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Brush Strokes

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Brush Strokes

Being a skin therapist I am constantly being asked advice on how to improve skin conditions from dehydration to acne. Now, of course skin care and treatments as well as the Noetic side of things play a huge role in the skins behavior BUT why is it that as soon as the moisturizer and SPF is applied it is taken for granted the skin is sorted and anything applied after won’t impact.

Make up brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and bugs, how often do you clean your brushes?

I always check in on snap chat and the like whilst having my morning cuppa. I was due to clean my brushes when I saw my gorgeous friend Really Ree’s  snap chat her brush cleansing routine, it not only reminded me to do mine but prompted me to write this post.(Check out her website, if you want to be the first to know about any new launches she is the girl to follow!)

So what are the perils of dirty make up brushes?

There are millions and trillions of nasties that live on the skin and in the eyelashes. They love warm, moist homes filled with bacteria to thrive and multiply. If your brushes have been left for a time without being cleansed they will not only have a collection of dead skin cells and bacteria but also dust and mites, this will be transferred to your make up then back onto the skin. Doing this daily will accumulate bacteria and dirt contributing to cosmetic acne. There are so many techniques to apply foundation many working into the skin with a brush, think of what you are actually pushing into your skin – ewwww!

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Lip and eye liner brushes can also transfer infections like herpes, pink eye and conjunctivitis, throw away brushes if you have an infection, it’s worth investing in new ones. Change your mascara regularly, minuscule mites live in eyelashes and are hopping between mascara and lash, however much you love your friends do not share your mascara!

Your brushes a thorough clean three times a week, have some tissues and some brush cleanser on the dressing table and just give them a quick wipe after every use in between times. Wipe the surface of your blushers, bronzers and lipsticks although it may only be you using them you could still transfer germs from a cold.

Ree has a great blog post on the Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel  which is dermatology tested, the last thing you need is to destroy your brushes and cause further sensitivity. Apart from the obvious fact that a clean brush makes for a healthy skin if you have residue make up from previous applications you wont get the best finish for blending or contouring.

So next time you look at your face to apply your make up, ask yourself, would I use a dirty dish cloth to apply my foundation because you may as well do if you have never cleansed your brushes.

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