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Aesthetician Not Magician

publicado por Marie Reynolds el
Aesthetician Not Magician

It is so lovely to have such wonderful feedback from my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter followers regarding the fabulous before and after pictures of my clients. However, I have to say that it is not down to me, well not just me. I only point my clients in the right direction of how they can achieve the optimum results, those that listen and take the advice, get great affects, it is as simple as that.The problem is there are so many people I consult via the telephone, in clinic or over skype that believe that seeing images on line from my work that there is an instant ‘quick fix’ that involves no patience or investment.

First of all I am not a beauty therapist the treatments I do are corrective and repair DNA to heal the skin and maintain healthy ageing be it in your twenties, thirties, forties and on – I am an Aesthetician, a skin care and wellness therapist. I do not believe in aggressive quick fix treatments or ingredients that can denature melanocytes, impair lipid function and damage the skin in general. My method is very much less is more, introducing intelligent ingredients that work with the skin to offer support, repair and strength, this will in turn give amazing results. The products I use, I do not like to refer to as ‘skin care’ as this, to me is a general term used by the beauty industry to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate – to give general maintenance. The ingredients used in the skin product I use are to form a treatment program they are a higher level of intelligent ingredients to give change in skin conditions for the better.

Another factor to take into consideration is the internal factors, I not only place my clients on a skin care program but a wellness program involving more often than not gut cleansing with supplements. The gut and the liver are just a couple of the organs I negotiate with to improve immune response and skin health.

So that is where I stand on my side, I always ask clients – what are your skin care goals? what  do you wish to achieve?

The realistic level of skin care goals do not match the investment in time and money factors. Yes, skin care goals can be achieved but many people look to their skin care therapists and wonder why they have not got the results they wanted when they do not invest in the home care program (which is crucial to continue the clinic treatment) or re-book treatments or follow the advice given.

I had a client come in to me because she had read in a magazine about the treatment and loved the before and after pics, before I even had a chance to ask her name and address, she launched into me saying ‘I smoke, I drink, I lay in the sun and I do not use any skin care so don’t bother telling me to start”  at which I said ‘ You can carry on doing all of the above but you can then not expect me to give you the result you want – that is down to what your prepared to invest, so if you have no intention to cut down or introduce a skin program you will be wasting my time and your money by even staying for the consultation’ She did end up staying, she ended up completing a course of treatments, she even continues to this day investing in her home care program and has cut down on what she knows is going to harm her skin. She had an amazing before and after on her first treatment and that is what gave her the motivation to continue.

I have emails daily of people sending in photographs of their skin for advice and when it’s given, they don’t want to invest in  products that will start the corrective journey, yet still they ask how can they reduce redness, pigmentation or acne scaring! It will not happen with just a cleanser!

The before and afters shown here are of a beautiful young lady I have been treating for a while – her acne was very severe and her parents were very concerned about her using Roacutane, it was at times very tempting for her to use, as without doubt it is a ‘quick fix’, acne can cause social shaming and emotional traumas so I can totally understand why people turn to it. Over the course of treating my client I have always been at the end of the phone and emails to guide her on this journey. There have been times her parents have been in touch at their wits end as to what to do but they stayed strong and supported their daughter through the program to get this result without the need of Roaccutane. Her strength and courage to get through the difficult days has been humbling, even through the awful time when the skin purges making the lesions more aggressive and pustular and she still stuck it out. We still have a little way to go but we can see the light. I am not a therapist that believes as soon as my client leaves the clinic, that’s it until I next see them, especially when they are going through specific skin conditions, it is so important to be there for support and guidance because conditions like rosacea, acne or melasma will take time to correct – it certainly is a marathon not a sprint!

Changing the skin to better health can be life changing, unfortunately it does come at a cost but put things into prospective – how much would you pay for new shoes? new bags? make up and perfume?  invest in your skin! it is the only one you have, look after it and it will look after you!

So the amazing, beautiful comments are for my clients who have faith in me, the temerity and courage to push through even when the skin is having huge temper tantrums, to those who invest with their time and financially, listening and taking on board what is required to get the optimum results and committing to the program!  – Thank you for believing in me xx

There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in doing something, you can only do it when it’s convenient. When you are committed to something, you except no excuses only results!

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