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Colonic 360

Colonic 360


The ultimate in gut health maintenance - This therapy includes a Zyto Digestive Health Scan and Bioresonance with the Colonic Hydrotherapy to help balance possible stressors bringing gut homeostasis.


  • You must have a light meal two hours before your treatment
  • Please bring your own large towel.


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Colon hydrotherapy involves gentle, continual bathing of the colon by infusing warm filtered water into the rectum. This process enables the water to cleanse the large intestine, resulting in a gentle release. During the treatment, purified and filtered, temperature-controlled water is fed into the colon at a controlled rate. Although this process may sometimes be uncomfortable, it’s not painful. The Herrmann Hydromat is a state of the art colon hydrotherapy machine that cleanses the entire colon using filtered water and without the use of drugs or chemicals. The device is a “closed system” which affords a comfortable modern naturopathic procedure while maintaining the dignity of the individual. There is no open evacuation and no offensive odours. It is therapist assisted for effectiveness, comfort and most importantly, safety. The process involves warm filtered water being introduced into the colon via a disposable speculum that is gently inserted about an inch and a half into your rectum. The water pressure and temperature are carefully controlled, and all waste is removed discreetly by an independent corrugated plastic line through the machine via an internal observation tube with absolutely no mess or odours. This filling and emptying is repeated several times, and massage applied to your abdomen.

Colon hydrotherapy reaches the whole length of your large intestine, with the massage from your therapist helping to ensure you benefit from an effective cleanse. The Hydromat comfort has an added feature of being able to draw any gas out of the colon and discharge it internally through the waste line so creating a very gentle treatment and avoiding any embarrassment to the client. Unlike other devices, the Colon Hydromat device has a unique “locked-in” self-cleaning system and a wonderful LED feature to imprint the water to improve absorption, decrease inflammation and aid antibacterial benefits to the colon.

Colon Hydrotherapy aims to help with the following:
• Hydrating the colon
• Reducing the toxic overload
• Increasing vitality and performance
• Reducing sluggishness and bloating
• Detoxification, achieving a clearer complexion
• Kick starting a weight management programme
• Allergies and intolerances
• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
• Constipation and flatulence
• Diarrhoea
• Skin problems
• Headaches

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

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