mix of the ingredients being super aware of the macro and micro elements needed in the body to help it function correctly, and having suffered with various conditions including adrenal fatigue and a thyroid distinction this is a fantastic product to add to my mix of supplements. But like I said the best part is being able to remove number of capsules I take daily, because 3-Set is a little cocktail of all. This multi approach to the overall well-being by providing an all rounder supplement for the specific concerns is so much welcome! You never fail to exceed and impress us Marie


You’ve been an absolute life saver for me


Thanks again for your  consultation I really appreciate it you are so kind to take the time. You are the first person I have spoken with who has taken interest and provided really great advice.


Firstly, I have to say how pleased I am with the Energy Therapy I have had. The 3 sessions and wearing the chip on my back for the last 3 weeks is amazing. I am pretty much pain free all the time now. Which is such a difference from the previous 2 years !!  What an amazing result.


I have been wearing this chip on my back now for two weeks and the most amazing things have happened. My body has stopped having adverse reactions to medication and certain foods. My nerve endings that constantly felt like they were dancing have calmed even tho my body feels alive! I am not clever enough to tell you why this is but @mariereynolds_london THANK YOU my body feel at peace and my head feels happy!


Thank you for my incredible facial not only has the colour and glow returned to my cheeks and with the back up of your MRL products for after care the lines are disappearing.

But mostly I want to thank you for treating me with your incredible knowledge and  bespoke energy  treatment .  After weeks of suffering from severe lower Lumber pain which has restricted my movements and lifestyle,  I can now spring up out of bed , dance around the room and I’ve practised yoga for the first time In months and because I have NO pain whatsoever my whole mindset is now in a very happy brighter place .

Your treatments have put me back on track .. my back pain which you targeted as kidney problem has now completely gone I am jumping up and down like a spring chicken … and as for my swollen belly and general plump body(  which depressed me so much ) is gently yet noticeably going down again thanks to your treatments … skin glowing and sleep last night was perfect .


(On Back Pain)

I am really feeling the benefits and the pain has subsided lots!  I am so pleased with it.


I started seeing Marie a few years ago in her Norfolk clinic because I was looking for an expert facialist. I didn’t want just a load of old potion rubbed into my face, I wanted someone who would look at my particular issues and assess and treat accordingly, and I delighted when I stumbled across Marie who is clearly very experienced.
Walking into her newly created clinic was an odd experience as the first thing I did was cry. The tears just came out of nowhere, and believe me I am not a crier. I hadn’t realised how all my various issues were affecting me and Marie had an energy about her that just made it all come out. Even now, 2 years down the line, I’m still prone to a tear or two in her clinic!
So we started with facials but quite rapidly we looked at the internal issues that were affecting me too. Last year we started on a Bioresonance programme which has radically changed my well being. She has been the first person (including doctors) who has been able to help me with the chaos that my underactive Thyroid has reaped in my body and that includes adrenal issues, sleep issues and hormones. On the downside, I can’t tell you exactly how she’s done it – Bioressonance is complicated and very difficult to explain –  however, it works, and I feel very lucky to have met such a lovely lady.
Oh and my skin is so much better too!
Thank you Marie.


We have been trying Restore with Anoint in my son Luca’s skin (aged 12 who suffers from severe eczema) and it has been doing wonders on his skin.
I really do believe your products will finally help his skin heal ..after years of seeing so many different doctors and nothing!
We have finally found he’s allergic to eggs as I mentioned so hopefully soon with your products we’ll see a big improvement!


Restore feels like a staple that’s been in my cupboard for years now. Wouldn’t be without it!


Just placed an order for Face have been using Restore with Anoint and the Epidermal Blanket and the fabulous Goji Mallow Cleanse and The Copper Wand and it is making a huge difference – people ask me what do I use!! I’m 57 and have tried many things and these products are incredible!


I have been using these (MRL) Supplements along with Coll-Force and my skin has never been this clear in my life!Your products have changed my skin. I have every single product from the MRL range and used all together they will dramatically change your skin. It takes time and it’s important to stay consistent but it is absolutely worth the wait

Lisa Faulkner

You are amazing! I can’t wait to come for my facial! Whatever you did yesterday sent my energy back to high!


I just wanted to say thank you so much for your advice. I carried on going with the tablets and skincare and like magic everything has calmed down.  Started with the new Face Pro Vitamin A and my skin is just looking amazing. Well amazing by my standards. Thank you truly changing my skin and for the first time in my life feeling so confident. I honestly cannot believe how much the products have changed my skin. It’s astounding how using no harsh products like retinols and acids can still produce results like these xx


I just wanted to thank you for making Restore!!!! I can’t even thank you enough – it’s changed my life!!!! My acne had come to a point where all dermatologists deemed it incurable, but I stuck to a clean diet along with Restore and Anoint – serious life saver!!! I’m actually shocked at what it’s done for me. Please keep doing what you’re doing and I wish you all the luck and success in the world!!! Thanks for making me feel confident in my skin again

Newby Hands

The Evolve is amazing…. take it daily


I wanted, well my son wanted also to let you know how thrilled he is with the results from the RESTORE.  He’s been away for a few days returning home last night, awoke this morning feeling he’d be spending the day in his room due to his skin. I suggested he try the RESTORE mixed with water on his face as he’d tried it last night in the bath & the results are stunning! He’s so chuffed & he wanted to let you know & say a big heartfelt thank you.


Honestly your products have truly changed my skin and I couldn’t be happier. I will never change from your products ever now.


I have known Marie professionally for many years now so I am aware of her vast experience and knowledge and I trust her holistic approach to skincare 100%.

As a new Mam I have taken advice on my baby’s skin as I wanted to treat the cause of a skin outbreak holistically on her delicate skin rather than start using harsh chemicals to only treat the symptoms. We have had amazing results that I am extremely grateful for.

My own skin also suffered through my pregnancy and again I had been offered steroid creams and antibiotics from a dermatologist that I wasn’t comfortable taking so I though I’d just have to suffer until my hormones settled after the pregnancy, fortunately after taking advice from Marie I used a combination of Annoint and Restore with amazing results not only was I no longer self conscious of the skin on my face the rest of my skin benefitted too almost clearing it completely using only natural ingredients that were safe to use.

Marie has a wealth of knowledge that I have been able to draw on with fantastic results every time!

