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What is in your Food?

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We have been bought up on a whole selection of processed foods with the use of artificial chemicals to enhance everything from taste and appearance to shelf life, you can no longer take it for granted that...

WARNING!!! Check your Moles (Graphic images) #Safetyinbeauty

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This post is a difficult one to write as it is very personal to me. I have been asked to write this on behalf of a very brave woman who is a family friend and...

Pregnancy Skin

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Pregnancy draws on all resources from the body to enable the unborn child to develop into a healthy, bouncing baby. The skin during pregnancy also has immense changes ranging from breakouts, pigmentation, dehydration and oily...

Invest in the GREENS Party

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No this is not part of a Party Political Campaign – but it IS a shout out for the fabulous Energetix Green Essence Concentrate – I am SO excited about this product, I am always advising clients...

And Sleep……..

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A little while ago now, I had the pleasure of spending a morning with the Britain’s leading Beauty Journalists, I was Guest Speaker at The Berkeley Hotel speaking about why sleep is important for the...

The Transgender Tag!

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Debates on professional and non professional social networking sites are something I avoid, however, a particular debate recently lured me into the gladiator arena with my net and trident. The question : Is it acceptable and...

On The Nose

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The sense of smell is one that evokes emotion, it is an amazing sense that can instantly throw our minds back to a specific place and time in our memories, it can associate us with...

A Royal Pain in The Butt!

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Butt pain is caused by many factors (including the odd irritating individual), ranging from Sciatica, Arthritis, Muscle Strain, Piriformis Syndrome, neighboring pain from a previous injury in the back or legs or even something as simple as having something like a wallet or keys in the same back pocket. 

Say NO to the ‘Anti’ of Ageing

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The relationship we have with ageing is a state of mind, it is our own personal attitude with it. Yes, we have major differences in our skin due to experiences, diet and chemical changes but mentally this should be looked upon as growth into an individual who is LIVING.