Marie Reynolds London thank you. I have Rosacea and have just used this (Dermabiome), wish I had taken a before pic as the difference it's made to the redness is incredible. Wont be without this from now on. x


Oh the lovely Marie, she is just a magician.

Ez Dyer

Yass- another woman-boss that I am proud to call my friend and who is releasing a true skin healer! Congrats on launching DERMABIOME, a skin savior fro inflammation, rosacea, breakouts.. any kind of imbalances. Saved me on many occasions.

Alex Steinherr

I met Marie Reynolds a few times when she came to the college where I lecture. She is one of the most amazing women I have ever met! She was so helpful to me when I had some problems. xxx


Thank you SO much. WOW! it is amazing! Stupidly I didnt take a before picture but my skin looks much happier now! You're a genius! xxx


If I wasn’t excited enough to receive the Elixir & Reson8 @mariereynolds_london skincare products - she’s only gone & launched Dermabiome, an insane green skin food mask which supports imbalanced skin tackling #acne, #antiageing, #pigmentation, #scars, #eczema & more! THANK YOU skin queen Marie 💕#dermabiome


I daren’t put a picture of my face with the mask on, on Instagram. But my god this mask is insane! I’ve suffered with so many spots and cysts recently due to stress and your mask has literally calmed everything down and now my spots have gone completely. This is a miracle product, and I’m never going to be without it again. We have to thank @alexsteinherr for encouraging you to bring this to market because it’s amazing. I also love the fact you can put it under the eyes to help with dark circles... thank you so much xx @mariereynolds_london


So exciting!!! Well done! Ps) I CANNOT live without my epidermal blanket! Use it morning and night! And you’re so right... haven’t touched a moisturiser since!


You Genius thank you .... since visiting you @#mrlnorfolkclinic and experiencing the #masterlift facial and religiously using the Osmosis aftercare and the mind blowing Epiblanket my skin is glowing the compliments are flowing too 😌... I can’t wait to buy my Skinfood on my next visit ... well done Marie you Beauty 💕


Thank You SO much Marie, after my consultation I felt I was having a psychic reading and I was not expecting that! the fact you could tell so much in-depth stuff about me, makes me even more convinced how amazing you are. God bless you Marie, you have a heart of Gold, I swear I was supposed to find you xx

I recently purchased your Epidermal Blanket and I have to say I LOVE IT! I discovered you on Instagram and bought your stuff to help me heal post surgery - I swear your stuff has fine miracles!!

Just to give you an update my bloating is so much better, in fact I hardly get any now and I just feel much better in myself and not self conscious of my stomach so thank you

My skin is looking fabulous and that's only after two weeks! thank you so much.


I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when Marie recommended that this product could help my mood and my ability to deal with stress. It took me a few months to try it, but I have to say – I was completely surprised at the immediate difference I noticed the first week I took this product. I have quite a stressful job, and I noticed that I felt a much more balanced mood, a better attitude and a greater sense of calm.


“I had a really lovely session with Marie - it was the first experience I have had where I kept thinking "how did you know!!". Incredible.”

“I want to say a massive thank you for everything you recommended, my skin has improved so much and I really do appreciate it.”


“I want to say a massive thank you for everything you recommended, my skin has improved so much and I really do appreciate it.”


The last bits that you recommended for Jemima seem to have really helped her-can’t say a big enough thank you!!!


I took Alex's (Steinherr) advice last year after she first posted about Marie. What a woman! Ive been taking the 'Marie Reynolds special prescription' since January, after a nasty bout of flu and antibiotics and I have to say my skin is sooooo improved! More so then when I paid to have laser treatment.

Jade Harwood

You are the best Marie!

Natalie Brown

Amazing Marie - You're so knowledgable

Caitche Earley

You are the best!

Emma Brocklehurst

Such a fabulous lady and facialist

Jen Anstiss

Love Marie so much. An inspiration to us all.

Andy Millward – Facialist

I LOVE Marie Reynolds! one of the warmest and most beautiful people I have met.


She is my hero! and such a lovely person,

The Skin Warrior – Emma

She (Marie) is amazing and so generous with her time, had a few phone consultations and she has been so kind and helpful.