Madeleine Spencer

Marie Reynolds put a patch on my back that she made for me in her clinic once she’d scanned my body during her Energy Therapy.
I found it all terribly confusing but the long and short of it is that by programming an electromagnetic chip to counteract things gone awry, Marie says you can effectively direct your body to heal itself. I have hideous hay fever every year, which is amplified when I’m in the heavy pollution in London, so she geared mine towards helping me with that.
I wore the patch in April for two weeks, and have since barely struggled. I am baffled and amazed and quite frankly am going to have to ask Marie precisely what she did again.
P.s. Marie can also programme the chip remotely, so you don’t have to visit her. Again: no idea of how, but it worked for me.

Sarah Burgh

I have been under the care of Marie Reynolds for 8ish months and I can honestly say she has transformed my skin and health for the better she is a complete Professional in her field and goes beyond the norm. Her knowledge and expertise is fascinating I only wish I had met her years before as it would have saved me a lot of time and money. I have been to many well known dermatologist and never been able to achieve result as I have under Marie’s care. If your looking for a quick fix then she’s probably not for you but long term results driven definitely.

Lisa Faulkner

I agree, Marie is amazing. My skin (I have Rosacea) has really cleared up. I am still red but much less so. My skin feels so much better and I have stopped feeling so tired and rubbish. the masks I have at home (Restore and 4Tify) are brilliant.

Thank you Marie xx


Marie, I just want to thank you, the last two months you put me on a course of different stuff for eczema and the first time in my life it has finally cleared up and I feel wonderful, I am also sleeping better too. You are incredible.

Neelam Sultan

I would recommend Bioresonance Therapy to anyone looking for alternative treatments for any health issue. It is painless and has no harmful side effects. you will be amazed at what it reveals and how it treats your body. Following a second C Seection I had unbelievable nerve damage, doctors were only able to offer medication and increased the dose again and again, they informed me that some people struggle for 2 years and some  for 10 which was not reassuring and it was starting to really get me down after 6 months. I was very skeptical, but a friend had been speaking to me  so I had to see Marie. I booked in and went to her lovely clinic in Norfolk, I noticed a change in my body and the pains reduced this was after two treatments. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.

( Update from Neelam, she has almost no pain and is off of all strong pain meds. )

Shenali Natalia

Spent half the weekend seeing Marie Reynolds London in Norwich to get back on track with my Bioresonance healing journey in her extremely calming Clinic. I have a list of very special Therapists from Acupuncturists to Hypnotherapists but nobody comes close to how much I trust my health in Marie’s hands. Marie gave me a couple of distance healing sessions which I was very poorly with Norvirus and an ulcerative colitis flare up and I truly believe she was the reason I began to heal faster. She looks at emotional influences which may be causing inflammation and other dis-ease and trust understands the body at a cellular level, deeper than anyone else I’ve seen. Kun (my Bf) has seen every inch of my Ulcerative Colitis and other Gastro Issues for 12 years. He is super protective of Doctors/Healer/Therapists I see. Marie Reynolds is the one and only person he encourages me to stick with as he has personally seen the improvements in my energy and Digestive health although it has been a slow and gentle progress.


Carla N

Marie is so knowledgable and obviously incredibly passionate about what she does. I felt like she knew me inside and out from about 10 minutes into the session! Can’t wait to begin my plan.


I am 71 years old & I consider myself very lucky health wise other than suffering with very bad arthritis in my hands, my fingers are quite swollen, very painful and inflamed so I take painkillers on a daily basis which doesn’t do much long term. Marie tested me and gave me a bottle of her Anoint Oil that was imprinted with CBD frequencies. She told me to use it twice a day so I massaged it in my finger joints in the mornings and last thing at night
I have done this for one week now and I just cannot believe the relief this little bottle of magic has given me! The inflammation has gone, the swelling has reduced and I have no more pain
I cannot believe the results in such a short time but I am going to continue as my hands feel great
Thank you Marie for that little bottle of magic x


I have both the restore and fortify masks, I absolutely love how the make my skin look and feel, brilliant products. I want to say honestly your products are miracle workers, I’m a huge product junkie, high end product junkie! But honestly the way ur products work no others do, I also have the epidermal blanket which leaves my skin so soft and dewy, thankyou for creating such amazing products

Kay Breeze

Marie put me at ease immediately and today my skin feels plumper, fresher and clearer following the treatment. I’ll definitely be booking another appointment.

Tracey McAlpine

(MRL Holistic)

What an experience. The treatment with Ez was nothing less than I expected. She is a skilled professional. I left feeling completely refreshed and renewed. I also looked a whole lot better than when I arrived.

Catherine Hallam

Marie is a mindful of knowledge and I could have talked to her all day! Thank you for your time and insight.

Victoria Osborne-White

Excellent service delivered in a compassionate and caring way. Marie is at the top of her game with knowledge and advice supplied. Highly recommend.

Joanna Moschos

Superstar!! SO knowledgable

Elizabeth Blake

Ez was very professional and such a lovely warm person…. fabulous facial – Thank you!

Tracy Murray

Marie is a special lady, warm, welcoming and immediately makes you feel comfortable. I love her whole approach and I at last feel confident, I will, with Marie’s help get back to having more zest in my life and improved mental & physical health. What more could you ask for!

Lisa Faulkner

I absolutely loved my facial (Holistic MRL) Ez definitely has healing hands!

Alexa Tyler-Scott

I had a FaceTime with Marie Reynolds yesterday and she put me on a program. She was so lovely and knowledgeable, I learnt more from her in 30 minutes than in 5 years seeing Doctors.

Rukiah Zakariah

Wooooooow! Absolutely fantastic experience and it was just a consultation! Thank you so much Marie it was so lovely speaking with you. I’m really excited to get started on the plan/new way of life ;0)

Samah Al-Hosani

My Masterlift Experience was beyond amazing. The beautiful Marie was very welcoming and warm, answering all my questions and explaining with details the steps of the treatment along with ingredients and benefits. The atmosphere and the energy was very nice and calming. I loved everything and got to know so much about my skin and how to take care of it. I felt like my skin was breathing, fresh, very soft and light. I’m looking forward to the next one. Thank you Marie


On Non Smoking Chip:

It’s been absoloutely amazing, I cannot believe it! 11 days no smoking and skin is looking clearer too. I have had one bad migraine but other than that I feel fantastic and smoking craving is non existant. I am so impressed by this whole thing.

