Fifth Concept

Noetic Science looks at how energy effects matter, especially within the human form. In other words how thoughts and emotions effect the physical body. Every thought we have impacts our emotions, every emotion impacts the physical (you only have to think of a traumatic experience, what happens? heart rate increases, sickness in pit of the stomach) and every physical response impacts our behavior. Without doubt, one of the tell-tale signs of someone in a state of fear is the switching on of the fight or flight response, a question may be asked, or a statement said and it is absorbed through thought, emotions kick in – panic, anxiety, fear and the physical response will be sweaty palms, feet etc.

Every thing has a vibration – vibrations resonate at different speeds and as human beings we pick up vibrations, they affect how we feel, what we think and how we act. Chain reactions within the body happen as soon as negativity hits, this can be in the form of stress from environmental factors, emotional factors or physical factors for what has been inherited and experienced this has a direct impact on how you interact with others, how you deal with stress and how your body copes with trauma. What we experience from birth is placed in our body through ‘implicit tissue memory’ and we become hard wired into patterns that we feel can not be broken. Noetic Recovery is about re-wiring your thought patterns to influence behavior and lifestyle in turn bringing balance.

Every person is treated individually. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to this treatment. An initial first consultation is had which then directs Marie in what will best suit the needs of her patient. Noetic Recovery is a journey to Life Transformation, be it emotional, physical or simple lifestyle choices. Many have described Noetic Therapy as an experience as well as a treatment. The Fifth Concept is a deeply relaxing and beneficial to emotional, mental and physical well being.



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