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Bespoke Frequency Test

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Description: Bespoke Testing as discussed via Consultation with Marie Reynolds

How can it help you: This test will measure the frequency information of Bespoke testing that may be causing inflammation from over cultivation or frequency strains that may need amplifying. Further options are available of imprinting into a microchip  or distance therapy  along with homeopathic and supplement recommendation to aid detoxification and balance.

Where is the microchip placed: The Bicom Microchip can hold energetic information for up to 6 weeks. It is applied topically, via a sticky patch directly to the skin where required. The Microchip is not inserted into the skin.


Disclaimer: Our test techniques involves the use of the Bicom device which has been used worldwide by over 16,000 practitioners and has been in existence for over 40 years. We cannot say that we can diagnose conditions or recommend treatment, the test results are to be used as a part of the diagnostic process. We actively encourage a variety of options and would never discourage the use of your local doctor or surgeon. The information we provide may help them in their investigations. If your symptoms are recent and require urgent attention visit your doctor before applying for the test

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