Thank you, thank you! I will continue to give you an update!


Distance Therapy for daughter: It’s so wierd, she says she can feel it working. She said it feels like her whole body has a heart beat which only started when you started the program.


Thank you so much for last night (Distance Therapy). I managed to sleep so, so much. Woken up with an appetite which is a good sign.


Distance Therapy to partner:

In a very deep sleep. Thank you, not sure how you did it! Marie you Super Healer, she is much better.

J. A

OMG I dont know what you did to me yesterday. I was IN bed by 9.30, asleep at 9.35, out like a light till my alarm went off, I feel much calmer.



I’m a week and half in and already the pins and needles in my head have stopped and I’ve lost 2inchs from my bloated belly. I no longer look pregnant, which has made me feel amazing. Thank you so much

S. Fitz

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your help and expertise with the chip, although at first I was very tearful and a bit drained, after my 6 weeks wearing it I feel so much better (normal!!!) If there is such a thing. I feel so much more positive than I have in the last year or so, since my hysterectomy.


Marie, my skin is already sooo much betterm it’s not even been a week! The first few days I had low energy but now I feel amazing! I have ordered Restpre as well, can’t wait to use it! x


Best ‘witch’ in the whole world! I don’t know where I would be without you (Marie), your tests, knowledge and kind heart. The most honest and true person i’ve ever met. Going to Marie is like going to the best doctor and psycologist, only she actually cares about you and the root cause of your illness. Who doesn’t believe in Bioresonance – well its their loss. Being a person with Colitis, Hashimotos Thyroid and now also Lyme, I am still here being able to run after my 4 year old boy smiling when I could have easily just given up, all thanks to you M and some chunk of me. xxx

Anne Marie

I haven’t had dairy for 10 days as advised by @mariereynolds_london & so much of the redness has gone from my skin.


Marie Reynolds Has long been the skincare expert on every Beauty ed’s speed dial.


I think you are an absolute skin/well being marvel and a true inspiration, thank you for giving us all hope that everything can be fixed with patience and time.

Michelle. J

I have to tell you I had to make decisions so quickly which was so hard for me but you always popped into my head… listen to your gut. So I did!!! I actually won best exhibit at the fair which was beautiful. Anyway, my whole point was to say thank you to the moon and back. Besides saving my skin you have been a life coach. You can add that to your CV. You are talented, kind, and most importantly, genuine.


I can’t thank you enough for everything you do. And can’t express enough how grateful I am for you making me feel so much better in a space of just 2 hours, which has been improving daily ever since our first Bioresonance session. It’s a little magic you do, which gave me so much hope. I am pretty much pain free, something I haven’t had for the last 3 years, which always stopped me from living my life and from looking after my family at it’s full potential as they deserve.Thank you for finding time to fit me in. Your clinic is a little piece of heaven, so tranquil and just perfect. It was worth all the distance!


Dear Marie,
Thank you so much for your beautiful products! Instead of my face looking like a slapped arse it resembles a babies bum !!!


Hi Marie! I just want to say how truly wonderful you and your work is. I’ve been wearing my chip for 2 weeks now and I feel I’m experiencing a variety of benefits. I am almost free from vaping and generally feeling more balanced. It has also reduced my alcohol intake which is a welcome surprise..!! Love it, love you. Thank you! 


Just wanted to say thank you yesterday for such a wonderful facial experience. My skin is still glowing this morning. It was defiantly worth the travel down and would highly recommend to everyone. Cannot wait to meet you again for my next treatment.


Marie, Your bio resonance patch has been so amazing and I’m really grateful to you!


I have suffered for years with IBS that would result in uncomfortable bloating, abdominal cramps and pains, sudden urges to go to the toilet with loose stools that would keep me up through the night, in fact, I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night completely. I have been on medications that have not helped and tried various nutritionists and alternative routes, I had almost given up trying until my wife persuaded me to do a frequency test  for gut health with Marie Reynolds.  I was very intrigued to try the microchip which has my personal frequencies imprinted into it. Still a little sceptical but keeping an open mind I stuck the microchip to my abdomen – the first night I only got up once (usually getting up 3-4 times is great) I had one evacuation which was pretty violent but from then on I have slept straight through, I have had no stomach cramps and my stools have been ‘normal’. To say I am baffled, and confused would be fair but I don’t care how it works I am over the moon with the results.


The microchip has worked awesomely. I’ve felt calmer and at ease and been able to meditate daily for the first time in a long time. My skin is much better already and I’ve even had times of feeling quite energetic!


I arrived at the Clinic for my first Bioreasonance treatment. As soon as Marie welcomed me in with her radiant smile and sparkling eyes she gave me my results of the blood test her analysis was mind blowing , the tests highlighted and confirmed what I have been going through mentally and physically for a long time .
I started to feel the changes, vibrations happening within an hour of the treatment, within 2 days my va va voom was back my energy levels are off the scale and my skin is radiant i haven’t seen or felt for a very long time .
I am feeling the best I have felt in YEARS  and this is just after one session – all I can say is where I felt so grey now I feel sunshine yellow.
Bioreasonance is the best thing you could wish for. Do it for yourself my va va voom can vouch for that .


After having such an awful bout of shingles I decided to try Bioresonance as I kept getting severe flare ups in the scalp, not only very painful but also uncomfortable oozing fluid and crusting over.
After a blood sample was tested it found I had various viral strains that Marie was able to invert through a Bioresonance Therapy. I felt a little ‘fluey’ the next day (which Marie said may happen) but the sores in my scalp literally healed over the next week, without any other intervention. I am beyond happy and bemused how it has worked … but it has!


I can honestly say this has been the “prettiest” cold sore I have ever had , I’ve suffered with them since I was little , and some have been soo ugly and sore , scabbing up , yellow with cold sore creams , but not with the Restore, this time cleared up in days , yes a little sore when washing it off in morning , but people hardly noticed !! , thank you thank you thank you, this stuff and your talents are beyond amazement

Alessandra Steinherr

You are the REAL DEAL  and the way you help people with health and skin issues just fills me with pride to be able to call you my friend.


I felt well after the treatment (Bioresonance) – a bit tired. But my night sweats have definitely reduced which is wonderful!

(After one treatment)


My hero product, I can’t live without – Restore Mask. It’s cured anything from Dermatitis, spots, cuts, swollen gums, ulcers – It’s AMAZING!