I just finished a consultation with Marie and highly recommend her services. Her holistic approach to wellness and skin health is unique to each individual. Thank you Marie!

Maggie Ann Schaetzel

Marie is great! Superb knowledge and a kind lady, I can't wait to get started on her recommendations.. Thank you for helping me today, greatly appreciated.

Caroline Bennett

I am just so happy. After two treatments my skin has completely changed. Lines have reduced, hydration is returning just feels and looks so much better. Why didn't we meet years ago. Counting the days until my next facial.
Thank you Marie

Kellie Broadway

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for taking the time to call me before my holiday, was such a pleasure to get to talk to you, the drops and supplements you recommend we’re amazing , will definitely be ordering more and I hope to come and see you very soon for one of your amazing treatments I keep reading about and the pictures in your posts , you truly are wonderful ❤️

Tamara Gilvray

Finished off my Sunday facial with this dreamy duo from the so, so lovely and ever so talented @mariereynolds_london Anybody looking to improve their skin, should give Marie a follow (her feed is full of wonderful advice) and try and bag yourself an appointment - you won’t regret it. My skin has never looked better. Marie believes in treating her clients not just with topical treatments, but looking at what’s going on, on the inside too. She is an angel!

Emma Brocklehurst

 @mariereynolds_london you are truly such a nice human being..inside and outside


Marie is a miracle worker. My skin has been transformed in less than a month.

Dawn McNight

Endopath (F) combined with the Magnesium supplements have quickly made a difference, Marie! Sleeping much, much better now! Thank you


'I have used the Epidermal Blanket for only two days and am already hooked!'

Tara Vasev – Fashion Magazine, Contributing Editor

‘Seriously love this! (Epidermal Blanket)  My skin already is looking more plump, toned and vibrant! That’s only one week in”


“I cannot put into words the comfort (so much more than comfort) that my skin felt when I applied the products (Epidermal Blanket). I have never experienced such a perfect match as if it was just what my skin always wanted - the vibration resonated perfectly!
Thank you for making these products. So grateful.”


Every situation is better with a little Marie Reynolds London

Katie Broad

I bought the Cosmedix cleanser Marie recommended for Sebhorreic Dermatitis.. it is brilliant! I love it, skin not as dry. Thank you!


Absolute genius of a lady! After suffering an awful outbreak, Marie made some recommendations and eight days later, my skin looks incredible!

Jen Anstiss

After your recommendation of Flora & col-mino my skin around my chin area is cleared..it has been only 10 days😳I am going to finish the course of 3 months as per your recommendation..I am ever so grateful 🙏You are the best in your field and the kindest person ever❤️


You have to try Marie Reynolds, she is the Queen of facials!

Sara Landau
I’ve been using the @mariereynolds_london Epidermal Blanket for a whole month now so I thought it was about time I gave an updated review on my website experience. I bought the Epidermal Blanket at a time I switched my sunscreen & felt I needed something extra underneath as I don’t normally wear a separate moisturiser.
The Epidermal Blanket is a system designed to mimic and support your skins natural barrier function, compromising of a lipid replenishing oil called Elixir, a hydro-gel serum called Reson8 and a stunning copper wand to aid lymph drainage and boost blood flow.
Elixir is a blend of Apricot & Marula Oil plus Vitamin E and essential oils of Frankincense, Rose & Neroli which Marie chose because of their ability to balance human cell frequency at 528MHz. Elixir feels like a lovely dry oil & absorbs really easily. You only need around 2-3 drops so it will last a very long time!
Reson8 is a blend of Arnica, Rosehip, Argan, Jojoba, Passion Fruit and Evening Primrose Oils Plus green tea, melon & Gotu Kola extracts with Aloe Vera and Glycerin with the same essential oils. It’s super cooling on the skin. Despite having a blend of oils, this feels like a very silky water-based serum with no oily residue and compliments Elixir beautifully.
A little while ago I reposted a post that said oils high in oleic acid can disrupt the barrier function in oily skins. Having used this for a month now I can honestly say Marula Oil is either the exception to the rule OR its the ways Marie has expertly formulated the products because I’ve used this twice a day for the last month and my skin feels more hydrated and more resilient since using it. One of the best bits is the cooling and sculpting facial Massage by using the copper wand to enhance product absorption and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Copper ions also have their own benefits to amplify cell energy.
The scent is absolutely stunning. For those who don’t like to essential oils then you probably wouldn’t like this, however I absolutely love it.


