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Inulin and FOS 280g Powder

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Inulin and FOS is a prebiotic soluble fibre that promotes bacterial growth in the gut. It enhances the absorption of Calcium and is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians. This product can offer health benefits to those who have unbalanced diets or disruptive bowel patterns.

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Inulin is a natural fibre found in many fruits and vegetables and used alongside FructoOligoSaccharides (FOS) , they promote gut and overall health through their fermentation by gut flora, to yield important metabolites, including lactic acid and the short chain fatty acids.

These metabolites help to maintain proper pH in the gut, discourage the growth of unfriendly bacteria, increase levels of bifidum bacteria, reduce the absorption of toxic ammonia and positively affect bone health by increasing the bioavailability of dietary calcium. Moreover, acetate, propionate and butyrate  (short chain fatty acids) promote the integrity of the intestinal cells lining the colon and promote healthy lipid metabolism.

Great for overall maintenance of the gut or as a relief from constipation.

Additional information

Weight 497 oz

Inulin (chicory) , Fructo-oligosccharides (FOS) (artichokes)

Nutritional Information

Per 100g
Energy: 646kj / 152kcal
Fibre: 95g

Per 20g
Energy: 126kj / 30kcal
Fibre: 19g


For general bowel health:
Basic Dosage. Initial Dose Maintenance Dose
Adults: 5g 10g
Children 3 yrs & over 2.5g 5g

To improve irregularity:
Initial 3 Day Dose Normal full Dose Maximum Daily Dose
Adults: 5g 15g 20g
Children 3 yrs & over 2.5g 5g 10g

NOTE: a heaped teaspoon = 5g

Dissolve in smoothies, juice or water.

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