Really Ree

This (Restore) is one of the best all round, multi-tasking rescue skincare products I have ever owned.


Purchased the Restore, my acne is nearly all gone! I’m amazed. My before and after pics re unreal! Xx


Yassss! Second pot (Restore) ordered LOVE this product, it’s seriously changed my skin. Thank You! Xx

Jessica Diner – Vogue Beauty Director

A facial with Marie is quite a life-changing experience.
I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s really true. But if you can’t get in to see her, you can get a piece of the pie at home with the Restore mask. It’s a phytonutrient mask that restores the pH balance of the skin’s lipid barrier and keeps the skin mantle super healthy. Whilst so many masks today are focusing on peeling and extracting, I love the idea of giving back to your skin with this.


I have to say your Restore mask is magic! To be able to use it and know how
Skin friendly it is and be able to see the benefits immediately is incredible! Sometimes I have to double take in a mirror in case I am dreaming! For the first time in years I started leaving the house without make up on! I recommend to all now!


Restore worked wonders on my melasma


This (Restore) is powdered gold!!! Has made such a difference to my skin! I use it in my children when they have a cut and have introduced to my mother in law, who has rosacea and my friend who is having skin issues xxx


Restore is my favourite at the moment ?


This absolutely wonderful magic green powder can be nothing different than new Restore repairing mask from @mariereynolds_london. This special therapeutic formula has amazing impact on condition of my imbalanced atopic congested skin. Already from the first use inflammation heals impressively quickly, skin is visibly soothed and brighter. My boyfriend who struggles with psoriasis and acne-prone skin has the same feelings. We both use it regularly (2-3 times per week) and love how effectively prevents any skin troubles. As we live in London and our life is quite intense (and you know.. sometimes is just hard to avoid stress and keep adrenaline level down) we can not imagine our skincare routine without this product at the moment (I often apply also on my back or eyelids). Very important point good to know is that Restore contains 8 strains of probiotics (each of them has different tasks and properties) and each application provides five billion live bacteria cultures – how impressive is that! Another great think is that formula is fortified in phytonutrients to protect the skin from environmental toxicity. Acai Berry, Celery Seed, Cinnamon, Dandelion Leaf Extract are just few more beautiful ingredients you can find in. This is only such product on the market. Congratulations and can not wait to try your next produccts


I have been using Restore for the last few weeks and absolutely adore it- it has transformed my skin and is such a wonderful product to use


Just wanted to share a magic product @mariereynolds_london Restore with you all once again. I am in love with this mask and the amazing healing magic it does on your skin. My daughter suffers from eczema and summers are worse than winters because with heat it all flares up and this time of the year it flared up on her eyes and folds on the skin. She was in such a discomfort and would keep on itching around her eyes. steroids and moisturising creams weren’t working either. So I used Restore around her eyes and left it for 20 mins to work and it’s like magic and soon as I took it off, not kidding! my little one said mummy this feels so much better now. I saw relief on her face and touch wood within two days it all cleared up. There is some pixidust in that mask. I always recommend this mask to my family and friends and my clients. It does help and I can’t get enough of this product. It is so simple, so effortless and does what it says. My skin has never been this great in ages and this mask has changed my life. Can’t thank @alexsteinherr enough for sharing this product on her account.


My face hasn’t been this soft in years! My right side is always more red but the heat that always generates from my face is almost non-existent today. I can’t wait to get your cleanser because I had no dryness at all from it. Honestly I’ve not even used a moisturiser since the treatment on Saturday as I didn’t seem to need it.The treatment you did for me Marie, has done wonders and can already see the impact of Kali Mur too even after a few doses.

No heat being generated and forehead and chin has almost no redness at all. I remember watching your short clips on insta before I got in touch with you last year and you had mentioned that it’s a commitment that one has to make as things improve over time. That really remained with me and know that my internal health needs to improve so my external can too 🙂

Thank you so much for looking after me. You are truly the best!

Charlotte Calvert

Oh my God! Thank you! It (Restore)  transformed my skin, I have used it every day for 5 days as my face was so ‘ill’ . So dry and inflamed, no hydration would work. Just putting it on feels like a relief, my skin is brighter, spider veins less noticeable and my pores shrank! I praise your product now to all of my friends. Thanks for your amazing work.


I have been using the Restore, what it is actually doing is taking the dirt and my ingrown hair out! I am no longer digging into my skin, my pigmentation around my chin area is healing, I love your products this is the best mask I have ever used! Thank you so much!

Ez Dyer

I Love the Epidermal Blanket and the Restore, I’ve been receiving treatments from Marie for over three years now, and I knew her products would work for me. I totally agree, this heat is very frustrating for us Rosacea Sufferers! I’ve had great results and would recommend them too.

Fran Heerey

Thank you so much, Restore has been so amazing on my skin, I cant even tell you! Your products are just amazing, you have transformed my skin!

Michelle Leeder

Brilliant Marie Reynolds, I can not recommend her highly enough for her help with my pretty relentless migraines…her help has made all the difference to my quality of life . xx


I have insane rosacea / redness connected to Crohn’s disease and it (Restore) was just so calming.. I’ve used it once

Melanie Koh

My skin is looking amazing. Of course it’s not perfect as that will come in time, but it’s so healthy and a lot less bumpy. She is just fantastic.

( This is after one treatment)

My new hero product Restore: this multitasking mask from @mariereynolds_london works wonders! I used it on my face, a scar and the psoriasis I have on my scalp underneath my hair. Just one use and the rosacea on my face is lighter, my scar looks better and the psoriasis feels less itchy! Just Wow!


Marie, just wanted to say this (Restore) is a wonderful product., my son came home from a footy tournament last Sunday with a terrible burn from the Astro turf across the top of his cheek, he let me apply this for 3 days, it healed so quickly then day 5 the scab just fell off without any scaring! Amazing!! Thank you


My skin is still improving day by day, I have finished the homeopathy tinctures that you prescribed so have ordered some more.  Still have pigmentation on neck and cheeks but it is fading loads, Restore is really helping with that.
I love the epidermal blanket with the copper wand too.
Thank you, so grateful for all your advice and knowledge.


I put a bit of the mask on my baby (18mo) mosquito and spider spots it soothes intensely, I also put on my swollen nose following a spot of hyaluronic to realign, you know, in case it helped… it decreased in volume by half! Love xx


Finally got my Restore and used last night on an irritation that was caused by a strong product and has been on the lower left side of my face for about a month. Besides this one area my whole face has been dry, and irritable with small bumps. ONE application of your mask and it’s 70% better!!