Andy Millward

“I'm day 3 of my new skincare regime.  I've never used a wash off cleanser before, I normally use cream, oil or balm cleansers so I was a little dubious about buying it. I decided to go with it and trust your recommendations.  OMG... Marie!!!!!! It took every scrap of makeup off!!!!! I didn't a know face wash could do that and it doesn't leave my skin feeling parched!”

“My skin is loving the products you prescribed to me.  The tone of my skin just gets brighter and more even toned, the redness on my cheeks is almost gone and I had an expression line between my eyebrows that I can only see if I squeeze by eyebrows together.!”


“You are right, it's a slow improvement, but an improvement in every respect. For the first time in a long while I don't mind doing a milk run in ACTUAL PUBLIC WITHOUT MAKE UP!”

A. C

“One thing I have notices through taking the supplements is a real improvement in the hydration aspect of my skin. It feels plumper and definitely been clearer and I haven’t had a single Rosacea flare up. For once I also feel my internal temperature gauge is working better! Texture wise I can definitely see a difference.”


“Just wanted to say a massive massive thank you. I have been on the gut health program and OMG I feel completely different. Didn't quite believe it when I was downing nearly 24 tablets a day but so pleased I did and so pleased I stuck to it. You are a legend! Next in my list is to come see you and have a master lift facial. I am now becoming skin obsessed again and haven't felt like this for years, you are truly a inspiration. My fibromyalgia has improved as well and that's in such a short period of time.”

Tracy P

I was fortunate to have been given a series of Bowen appointments with Marie by my extremely kind and generous boss.
I am a chronic migraine sufferer unwilling to take the daily prescription pills my doctor wanted me to take that would have left me feeling zonked out a lot of the time. I also felt as an artist that would have really affected my creativity, so it was just not an option I wanted to take.

The Bowen sessions with Marie have made such a difference to me at one point I went over 3 weeks without a migraine which was just amazing as I have had a migraine every two weeks for nearly four years now. Deeply relaxing and regenerative, they have made an almost impossible state of being, possible again and that is completely down to Marie's dedication, professionalism and sheer gifted ability.

I cannot recommend her more highly as I feel utterly blessed to have met her and to have been treated by her.


Marie Reynolds is a true skin therapy academic whose extensive skills and knowledge, teamed with her sincere down-to-earth personality and unceasing passion to make a difference make her a unique and incomparable expert, head and shoulders above her competitors. I have known Marie for 12 years and I have experienced her growth and expertise as she has talked me through how best to look after my skin, with the most effective and cutting-edge products and techniques. Marie is a real statesman of the beauty world who works tirelessly to help many people with not only skin issues but overall health and well being:  despite being called a celebrity therapist by the media, she refuses to be labelled because Marie treats all of her clients with the same regard and respect. She is not impressed by title but moved by the testimony of how she can help and support each one. She works late into the night consulting people and has willingly and freely mentored and helped hundreds of therapists who are quick to magpie all she has to offer. Her clients recognise her uniqueness and are loyal to her amazing treatments because we know there is no treatment nor therapist better. She is constantly upgrading her knowledge with her active pursuit and implementation of up-to-the-minute research. Consequently, she has helped me, my family and friends and many others with skincare and wellbeing. Marie promotes healthy aging, knowing that anti-aging is a foolish concept. She helps women age gracefully and look fabulous whilst doing so; embracing the wisdom and experience of age without losing the beauty through natural intervention. Marie is quite simple a diamond in the beauty industry; hard to the core for standing in what she believes in, yet beautiful inside and out, out sparking those around her, due to her relentless work ethic and drive for improvement.

