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Marie has been dealing in Crystals for many years. They are dotted about in her home and clinic, in fact her clinic is built with Quartz powder in the foundations and adorned with crystals behind the walls within the insulation. Her 1,000 year old Olive Tree lives in a roundel made of crystals embedded in it.

The Shungite forms sold on this site include the beautiful Shungite bracelets, Shungite Pyramid, Shungite mobile phone tile and the raw Shugite.

  • Large White Sage Smudge Stick

    One of the ways to cleanse crystals is to smudge with sage sticks. Smudging is an ancient practice used in rituals to rid negativity—white sage smoke is used for purification of mind, body and spirit

    £12.00 Inc VAT
  • Shungite Braclet

    Beneficial to wear to aid the absorption of Electromagnetic toxicity fro phone, computers and  other 'electro smog' you may be exposed to.

    £20.00 Inc VAT
  • Shungite Pyramid

    Shungite is becoming in high demand for the absorption of EMF toxicity, also an incredibly healing stone. This small Shungite Pyramid is ideal to place infant of the WiFi router or computer.

    £25.00 Inc VAT
  • Shungite Rough Bag

    Rough Shungite can be placed in your bath or 4 -5  small pieces in drinking water to purify - not to be ingested.

    £30.00 Inc VAT
  • Small Quartz Facial Wand

    Quartz is known as the master charger and healer. This beautiful Quartz facial wand is a lovely to introduce your skin to facial tools

    £19.50 Inc VAT
  • MRL Copper Wand

    Copper helps repair cellular damage, it increases antioxidants in the skin via transdermal micro-nutrient absorption.

    £85.00 Inc VAT
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