It’s only been one applcation but my skin feels wonderful this morning. I feel great!


I am a huge fan of Marie’s. Basically I need her products in my life… everyday I share some information I have learned from her… she is the most inspiring skin care specialist I have ever come across… obsessed!

Sarah Ashkenazi

A big big big thank you for taking the time to speak with me and for your wealth of knowledge and most of all your loving caring nature. It makes the world of difference speaking to someone like you who truly loves and cares about what they do.


Ok so where shall I start from…… I am blown away by this magic mask. I have been suffering with hormonal breakouts and especially around the time of the month and It seemed as it was getting worse and worse…. spots, congested pores and the spots were leaving marks behind and if one spot clears up another 4 would appear the next day. Skin was quite irritated and itchy as well. I’ve been seeing and reading a lot of amazing reviews about this mask on instagram Restore by @mariereynolds_london and really wanted to try it. I contacted them and they kindly sent me a generous amount of tester and honestly guys not kidding after the mask my skin felt brand new. It is such a great healing mask. Generally you feel initial softness after a mask and it last for a day and skin goes back to normal self but this product is literally magic. Used it once and I could feel each day my skin getting better and it still was feeling like it gave my skin something to fight with those breakouts and could feel it’s still working inside my skin. Honestly anyone suffering from acne just try it and see it for yourself. I might give it a go on my little one’s eczema patches on her skin and will update you all with the greatness of this amazing product. I am in love with this and 110% I am going to buy this mask. It is so fairly priced, would last a long time and so worth getting it.
It’s a powder that you mix with water. I used one teaspoon of the powder with 3 tea spoons of water and it literally covered my whole face and neck #mask #magicmask #mariereynolds #eczema #pimples #acne #brokenskin #skincondition #healingmask #timeofthemonth
#breakouts #scars #blownaway
PS. The best healing mask I have ever tried ❤❤❤


Wow its (Restore) amazing I’m on steroids and my face is glowing 3 people remarked on how glowing I was !!!!


I have had acne for 8 years now and have not found anything to cure it. I’ve tried so many topical treatments both mild and prescription. I’ve tried homemade lemon and honey masks. I’ve tried ice/clay masks etc…basically everything you can find I have tried. I even went vegan last year to try and help. I’ve lost so much hope through the years but I’m so desperate to solve this issue!

My most recent attempt has been probiotics which is how I came across your products. I am remaining hopeful for the products I have bought (the clarity serum and Restore) as for the first time ever I woke up today and my skin was not painful anywhere and was visibly less red, and this was only one application!


I have  been using the Restore on my chest as it has become inflamed and prone to spots with all the stress lately and it is the only thing that is helping so thank you!

Amira Beyer

Thank you so much for the consultation today and for what you’re doing for each and one of us! I really hope to have a “live consultation” with you one day!

Wendy Gregory

I would just like to comment on Marie’s wonder Restore treatment!! I have been suffering from ulcers and sore mouth making it so painful for me to eat and drink.I was recommended to apply Restore to my gums which I did and left overnight!! I awoke to FREE of pain and was able to eat my breakfast without discomfort! WOW!! Thank you  Marie xxxxx never be without this product xxxxxxxx


The very first thing I noticed about @mariereynolds_london Restore is how “green” it smells… like a green juice for the face. The next thing was how cooling it felt on the skin. And then, how calm and clean it left my skin, after just one application.
Now, after three weeks of use, I can say that this green powder has shot right to the top of my skin must-haves list!
I have been travelling like crazy and normally that would mean at least a couple of nasty blemishes, dullness, enlarged pores and full-on sensitivity and inflammation. But guess what? My skin has never looked softer, smoother and more glow-y.
Thanks, I believe, due to the packed-in topical probiotics (EIGHT different strains of live bacterial cultures), nourishing hemp protein and other phytonutrients, and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
What does it NOT have? Any artificial colors or preservatives. Green and clean: My favorite combo!
Besides soothing travel-weary, dull or super-stressed skin like mine, it’s also the perfect recipe for chronic acne, rosacea, pigmentation, or skin that’s exposed to urban toxins and pollution. I have seen hydrating masks, brightening masks, clarifying masks… this one is a healing mask. And I have not seen too many of those!
Also, Restore very conveniently comes in powder form, which makes it super-easy to travel with. Just add a little water and you’re done.
What is NOT so convenient is that the husband has fallen in love with it as well (surprising as he’s definitely not one for masking!), so I am being made to share my pot ????

AM Skin Aesthetics

“I ordered one pot to try on clients and to hand out a sample as I treat a lot of Rosacea clients and Eczema. Have to say I’ve been really impressed and it is now my go to product!”


Dalila Granja

Omg…I had the best consultation in all of my of life with Marie, I was so excited and very grateful to have finally meet her! She’s amazing!
Please pass on my gratitude’s to Marie.

I am loving the ‘Epidermal Blanket’ my skin feels luxurious, especially around my eyes, as this area get quite dehydrated on me!


Marie Reynolds London thank you. I have Rosacea and have just used this (Restore), wish I had taken a before pic as the difference it’s made to the redness is incredible. Wont be without this from now on. x

Ez Dyer

Oh the lovely Marie, she is just a magician.

Alex Steinherr

Yass- another woman-boss that I am proud to call my friend and who is releasing a true skin healer! Congrats on launching RESTORE, a skin savior fro inflammation, rosacea, breakouts.. any kind of imbalances. Saved me on many occasions.


I met Marie Reynolds a few times when she came to the college where I lecture. She is one of the most amazing women I have ever met! She was so helpful to me when I had some problems. xxx


Thank you SO much. WOW! it is amazing! Stupidly I didnt take a before picture but my skin looks much happier now! You’re a genius! xxx


If I wasn’t excited enough to receive the Elixir & Reson8 @mariereynolds_london skincare products – she’s only gone & launched Restore, an insane green skin food mask which supports imbalanced skin tackling #acne, #antiageing, #pigmentation, #scars, #eczema & more! THANK YOU skin queen Marie


I daren’t put a picture of my face with the mask on, on Instagram. But my god this mask is insane! I’ve suffered with so many spots and cysts recently due to stress and your mask has literally calmed everything down and now my spots have gone completely. This is a miracle product, and I’m never going to be without it again. We have to thank @alexsteinherr for encouraging you to bring this to market because it’s amazing. I also love the fact you can put it under the eyes to help with dark circles… thank you so much xx @mariereynolds_london


So exciting!!! Well done! Ps) I CANNOT live without my epidermal blanket! Use it morning and night! And you’re so right… haven’t touched a moisturiser since!


