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Qi Beauty Lift with Energy Therapy & Vital Air


Please Note: This treatment is for the Norfolk Clinic NOT London Clinic

Qi (pronounced chi) is the universal life force to all living matter - it is required to ignite life into our cells, enabling good communication and flow of energy. As we age Qi becomes deficient or stagnant or can become in excess causing inflammation. These are all indications of Qi imbalance, which does naturally occur as we age. Qi Beauty have developed a unique method of using Qi micro technology which are gold coated micro-magnets placed strategically along meridian pathways to raise cell signalling. This allows the cells to self repair, detoxify, oxygenate and restore a healthy metabolism. Collagens, elastins and healthy bio-fluids move upwards influencing stem cell activity and skin immunity.

  • Further Information
  • BICOM bioresonance therapy is a non-invasive, gentle therapy making it suitable for children and babies and even sensitive patients. Therapy on a bioresonance machine does not cure an illness; it assists the body to reduce its energetic toxin or stress load and so helps to restore ‘self-regulation’, allowing the body to heal itself. It is best known for environmental stress factors that may be contributing to a person’s illness, such as ‘electrosmog’, radiation, parasites and other pathogens. Some common symptoms where environmental stressors are at play include general aches and pains, tiredness, digestive upsets, skin blemishes or just a general feeling of “not being quite right”.

    Activated Oxygen Therapy is a safe and easy method of improving oxygen levels within the body, at a cellular level. It also provides a gentle detoxification, helps stabilise the autonomic nervous system and improves one's anti-oxidant status. A wide range of symptoms and conditions have so far been supported and helped by this treatment. Since this therapy works at a cellular level within the body and does not specifically target any particular symptom, it can be helpful to anyone undergoing treatment for a chronic condition, or wanting to optimise their health and minimise the effects of ageing. Click here for more information

How it's done

  • STEP 1
  • After a full consultation and explanation of treatment, an energetic assessment will commence.

  • STEP 2
  • Bioresonance therapy will then begin, so too will your facial treatment.

  • STEP 3
  • Lymphotouch to the face & neck to clear metabolic waste

  • STEP 4
  • After thorough cleansing the application of the Gold micro magnets will be placed in a strategic matrix.

  • STEP 4
  • LED is applied & The Vital Air nasal cannula will be applied to allow activated oxygen to flow.

  • STEP 5
  • The treatment is completed with MRL serums and hydrators and an SPF.

  • STEP 6
  • After therapy you will be given some water to hydrate and given after care advice