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Atopic Dermatitis and possible links to Covid-19

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Atopic Dermatitis and possible links to Covid-19
Over the last two years I have been treating many people with the after effects of Covid-19. Poor energy levels, brain-fog, tinnitus are among the symptoms but there has been a rise in Atopic Dermatitis cases. Flare ups around the eyes and either sides of the nose are most common. 
The first initial response are individuals thinking they may have an allergic reaction to skin products or glasses. The linear thinking that the skin is only reflecting what it has applied on it topically, is a very common one. As I always say, the skin is a reflection of what is happening within, a full stop at the end of the sentence!
We know that AD (Atopic Dermatitis) was a problem to front line workers during the pandemic with  increased instances of skin irritation because of prolonged use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the chronic levels of stress that exacerbates AD BUT looking further than the linear, we can see possible clues as to why there may be further increases in cases.
In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Energy Medicine, the human body is every changing and ever evolving with numerous factors, patterns and influences. The first line of defence in energy medicine is the defensive qi, this stops invasion of viruses, bacterias and other pathogens from invading the internal environment. Obviously we are bombarded and depending on underlying causes, stressors and female monthly cycles, how strong the defensive qi is.
The brutal wave of Covid-19 clearly plays a huge role on the immune system, especially the five Immunoglobulins known as IgG, IgA, IgD, IgE, IgM.
In relation to AD IgE is at play. IgE is involved in allergic reactions via the sensitisation of mast cells, resulting in the release of histamine, lipid mediators, and cytokines.  We also know that the spleen and the large intestine play a huge role in our immune system, so energetically we start to have a pattern. The Lungs also are compromised with respiratory stressors and the lungs are also linked energetically to the lungs.
The pattern I look at is as follows:
  • First look at the site of where the AD is on the face - the area around the eyes link to the spleen, the area either side of the nose link to the large intestine
  • The lungs supply defensive qi and body fluids to the skin and muscles - if affected with the infection this is impaired
The Opening Channels program is of course always recommended to re-set and replenish the whole system. Other things recommended are, Isopathic Phenolic Rings (phenolics are sensitive compounds that react in allergic conditions) - diet needs to be looked at and of course how you are pooing! 
Hydration is key - Spectramin & Rehydration give intracellular hydration. Increase in Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Fungi Fusion is a great immune booster along with Defend 
Topically I would wholly recommend to strip right back and use Anoint until initial flare has decreased and then follow with the recommended routine.
Distance Energy therapy has been very effective in treating skin inflammations. All physical manifestations begin energetically! If you would like futher information, please book in for a consultation
Please always consult your GP if you have any concerns with disease.

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