You Genius thank you …. since visiting you @#mrlnorfolkclinic and experiencing the #masterlift facial and religiously using the Osmosis aftercare and the mind blowing Epiblanket my skin is glowing the compliments are flowing too ?… I can’t wait to buy my Skinfood on my next visit … well done Marie you Beauty ?

Thank You SO much Marie, after my consultation I felt I was having a psychic reading and I was not expecting that! the fact you could tell so much in-depth stuff about me, makes me even more convinced how amazing you are. God bless you Marie, you have a heart of Gold, I swear I was supposed to find you xx

I recently purchased your Epidermal Blanket and I have to say I LOVE IT! I discovered you on Instagram and bought your stuff to help me heal post surgery – I swear your stuff has fine miracles!!

Just to give you an update my bloating is so much better, in fact I hardly get any now and I just feel much better in myself and not self conscious of my stomach so thank you


My skin is looking fabulous and that’s only after two weeks! thank you so much.


I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when Marie recommended that this product could help my mood and my ability to deal with stress. It took me a few months to try it, but I have to say – I was completely surprised at the immediate difference I noticed the first week I took this product. I have quite a stressful job, and I noticed that I felt a much more balanced mood, a better attitude and a greater sense of calm.

“I had a really lovely session with Marie – it was the first experience I have had where I kept thinking “how did you know!!”. Incredible.”


“I want to say a massive thank you for everything you recommended, my skin has improved so much and I really do appreciate it.”


“I want to say a massive thank you for everything you recommended, my skin has improved so much and I really do appreciate it.”


The last bits that you recommended for Jemima seem to have really helped her-can’t say a big enough thank you!!!

Jade Harwood

I took Alex’s (Steinherr) advice last year after she first posted about Marie. What a woman! Ive been taking the ‘Marie Reynolds special prescription’ since January, after a nasty bout of flu and antibiotics and I have to say my skin is sooooo improved! More so then when I paid to have laser treatment.

Natalie Brown

You are the best Marie!

Caitche Earley

Amazing Marie – You’re so knowledgable

Emma Brocklehurst

You are the best!

Jen Anstiss

Such a fabulous lady and facialist

Andy Millward – Facialist

Love Marie so much. An inspiration to us all.


I LOVE Marie Reynolds! one of the warmest and most beautiful people I have met.

The Skin Warrior – Emma

She is my hero! and such a lovely person,


She (Marie) is amazing and so generous with her time, had a few phone consultations and she has been so kind and helpful.

Maggie Ann Schaetzel

I just finished a consultation with Marie and highly recommend her services. Her holistic approach to wellness and skin health is unique to each individual. Thank you Marie!

Caroline Bennett

Marie is great! Superb knowledge and a kind lady, I can’t wait to get started on her recommendations.. Thank you for helping me today, greatly appreciated.

Kellie Broadway

I am just so happy. After two treatments my skin has completely changed. Lines have reduced, hydration is returning just feels and looks so much better. Why didn’t we meet years ago. Counting the days until my next facial.
Thank you Marie

Tamara Gilvray

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking the time to call me before my holiday, was such a pleasure to get to talk to you, the drops and supplements you recommend we’re amazing , will definitely be ordering more and I hope to come and see you very soon for one of your amazing treatments I keep reading about and the pictures in your posts , you truly are wonderful

Emma Brocklehurst

Finished off my Sunday facial with this dreamy duo from the so, so lovely and ever so talented @mariereynolds_london Anybody looking to improve their skin, should give Marie a follow (her feed is full of wonderful advice) and try and bag yourself an appointment – you won’t regret it. My skin has never looked better. Marie believes in treating her clients not just with topical treatments, but looking at what’s going on, on the inside too. She is an angel!


 @mariereynolds_london you are truly such a nice human being..inside and outside

Dawn McNight

Marie is a miracle worker. My skin has been transformed in less than a month.


Endopath (F) combined with the Magnesium supplements have quickly made a difference, Marie! Sleeping much, much better now! Thank you

Tara Vasev – Fashion Magazine, Contributing Editor

‘I have used the Epidermal Blanket for only two days and am already hooked!’

‘Seriously love this! (Epidermal Blanket)  My skin already is looking more plump, toned and vibrant! That’s only one week in”


“I cannot put into words the comfort (so much more than comfort) that my skin felt when I applied the products (Epidermal Blanket). I have never experienced such a perfect match as if it was just what my skin always wanted – the vibration resonated perfectly!
Thank you for making these products. So grateful.”

Katie Broad

Every situation is better with a little Marie Reynolds London


I bought the Cosmedix cleanser Marie recommended for Sebhorreic Dermatitis.. it is brilliant! I love it, skin not as dry. Thank you!

Jen Anstiss

Absolute genius of a lady! After suffering an awful outbreak, Marie made some recommendations and eight days later, my skin looks incredible!


After your recommendation of Flora & col-mino my skin around my chin area is has been only 10 days?I am going to finish the course of 3 months as per your recommendation..I am ever so grateful ?You are the best in your field and the kindest person ever

Sara Landau

You have to try Marie Reynolds, she is the Queen of facials!

Andy Millward

I’ve been using the @mariereynolds_london Epidermal Blanket for a whole month now so I thought it was about time I gave an updated review on my website experience. I bought the Epidermal Blanket at a time I switched my sunscreen & felt I needed something extra underneath as I don’t normally wear a separate moisturiser.
The Epidermal Blanket is a system designed to mimic and support your skins natural barrier function, compromising of a lipid replenishing oil called Elixir, a hydro-gel serum called Reson8 and a stunning copper wand to aid lymph drainage and boost blood flow.
Elixir is a blend of Apricot & Marula Oil plus Vitamin E and essential oils of Frankincense, Rose & Neroli which Marie chose because of their ability to balance human cell frequency at 528MHz. Elixir feels like a lovely dry oil & absorbs really easily. You only need around 2-3 drops so it will last a very long time!
Reson8 is a blend of Arnica, Rosehip, Argan, Jojoba, Passion Fruit and Evening Primrose Oils Plus green tea, melon & Gotu Kola extracts with Aloe Vera and Glycerin with the same essential oils. It’s super cooling on the skin. Despite having a blend of oils, this feels like a very silky water-based serum with no oily residue and compliments Elixir beautifully.
A little while ago I reposted a post that said oils high in oleic acid can disrupt the barrier function in oily skins. Having used this for a month now I can honestly say Marula Oil is either the exception to the rule OR its the ways Marie has expertly formulated the products because I’ve used this twice a day for the last month and my skin feels more hydrated and more resilient since using it. One of the best bits is the cooling and sculpting facial Massage by using the copper wand to enhance product absorption and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Copper ions also have their own benefits to amplify cell energy.
The scent is absolutely stunning. For those who don’t like to essential oils then you probably wouldn’t like this, however I absolutely love it.



