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Into the Cytokine Storm

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Into the Cytokine Storm

With the COVID 19 pandemic creating Worldwide devastation, there are many of you wondering what this term ‘Cytokine Storm’ means.

First let us establish what cytokines are. Cytokines are cellular proteins that act as messengers between cells, they have specific roles and functions and there are different variations, depending on what actions they have or what cell they are produced from. Cytokines are integral to the immune system and our bodies response to pain, disease and inflammation, they bind to immune cells to aid in fighting disharmony. There are different  immune cells that release cytokines related to them

However! we can over produce cytokines, when our bodies are under attack it can result in the opposite creating further imbalance and dis-ease within. The immune reaction goes into overdrive, which is where this terminology ‘Cytokine Storm’ comes into play.

Make sure you boost your immunity, I have included some pointers in a blog post recently. It is important to also not overthink the worst, make sure you follow the strict guidelines of social distancing, personal hygiene, eating clean and boosting the immunity. Most important is you're mental and emotional health. The that are isolating alone and finding it tough and lonely, please make sure you reach out to someone. With smart phones and the internet it is a lifeline to many, being the only way to connect with our loved ones. If you know of anyone on their own or who are vulnerable, do your best to reach out to them and see how we can all unite in a safe and supporting way.

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