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Medical Ozone Dental Insufflation


Dental Insufflation is the gentle introduction of ozonel. There are many pathogens in the mouth and teeth, with dental insufflation, ozone has the ability to sterilise, along with the possibility of stimulating growth factors necessary for healing and repairing. Ozone may also help sinus infections, blockages, and issues. It is believed that the effects of ozone are able to travel throughout the sinus cavity through the tubes connecting the ear and sinus.

The Mouth guard is 100% sterile and ozone resistant, it contains no latex and is DHPE free

This tray is designed to fit nearly every size of mouth and locates in either the lower or upper jaw and is supplied in sealed and sterile packaging

The tray can be used for whitening the teeth, killing bacteria after tooth surgeries, periodontitis, and several other dental applications

Inactivates and kills bacteria, protozoa, yeast fungi, and virus
May improve circulation
May decrease inflammation
May improve oxygen efficiency and usage
May increase energy
May stimulate growth factors in the gums
May decrease brain fog and stimulate positive effects in the brain



    This treatment is only available at the Norfolk practice.

    • Therapy Process
      • Ozone Therapy is used to provide beneficial health benefits to the body along with implementing it as a preconditioning therapy - a preventative measure for overall wellbeing. 
        Ozone O3 delivers super enriched oxygen at a cellular level and may help to optimise cell function, thus increasing energy levels. It may also boost and balance immunity; it may improve blood circulation, harmonise hormones and enhance nervous system.

      • Therapy Contraindications and possible side effects                                                                                    
        • Ozone Allergy    
        • Asthma
        • Any respiratory issues                                                                                                          
        • Citrus Allergy
        • hyperthyroidism
        • transplanted organ

        Possible side effects

        • Herxheimer reaction, where ozone quickly kills off bacteria and byproducts are produced, causing irritation, discomfort and inflammation.
        • Ozone begins to remove blockages in the ears
        • An ozone allergy or sensitivity

        Always refer to your Medical Practitioner if you are unsure if it is safe for you to proceed with Ozone Therapy

      How it's done

      • STEP 1
      • After a full consultation and explanation of treatment, the area will be cleansed.

      • STEP 2
      • A silicone tipped stethoscope will be applied to the ears 

      • STEP 3
      • Ozone is introduced to the water flask which then introduced hydrated Ozone to the ears

      • STEP 4
      • Therapy takes 15 minutes

      • STEP 5
      • Aftercare is given.