“I’m day 3 of my new skincare regime.  I’ve never used a wash off cleanser before, I normally use cream, oil or balm cleansers so I was a little dubious about buying it. I decided to go with it and trust your recommendations.  OMG… Marie!!!!!! It took every scrap of makeup off!!!!! I didn’t a know face wash could do that and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling parched!”

“My skin is loving the products you prescribed to me.  The tone of my skin just gets brighter and more even toned, the redness on my cheeks is almost gone and I had an expression line between my eyebrows that I can only see if I squeeze by eyebrows together.!”

A. C

“You are right, it’s a slow improvement, but an improvement in every respect. For the first time in a long while I don’t mind doing a milk run in ACTUAL PUBLIC WITHOUT MAKE UP!”


“One thing I have notices through taking the supplements is a real improvement in the hydration aspect of my skin. It feels plumper and definitely been clearer and I haven’t had a single Rosacea flare up. For once I also feel my internal temperature gauge is working better! Texture wise I can definitely see a difference.”

Tracy P

“Just wanted to say a massive massive thank you. I have been on the gut health program and OMG I feel completely different. Didn’t quite believe it when I was downing nearly 24 tablets a day but so pleased I did and so pleased I stuck to it. You are a legend! Next in my list is to come see you and have a master lift facial. I am now becoming skin obsessed again and haven’t felt like this for years, you are truly a inspiration. My fibromyalgia has improved as well and that’s in such a short period of time.”


I was fortunate to have been given a series of Bowen appointments with Marie by my extremely kind and generous boss.
I am a chronic migraine sufferer unwilling to take the daily prescription pills my doctor wanted me to take that would have left me feeling zonked out a lot of the time. I also felt as an artist that would have really affected my creativity, so it was just not an option I wanted to take.

The Bowen sessions with Marie have made such a difference to me at one point I went over 3 weeks without a migraine which was just amazing as I have had a migraine every two weeks for nearly four years now. Deeply relaxing and regenerative, they have made an almost impossible state of being, possible again and that is completely down to Marie’s dedication, professionalism and sheer gifted ability.

I cannot recommend her more highly as I feel utterly blessed to have met her and to have been treated by her.

Joanne T

Marie Reynolds is a true skin therapy academic whose extensive skills and knowledge, teamed with her sincere down-to-earth personality and unceasing passion to make a difference make her a unique and incomparable expert, head and shoulders above her competitors. I have known Marie for 12 years and I have experienced her growth and expertise as she has talked me through how best to look after my skin, with the most effective and cutting-edge products and techniques. Marie is a real statesman of the beauty world who works tirelessly to help many people with not only skin issues but overall health and well being:  despite being called a celebrity therapist by the media, she refuses to be labelled because Marie treats all of her clients with the same regard and respect. She is not impressed by title but moved by the testimony of how she can help and support each one. She works late into the night consulting people and has willingly and freely mentored and helped hundreds of therapists who are quick to magpie all she has to offer. Her clients recognise her uniqueness and are loyal to her amazing treatments because we know there is no treatment nor therapist better. She is constantly upgrading her knowledge with her active pursuit and implementation of up-to-the-minute research. Consequently, she has helped me, my family and friends and many others with skincare and wellbeing. Marie promotes healthy aging, knowing that anti-aging is a foolish concept. She helps women age gracefully and look fabulous whilst doing so; embracing the wisdom and experience of age without losing the beauty through natural intervention. Marie is quite simple a diamond in the beauty industry; hard to the core for standing in what she believes in, yet beautiful inside and out, out sparking those around her, due to her relentless work ethic and drive for improvement.


I was fortunate to have been given a series of Bowen appointments with Marie by my extremely kind and generous boss
I am a chronic migraine sufferer unwilling to take the daily prescription pills my doctor wanted me to take that would have
left me feeling zonked out a lot of the time…I also felt as an artist that would have really affected my creativity….so it was just not an option I wanted to take.
The Bowen sessions with Marie have made such a difference to me…at one point I went over 3 weeks without a migraine which was just amazing as I have had a migraine every two weeks for nearly four years now. Deeply relaxing and regenerative…they have made an almost impossible state of being…possible again and that is completely down to Marie’s dedication, professionalism and sheer gifted ability. – I cannot recommend her more highly as I feel utterly blessed to have met her and to have been treated by her.

Wendy G

I was very nervous allowing Marie to work on my shoulder as I had extreme pain. After my treatment I was completely pain free!! I could not believe it! I feel so much more relaxed.

Trina P

I was suffering from a very painful right knee which caused me a great deal of discomfort at night, so bad that I had to take painkillers. I think this is arthritis but very painful. I had a session with Marie and expected a massage but was surprised to learn that not much pressure was applied, however that night I had a really comfortable night and no painkillers, I was amazed! I have since had a further two sessions and cannot believe the results, I am pain free, AMAZING!

Nathan F

On my first session with Marie I was a little bit apprehensive about this as I had had no work done to my back in 18 months.
During the first appointment I had a very strange red hot burning sensation throughout my back. Something I had not experienced when trying other various techniques. It did leave me feeling stiff and sore for the first few days but towards the end of the first week that started to subside.
During our second meeting Marie explained that she would only carry out a few techniques due to the experience I had previous. During this session I didn’t experience the hotness but afterwards I felt that I had some more movement in my lumber region than I had previously to starting treatment with Marie.
On our third and final session Marie continued where we had left off previously. At the end I felt a small improvement again in my lumber area.
I did find that only after 3 sessions it had helped me with some extra movement and others did notice that my standing and walking had improved.

