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HBOT Session with Energy Therapy



Experience naturally-driven healing with a HBOT Session and Energy Therapy. Our unique combination of Hyperbaric Chamber therapy and remote energy therapy helps re-establish homeostasis, allowing your body to experience natural, healing and rejuvenation. Each session increases oxygen levels in the body up to 6 times the normal level, allowing for optimal healing and health.

This HBOT Session and Energy Therapy is designed to help restore imbalances in the body, resulting in improved overall wellbeing. Our technique supports greater energy flow and helps to clear energetic blockages that prevent full body function. By addressing energy imbalances in the body, it can help improve the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of the individual.

Please look at the FAQ's for more information

Please note this therapy is done at the Norfolk Clinic


  • Bookings and enquires are made via this link as you will need to complete safety screening documents prior therapy. If you have any underlying medical conditions we will need a Physician Statement from your GP
  • You must have a light meal two hours before your treatment
  • Before your session
  • You must adhere to the following upon each HBOT session:

    • Notify us if you are currently experiencing any cold, flu, sinus infection, ear infection or Covid symptoms
    • (Female) Notify us if you think you may be pregnant or trying to conceive 
    • Do not wear any synthetic clothing ( Cotton clothing only - it gets a little warm inside the chamber so cotton T-shirt or vest with cotton leggings or shorts and cotton socks are ideal)
    • Do not use any cologne or fragrance
    • Remove jewellery
    • Do not wear any lip balm, lipsticks or oils on your skin, or any hair products (gels, hairsprays)
    • Remove nail polish
    • Make sure you have eaten prior your HBOT session
    • If you are Diabetic, make sure your insulin medication has been taken
    • No mobile phones or electronic devices will be allowed in the chamber
    • No books or paper will be allowed in the chamber
    • If you are anxious or have any concerns you will notify us
    • If there is any change in your medical history you will notify us.