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Did you hear the one about Skin Care Ingredients?

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Did you hear the one about Skin Care Ingredients?

We are surrounded with a minefield of skin care products, even the latest blog and vlog entries entice us with the feedback of the trend facial wash or moisturizer BUT very few actually tell you about the  hidden nasties they may hold. The consumer tends to buy into the marketing and hype surrounding the brands that churn out product after product and that is what many of us get drawn into like the snake off of Jungle book hypnotizing its prey.

I recently wrote a post for Really Ree about MY ingredient blacklist, which caused a bit of a stir on Twitter, as there are SOME who are pro the ingredients I am against.  There are as many points for using an ingredient as there are against, while there are statements saying there is no evidence or backing to the reports of toxic substances found in human tissue, I think you may find through research there are. Everyone should have informed choices, they should be able to read whats out there and choose from the information given.

My argument with manufacturers is why? Why use ingredients that are cheap and bulk out a product when there are BETTER alternatives? Why use them if they can be avoided??

This is an excellent video explaining just that, it is not scare mongering, just facts that educate you to make wiser choices. 

I CHOOSE to use products WITHOUT Parabens, SLS and many other nasties and I have to say working in the Professional Skincare Industry MY opinions and beliefs come from years of hands on experience of the reactive nature of products with these unnecessary ingredients on the skin and how they can cause implications when used in conjunction with advanced treatments, this is called EMPIRICAL RESEARCH – (research based on experimentation or observation (evidence)’). Implications including the negative effects on TEWL, lipid barrier, sub cutaneous reactions etc etc, I have seen and treated hundreds of clients that have had adverse reactions to topical products with said ingredients and placed them on programs without said ingredients, low and behold had amazing results.

I am in fact working with a young woman who has spent years using products with toxic ingredients in them, along with products prescribed by Dermatologists including topical steroids and hydrocortisone treatments and it has left her with severe damage to her skin. I will write a post on her journey and you will see from my own research of treatments, results-driven skin care, diet and lifestyle advise how she has progressed, not only physically but emotionally and mentally.  I feel I am therefore within my rights to express my opinion, not just spout out results from stats posted.

Fact is this, you can get sucked into the hype of the skin care industry but if you want healthy results then look at the ingredients you are feeding your skin. I read on a networking group this fantastic analogy, I think it sums it up “You wouldn’t strip or place toxic substances on  topsoil to grow healthy produce, it’s the same with our skin”.

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