Joanne T

I was fortunate to have been given a series of Bowen appointments with Marie by my extremely kind and generous boss
I am a chronic migraine sufferer unwilling to take the daily prescription pills my doctor wanted me to take that would have
left me feeling zonked out a lot of the time...I also felt as an artist that would have really affected my creativity....so it was just not an option I wanted to take.
The Bowen sessions with Marie have made such a difference to me...at one point I went over 3 weeks without a migraine which was just amazing as I have had a migraine every two weeks for nearly four years now. Deeply relaxing and regenerative...they have made an almost impossible state of being...possible again and that is completely down to Marie's dedication, professionalism and sheer gifted ability. - I cannot recommend her more highly as I feel utterly blessed to have met her and to have been treated by her.


I was very nervous allowing Marie to work on my shoulder as I had extreme pain. After my treatment I was completely pain free!! I could not believe it! I feel so much more relaxed.

Wendy G

I was suffering from a very painful right knee which caused me a great deal of discomfort at night, so bad that I had to take painkillers. I think this is arthritis but very painful. I had a session with Marie and expected a massage but was surprised to learn that not much pressure was applied, however that night I had a really comfortable night and no painkillers, I was amazed! I have since had a further two sessions and cannot believe the results, I am pain free, AMAZING!

Trina P

On my first session with Marie I was a little bit apprehensive about this as I had had no work done to my back in 18 months.
During the first appointment I had a very strange red hot burning sensation throughout my back. Something I had not experienced when trying other various techniques. It did leave me feeling stiff and sore for the first few days but towards the end of the first week that started to subside.
During our second meeting Marie explained that she would only carry out a few techniques due to the experience I had previous. During this session I didn't experience the hotness but afterwards I felt that I had some more movement in my lumber region than I had previously to starting treatment with Marie.
On our third and final session Marie continued where we had left off previously. At the end I felt a small improvement again in my lumber area.
I did find that only after 3 sessions it had helped me with some extra movement and others did notice that my standing and walking had improved.

Nathan F

I cannot have enough thanks to you for all you have done for my back. After just one treatment I felt an amazing difference.

David H

I am not quite sure if it is the treatment that has helped, or the fact that I am just able to rest for an hour. I do know that the tension in my chest and shoulders is significantly better, to me even if it is in the mind and I have no pain it is a benefit!

John M

Both my husband and I were a little skeptical when Marie explained Bowen could help with Dyslexia but we thought nothing ventured and agreed for Tillie to have the treatment. Not only was we shocked at how well Tillie relaxed but also how she took to the treatment. The fact she got her very first certificate while having this done is amazing, not sure if it is the Bowen or coincidence but it has had an improvement, we have also notice she has not been as clumsy. I am keen for Tillie to continue with the treatments.

Sheryl O

I entered into my first Bowen session knowing very little about the treatment or what it entailed, even after researching it myself! Marie broke it down and explained it to me in terms I understood and also thoroughly explained what she would be doing during the sessions. After my first session I wasn't expecting to feel much at all as the moves were so minimal but how wrong I was! For the first two sessions I had obvious side effects - feeling tired, generally unwell, nauseous. After the third session something just 'clicked'. I am a very highly strung and stressed person and I felt like a massive weight that had been on my shoulders for a few years just lifted! I entered into this treatment out of intrigue and would now say it will become a necessity. Marie's knowledge and professionalism makes me know I'm in very safe hands and the sessions with her are always the most relaxing hours of my week. Marie has made me feel more de-stressed and in control than I ever thought possible, I feel she has worked on a deeper level and has totally rebalanced my body during a particularly stressful time.

Sarah D

Before I started the trial Bowen treatments, I was suffering with shooting pains in my right buttock and sharp pains running down the right side of my leg. As I am 24 weeks pregnant I put it down to PGP, (pelvic groin pain.) This shooting pain would be intermittent, but would come at regular intervals, particular when carrying my toddler!
After the 3 sessions with Marie, I have not had any of the shooting pains! there is still a dull ache in my right buttock, but I am completely able to lift and carry, without the sudden jolts of pain that I had before the treatments.
The treatments themselves, were extremely relaxing, almost meditative! although, after the sessions, I didn't feel any immediate benefits, looking back to 3 weeks ago however, I am stunned and over the moon with the results. My body felt like it was starting to soften..a little too much and I was becoming growingly concerned that I wouldn't be able to carry my daughter or lift her, for too much longer. This concern has gone now and I feel confident when performing certain movements.


