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Biofeedback Scan & Metatherapy with Vital Air Activated Oxygen


Biofeedback technology assesses energetic information in the body. These clues can give an overall picture of possible energetic imbalances in the body which may be restored through Metatherapy, allowing homeostasis, the body's internal state of balance, to occur.


  • Further Information
  • Activated Oxygen Therapy is a safe and easy method of improving oxygen levels within the body, at a cellular level. It also provides a gentle detoxification, helps stabilise the autonomic nervous system and improves one's anti-oxidant status. A wide range of symptoms and conditions have so far been supported and helped by this treatment. Since this therapy works at a cellular level within the body and does not specifically target any particular symptom, it can be helpful to anyone undergoing treatment for a chronic condition, or wanting to optimise their health and minimise the effects of ageing

    Physical manifestations of feeling unwell or out of sorts is often misunderstood and in many cases symptoms can be totally unrelated to where pain is located. With Biofeedback technology, the energetic information of the symptoms in the body are shown as clues and can give us an overall picture of possible frequency strains that may be causing imbalance.

    You must bear in mind that the Biofeedback Body Scanner IS NOT a medical device and any health issues or concerns you must seek the advice from your Medical Practitioner immediately.


How it's done

  • STEP 1
  • Arrive at the clinic where an in-depth consultation will take place

  • STEP 2
  • The Biofeedback Scan will commence - this involves wearing headphones that has a sensor attached to pick up energetic balancers and stressors.

  • STEP 3
  • A nasal cannula is fitted to allow the Vital Oxygen to flow at the same time as therapy occurs

  • STEP 4
  • Metatherapy is given to support the body's healing process.

  • STEP 5
  • Aftercare and follow up advice given