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Vitamin B12 Single Shot (injection)

Vitamin B12 Single Shot (injection)


PLEASE NOTE: The online consult must be completed so that your injections can be approved and prescribed by our Doctor.

Vitamin B12 is the vitamin recommended if your energy levels are low, if you feel run down, stressed or tired, if you have aches and pains or have continual colds. These may be signs of a B12 deficiency.

Those who drink heavily or smoke may also have a B12 deficiency or if you follow a restricted diet.

B12 benefits include:

  • Combat‚Äôs fatigue
  • Energy boost as B12 assists in converting food to glucose
  • Boosts brain power memory & focus
  • Reduces risk of developing heart disease and cancers
  • B12 can boost metabolism assisting weight loss
  • Reduces anxiety & mood swings
  • Improves sleep
  • Improved appearance of hair skin and nails


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Therapy Description

Vitamin booster shots are injections that deliver high doses of vitamins via intramuscular infusions. They are a quick and effective method of introducing nutrients directly to the body's system, bypassing the digestive system and flowing into the blood steam for maximum absorption.

It is recommended you have a Vitamin B12 shot bi-weekly (every other week) but Angie will advise accordingly when you come to the clinic.

Therapy Process

1. Arrive at Clinic
2. Consultation carried out
3. Preparation of site (upper quadrant of buttock)
4. Injection
5. Aftercare


Marie's Method

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