Thank you so much for my consultation Marie. I felt at ease with you immediately, you have a lovely, warm manner and are so incredibly knowledgeable about health and skin. I am excited to start my journey:) xxx

Amna N

Your advice helped me to choose the correct products and your insight is just absolutely astounding!

Resia P

Marie - Wow! What a perfect way to spend my day off and birthday. I have had treatments before but this was truely THE best facial and massage EVER! I feel totally relaxed and all the products felt and smelled to die for, you come highly recommended and I can see why. I will certainly be telling my peers and I’ll definitely be back, your experience is second to none!

Anna W

The word ‘facial’ simply does no do it justice! Incredibly relaxing but also a little unnerving - in a good way. It makes you think and reflect on what really makes you tick. Marie, you are clearly such a warm and giving person and it is a privilege to be in your company for 90 minutes. I hope to come away with even the smallest fragment of your kindness, positivity and insight. Many thanks for your genuinely, wonderful treatment

Fiona H

Marie I feel incredibly honoured to have had a facial with you. It takes a great deal of talent to make someone feel so at ease considering we had only just met. Not only are your techniques spot on but the way you can tap into an individuals genetic make-up is incredible and like nothing I have experienced. thank You!

Emma T

Darling! My new “must have Marie moment’ You have opened up my mind to the way I think and feel about Beauty treatments. It will be hard to get rid of me now!

Jo Glanville-Blackburn

I am amazed and in awe of the way you read my skin and feet - you could tell so much about me. It is a very humbling experience but also so much more reassuring and constructive than a classic ‘beauty’ facial. I feel calm and serene in the knowledge that the treatment I’ve received today in truly benefited me inside and out! Thank you for all your advice and wisdom and for helping me feel so relaxed at such an exciting and nerve wrecking time of my life

Sarah Tomczak

I didn’t know my feet talked so much! Thank you. All the truly great facials are by people with magic hands, real intuition and compassion and you are one of those people. I feel truly soothed, hope I will be able to hold onto that feeling until I see you again

Inge Van Lotringen

Thank you for being an amazing therapist and such a positive influence. your knowledge and outlook is truly inspiring and I am leaving here with a hundred times more positivity, calm and can-do! Thank you so, so much!

Jess Lacey

A  truely Holistic and fascinating treatment that stands out - and I should know I’ve had a few! Thanks for the home truths. lots learned. Skin looks great too!

Eve Cameron

I have worked in the beauty industry for over eight years and have had countless facials, massages and treatments but have never experienced anything like the treatment I have just had with Marie before. She has truly magic, healing hands. I think she was born to do this, her intuition is incredible, she had me sussed within two minutes of meeting her. in all, I have learned a lot of really helpful, practical tips. huge thanks!

Jess Tibbets

Some treatments leave you with a beautiful skin, others leave you with a real sense of peace and wellbeing - facial with Marie Reynolds achieve both. From a gifted massage to wonderful intuition that gets to the root of why your skin may be playing up, a treatment with her goes so much deeper than your average. It’s ‘therapy’ for the skin, body and mind. Not only is she a truly brilliant facialist but she is also warm, wise and a lovely person, so it is a pleasure to spend time on her treatment table

Emine Rushton

That was just sensational, Thank you so much- from your unnervingly accurate (and instant) diagnosis of my particular weaknesses to the most wonderful transporting massage techniques. it was all just so blissful. you achieved the touch that very few people can manage, of making me feel entirely different in just a few minutes

Alice Harte Davis

WOW! I'd heard so many great things about your facials but no one can explain just how fantastic they are compared to experiencing them. You're very talented and unique, I haven't experienced a treatment like yours before and I get to try a lot! My mind and body feel like they have had an MOT - I can't wait to come back!

Lauren Murdoch – Smith

Best facial EVER. A unique face and well-being overhaul. Book with Marie Reynolds, a truly gifted and intuitive therapist.

Alessandra Steinherr