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The Beautiful You

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The Beautiful You

Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder that may be true, after all we all have our superficial likes and dislikes. What one person finds attractive another may not necessarily so.

Society places high importance on aesthetic appearances, from flawless complexions to white teeth, plump lips, glossy flowing locks, false nails and a size six figure with an ample bosom, it is society that is obsessed with the physical beauty. Even more so now with the latest make up, skin fads and hair styles poured out over social media and you tube. (although I think watching the odd tutorial is a great way to get tips and encourage you to try new ideas)

Is that what beauty is really about? is that how we measure beauty in a woman?

Woman was created in a soft and gentle form, to be attractive is something that comes in many shapes and sizes; the physical aspect of a woman is only a small piece of the puzzle. The way a woman carries herself, they way she dresses, her elegance, her laughter, her intelligence, her interaction with others, the way she looks at her child, her compassion to others, her voice, her sense of humor, her kindness, graciousness and understanding are to list just a few.

A truly beautiful woman is not one who is attractive on the outside but on the inside also, a woman’s outer beauty soon fades if the inner beauty does not match. It is within every individuals grasp to become beautiful, both men and women. Men also have pressure to be accepted in their social circles as well as attracting the opposite sex so it is not all on us girls!

Beauty to me is a mindset, being involved in the beauty industry can actually highlight the ugliness of the superficial mask and the pressure it can place on people. I have clients that have genuine skin concerns and some who literally have the most flawless skin but BELIEVE they are unattractive.

Confidence makes a person beautiful, not to be confused with arrogance that is an ugly characteristic that can  make the most attractive individual a hideous being!

I have a teenage daughter who I am incredibly proud of, she has grown into such a beautiful, confident young woman. She has had her fair share of emotional torments from her peers about looks, especially when she had braces but she has always shrugged it off and held her head high, perhaps its my #HUTOMO philosophy that has helped (Heads Up Tits Out March On) but she can certainly hold her own in intelligence, sense of humor, kindness and humility that is what makes her beautiful, the fact that she is an attractive girl is secondary.

Social media gives a platform for people to spew throw away comments at how people look, how ugly they are but I think it says more about the individual who would think and say things like that. Unfortunately there are people on the receiving end of those comments that absorb and get damaged mentally and emotionally. We can’t control things like this happening in life, there are always going to be the type of people about who thrive on bringing others down but you can control how it affects you! You are ultimately in control, your mindset is something you CAN re-route. Your thoughts and attitude towards YOU are deep rooted and they will grow and reflect into how you are perceived, so make sure you accept you for YOUR beauty!

If you would like some tips and advise on how to re-route your mindset book in for a consultation with me at my London or Norfolk practices. You will be surprised how a few changes in your thought process can change your attitude to life!

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