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Orange Calcite Mixing Bowl


Orange Calcite is an incredibly energising and cleansing stone. It is believed to balance the emotions and release feelings of fear and anxiety. Calcite is powerfully cleansing energetically , and merely having some near you will clear the atmosphere of negative or harmful vibrations/electrosmog.

      Key Description
      This beautiful sculpted Orange Calcite bowl is the perfect implement to use for the MRL Mixology recipes. It can be used in the kitchen or as a decorative ornament.
      Please be aware the shade, markings and colour may vary as these are naturally occurring materials and are unique in each item.
      Diameter - 120mm
      Depth - 40mm
      How to Clean 

      This is a crystal so cleanse in hot salty water (Rock salt or Himalayan sea salt) If using oil in the bowl rinse in warm soapy water first then charge in salted water.



      Marie's Method

      The MRL range is intended for you to mix & match in order to maximise your ability to restore your body to its natural balanced state. For questions on how to pair products from the MRL range, please refer to our FAQs