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Epic Skin Tool


The EPIC Skin Tool is a patent-pending instrument designed to maximize the performance of your skincare by promoting deeper penetration of active ingredients, without compromising skin health.

Human skin is an intricate layer of densely packed cells and lipids that act as a protective barrier between our bodies and the environment. This barrier is called the stratum corneum (SC). Many popular devices designed to increase product penetration either scrape away or perforate (microneedle) this important barrier, damaging the matrix of cells and lipids that keep our skin protected and healthy.

The EPIC Skin Tool maximises skincare benefits by significantly improving active ingredient penetration - without damaging the healthy skin barrier function.

    How does it work?

    Using the EPIC Skin Tool can safely increase product absorption by up to 30%, allowing deeper penetration of active ingredients. This means you’ll see optimum results from your skincare investment, faster.

    The precision shape and length of the intertwining pyramids on the rotating spheres of the EPIC Skin Tool create (temporary) micro-channels in a safe zone of the skin’s barrier. These micro-channels allow for dramatically improved product absorption without damaging lipids or compromising barrier function.

    Other devices intentionally go beyond this safe zone and wound the skin. This “skin wounding” technique was believed to stimulate natural collagen and elastin production and accelerate skin rejuvenation. The technique is now being challenged as we see more and more cases of “wounding” causing causing skin sensitivity, dehydration and long term damage to the barrier.

    The EPIC Skin Tool enhances penetration of all actives, including soothing or anti- inflammatory ingredients, so it can be used safely on most skin types, including sensitive. However, individuals with rosacea or those who over-exfoliate should proceed with caution. We do not recommend the EPIC Skin Tool for people with severe rosacea or dermatitis.

    How to Use 

    Start conservatively using the device only once a day until you can determine how stimulating your routine can be when EPIC Skin Tool is included. It is also advisable that you start with very light pressure on the skin, as if it is barely touching the surface as you roll it around the face. Increasing to twice daily use and using more pressure is something you can modify over the first week or two. At no time should there be pain using EPIC. Pain indicates you are applying too much pressure. That being said, the pyramids have a point to them and you will feel it as you roll the points over your skin.

    The best way to use the roller is to focus on a downward motion. EPIC is designed to gently grab the skin as you make a downward motion. It does not do this if you go in the opposite direction. On the forehead this is less important because the skin is often too taught to be pulled in.

    EPIC Skin Tool is meant to be used after the application of your serums once they have been applied and allowed to dry. Wet skin is not ideal because EPIC can slip and scratch the skin if you are not careful. Roll EPIC around the face, neck and any body parts you are trying to treat as EPIC can be used safely anywhere. You will want to lift it off the skin to roll the next zone. Remember that the space in between the rollers is the next zone so you only move it half the width of the rollers, or about an inch, so that the left roller is hitting the space in between the two rollers from the last pass. Be gentle on the nose  or skip it. Be gentle on the eyelids.

    STARTING AT THE TOP Always roll in a downward motion.

    • Forehead - 5 - 8 passes.

    • Temples - 2 passes each, follow along the orbital rim so that the motion goes from temples to the nose.

    • Eyelids - 2 passes each.

    • Nose - One roller going down the outside aspect of the nose on each side.

    • Cheeks - 3 passes on both sides.

    • Upper Lip - 3 passes.

    • Chin - 3 passes.

    • Jawline - 2 sideways passes moving from outside to inside. This hits about 1-2 inches below the jawline.

    • Neck - Everything beneath that on the neck is treated with downward motion, about 6-7 passes to cover the neck.

    • All other parts of the body can be treated always working downward towards the EPIC Skin Tool handle.

    Product Benefits
    • Weighted handle featuring hundreds of mini-pyramids that penetrate just beyond the lipid barrier.
    • Up to 30% more of a product’s active ingredients will penetrate deeper and perform more effectively.
    • 360-degree, angled rollers that gently glide over facial contours creating micro-channels in a safe zone.
    • Increases circulation, firms, and re-energises the skin.
    • Can be used safely anywhere on the face, neck, or body, and on most skin types. (We do not recommend the EPIC Skin Tool for people severe acne, rosacea, or dermatitis).
    • Supports lasting results at-home between professional treatments by enhancing any skincare routine for faster, more advanced results.

    Marie's Method

    The MRL range is intended for you to mix & match in order to maximise your ability to restore your body to its natural balanced state. For questions on how to pair products from the MRL range, please refer to our FAQs