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360 Pain Management


This therapy is a combination of all three modalities - Energy Therapy, Deep Oscillation and Lympatouch to target pain and discomfort from injury or existing conditions.

  • Further Information 
  • Energy Therapy is carried out initially to help assist the elimination pathways, reduce inflammation and pain, followed by a combination of both Lymphatouch and Deep Oscillation to increase blood and lymph flow.

    DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy utilises the same techniques as manual lymphatic massage (a very gentle massage technique, described in the next paragraph), but applied through gloves and with minimal pressure or no pressure at all, and is the most gentle massage technique available today. DEEP OSCILLATION® massage does not work by utilising hand pressure as normal lymph massage does, instead it stimulates tissue healing and lymph flow by the application of a safe and gentle electrostatic field that forms underneath the hand.

    If you have just had plastic surgery you are most probably in a lot of pain so you might be tempted to think that a massage treatment would make the pain worse and is the last thing you need. However, DEEP OSCILLATION® massage could be described as almost-no-touch massage and it is absolutely safe and effective, especially against pain, swelling and bruising. The treatment is totally painless - it actually decreases pain both during it's application and for the 2-3 days after, and is ideal for all types of surgery. DEEP OSCILLATION® is also used in hospitals to help the healing of burns and after any other type of surgery, including orthopaedic surgery, and for sports injuries by several sports teams around the world.

    DEEP OSCILLATION® technology allows us to offer an extremely mild yet very effective lymphatic drainage so that you recover much faster than normal after your operation. This is because it stimulates the body's own healing process and helps drain away excess fluid and tissue breakdown products that are formed during surgery. This treatment can be received once, twice or three times a week after surgery and it is also totally safe and effective.

    Contrary to popular belief, treatment after plastic surgery should be initiated as soon as possible after the procedure, as in all types of surgery, including orthopaedic surgery. Early initiation of post-surgery treatments is necessary if you want to maximise the benefits of your surgery. Starting treatment four weeks after the operation, as a small minority of uninformed plastic surgeons may advise, will not offer as good results as if you start immediately (3-5 days after surgery). In addition, starting four weeks after surgery, when you are pain-free, misses the whole point of post-surgery treatments, which is about reducing pain, bruising and swelling when it is at it's worst and when treatments are needed the most"

    Lymphatouch Therapy is a myofascial decompression therapy device precisely controlling negative pressure to increase lymphatic drainage, break down scar restrictions and release tight fascia.


    • Reduce oedema quickly and effectively
    • Pain free treatment – help reduce pain
    • Break down scar tissue
    • Increase ROM (Range of Movement)
    • Improve blood flow/collagen production



How it's done

  • STEP 1
  • Arrive at the clinic

  • STEP 2
  • Review of consultation and client needs.

  • STEP 3
  • Deep Oscillation or Microneedling, depending on age of scaring, Lymphotouch the Static Magnetic Therapy

  • STEP 4
  • After care given.