David H

I cannot have enough thanks to you for all you have done for my back. After just one treatment I felt an amazing difference.

John M

I am not quite sure if it is the treatment that has helped, or the fact that I am just able to rest for an hour. I do know that the tension in my chest and shoulders is significantly better, to me even if it is in the mind and I have no pain it is a benefit!

Sheryl O

Both my husband and I were a little skeptical when Marie explained Bowen could help with Dyslexia but we thought nothing ventured and agreed for Tillie to have the treatment. Not only was we shocked at how well Tillie relaxed but also how she took to the treatment. The fact she got her very first certificate while having this done is amazing, not sure if it is the Bowen or coincidence but it has had an improvement, we have also notice she has not been as clumsy. I am keen for Tillie to continue with the treatments.

Sarah D

I entered into my first Bowen session knowing very little about the treatment or what it entailed, even after researching it myself! Marie broke it down and explained it to me in terms I understood and also thoroughly explained what she would be doing during the sessions. After my first session I wasn’t expecting to feel much at all as the moves were so minimal but how wrong I was! For the first two sessions I had obvious side effects – feeling tired, generally unwell, nauseous. After the third session something just ‘clicked’. I am a very highly strung and stressed person and I felt like a massive weight that had been on my shoulders for a few years just lifted! I entered into this treatment out of intrigue and would now say it will become a necessity. Marie’s knowledge and professionalism makes me know I’m in very safe hands and the sessions with her are always the most relaxing hours of my week. Marie has made me feel more de-stressed and in control than I ever thought possible, I feel she has worked on a deeper level and has totally rebalanced my body during a particularly stressful time.


Before I started the trial Bowen treatments, I was suffering with shooting pains in my right buttock and sharp pains running down the right side of my leg. As I am 24 weeks pregnant I put it down to PGP, (pelvic groin pain.) This shooting pain would be intermittent, but would come at regular intervals, particular when carrying my toddler!
After the 3 sessions with Marie, I have not had any of the shooting pains! there is still a dull ache in my right buttock, but I am completely able to lift and carry, without the sudden jolts of pain that I had before the treatments.
The treatments themselves, were extremely relaxing, almost meditative! although, after the sessions, I didn’t feel any immediate benefits, looking back to 3 weeks ago however, I am stunned and over the moon with the results. My body felt like it was starting to soften..a little too much and I was becoming growingly concerned that I wouldn’t be able to carry my daughter or lift her, for too much longer. This concern has gone now and I feel confident when performing certain movements.

Amna N

Thank you so much for my consultation Marie. I felt at ease with you immediately, you have a lovely, warm manner and are so incredibly knowledgeable about health and skin. I am excited to start my journey:) xxx

Resia P

Your advice helped me to choose the correct products and your insight is just absolutely astounding!

Anna W

Marie – Wow! What a perfect way to spend my day off and birthday. I have had treatments before but this was truely THE best facial and massage EVER! I feel totally relaxed and all the products felt and smelled to die for, you come highly recommended and I can see why. I will certainly be telling my peers and I’ll definitely be back, your experience is second to none!

Fiona H

The word ‘facial’ simply does no do it justice! Incredibly relaxing but also a little unnerving – in a good way. It makes you think and reflect on what really makes you tick. Marie, you are clearly such a warm and giving person and it is a privilege to be in your company for 90 minutes. I hope to come away with even the smallest fragment of your kindness, positivity and insight. Many thanks for your genuinely, wonderful treatment

Emma T

Marie I feel incredibly honoured to have had a facial with you. It takes a great deal of talent to make someone feel so at ease considering we had only just met. Not only are your techniques spot on but the way you can tap into an individuals genetic make-up is incredible and like nothing I have experienced. thank You!

Jo Glanville-Blackburn

Darling! My new “must have Marie moment’ You have opened up my mind to the way I think and feel about Beauty treatments. It will be hard to get rid of me now!

Sarah Tomczak

I am amazed and in awe of the way you read my skin and feet – you could tell so much about me. It is a very humbling experience but also so much more reassuring and constructive than a classic ‘beauty’ facial. I feel calm and serene in the knowledge that the treatment I’ve received today in truly benefited me inside and out! Thank you for all your advice and wisdom and for helping me feel so relaxed at such an exciting and nerve wrecking time of my life

Inge Van Lotringen

I didn’t know my feet talked so much! Thank you. All the truly great facials are by people with magic hands, real intuition and compassion and you are one of those people. I feel truly soothed, hope I will be able to hold onto that feeling until I see you again

Jess Lacey

Thank you for being an amazing therapist and such a positive influence. your knowledge and outlook is truly inspiring and I am leaving here with a hundred times more positivity, calm and can-do! Thank you so, so much!

Eve Cameron

A  truely Holistic and fascinating treatment that stands out – and I should know I’ve had a few! Thanks for the home truths. lots learned. Skin looks great too!

Jess Tibbets

I have worked in the beauty industry for over eight years and have had countless facials, massages and treatments but have never experienced anything like the treatment I have just had with Marie before. She has truly magic, healing hands. I think she was born to do this, her intuition is incredible, she had me sussed within two minutes of meeting her. in all, I have learned a lot of really helpful, practical tips. huge thanks!

Emine Rushton

Some treatments leave you with a beautiful skin, others leave you with a real sense of peace and wellbeing – facial with Marie Reynolds achieve both. From a gifted massage to wonderful intuition that gets to the root of why your skin may be playing up, a treatment with her goes so much deeper than your average. It’s ‘therapy’ for the skin, body and mind. Not only is she a truly brilliant facialist but she is also warm, wise and a lovely person, so it is a pleasure to spend time on her treatment table

Alice Harte Davis

That was just sensational, Thank you so much- from your unnervingly accurate (and instant) diagnosis of my particular weaknesses to the most wonderful transporting massage techniques. it was all just so blissful. you achieved the touch that very few people can manage, of making me feel entirely different in just a few minutes

Lauren Murdoch – Smith

WOW! I’d heard so many great things about your facials but no one can explain just how fantastic they are compared to experiencing them. You’re very talented and unique, I haven’t experienced a treatment like yours before and I get to try a lot! My mind and body feel like they have had an MOT – I can’t wait to come back!

Alessandra Steinherr

Best facial EVER. A unique face and well-being overhaul. Book with Marie Reynolds, a truly gifted and intuitive therapist.

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