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COL-MINO – 90 capsules

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Col-mino is a natural, high quality, bioavailable food supplement with colostrum, fish protein and beta glucans. As a complimentary addition to any healing strategy, Col-mino may provide continual support for the digestive system. Excellent to be used with Flora 12+ or Flora Synergy as total colon care or Alka C and MicroActive CoQ10  for optimum skin health and Collagen support.

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Bovine colostrum has been shown by scientific research to be completely
compatible with human physiology and also to be effective in improving the
outcome of a wide range of health conditions. The primary constituents of
colostrum can be divided into two classes.
1: Immune Factors – which support the immune system and form a defensive
barrier against harmful invaders such as viruses and bacteria.
2: Growth Factors – which help build and restore bone, muscle, nerve tissue,
connective tissue, skin and cartilage.
Protein is essential for most building blocks within the body. Manufactured
using a unique enzymatic hydrolysis process, the protein in Col-mino is broken
down into smaller peptides which the body can easily use. Our highly
absorbable fish protien contains 8 essential amino-acids and 10 amino-acids.
Beta Glucans are known as "biological response modifiers" because of their
ability to activate the immune system. They are also known to help maintain
the body's defence against pathogens. The beta glucan in Col-mino is gluten


3-6 capsules twice a day

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