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Eczema is a B-itch

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Eczema is a B-itch

As a child I suffered with Eczema, I know to well the feeling of the constant infuriation of not quite satisfying the incessant itch Eczema brings, regardless of the stinging, burning pain you inflict upon yourself.  The more you scratch the more you itch – I used to tear my skin away, exposing  the weeping underbelly of the skin when, at last the itch seemed to be satisfied and the burning pain of the injury caused would set in.

It was not until I understood the mechanics of Eczema and the links it has with the lungs that my condition improved.
In Oriental Diagnosis the skin and the lungs are brother and sister organs. If the lungs are ‘stressed’ i.e. allergies, asthma, hay fever, smoking, then the skin, including energetic blockages from inherited factors may present itself in the form of  Eczema/Psoriasis type conditions. The lungs are also heavily influenced through emotional trauma which in turn triggers these skin conditions, so this links to how we deal with stress with environmental, dietary and emotional factors.

Oriental Diagnosis looks at Psoriasis as those who hold on to their emotions, known as  silent sobers. These individuals tend to lock down emotion and do not cry easily causing the skin to react. When my clients come in to see me and I see a lung meridian weakness, I immediately know what time they wake in the night and can tell they are eczema sufferers. The body is a wonderful book to read!

Topical applications that greatly improve eczema and psoriasis are products that contain Colloidal Oatmeal, it has an anti itch, anti-inflammatory and ultra hydrating action. Borage Seed is another great product, it has high amounts of GLA (gamma linaloic acid) an Essential Fatty Acids. Vitamin C complex with Hyaluronic Acid is another healing product.

Restore has a hemp based protein and an eight strain probiotic of which have anti inflammatory actions and also work with the skins TEWL (trans Epidermal Water Loss) adding a table spoon to the bath or applying directly to affected area is very helpful and has been shown to help many, including babies. Add Anoint Daily and include Repair+ as a supplement daily. You can also mix Repair+ with Anoint to apply to facial eczema. Another beautiful addition would be the new Butter Balm, abundant in rich essential fatty acids, soothing, nourishing and healing to the skin.

Diet is key here, reduce dairy produce, we need to look at eliminating foods that are mucus forming and place strain on the respiratory system as well as a possibility of fungal overgrowths which can exacerbate these conditions. Eradic8 and Catalyst C are advised for extra support here.  The Chinese say “If the skin looks like the fish (scaly), then turn to the fish for help” increase in oily fish rich in Omega 3. Swedish research showed that by introducing fish into the diet of a baby before the age of nine months, reduced the chance of developing Eczema significantly. Make sure you are well hydrated – intracellularly – Spectramin and Rehydration taken daily is recommended .

Finally look at the way you are breathing, a simple thing – something we continually overlook but has a massive impact on our whole body, especially our skin. If we shallow breath, we are only utilising a third of our lung capacity, meaning our vital organs are not oxygenating properly and the last place to receive any nutrients and oxygen after the vital organs is our skin, the largest organ of the body. So take time to focus on breathing, controlled deep tummy breathing. You will be surprised how it calms anxiety and benefits the skin!

Nettle Tea has fantastic anti inflammatory actions. It not only has great health benefits but it is also so beneficial to the lung meridian which is effected in hay fever season and can cause out breaks of eczema. Nettle Tea is abundant in vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, essential amino acids and proteins. 

Make sure the airways are clear and clean, especially where allergens are concerned. Look at a Net-e-pot and cleanse the nasal passages with a drop of Spectramin in water and place some shea butter on the inside of the nose so the pollen does not travel to far into the nasal cavity.

The below images are taken while using Restore, introducing a probiotic and omitting certain foods including dairy. If breastfeeding there are also things that can be done, the mother must also cut dairy and there are some little things that can be added onto the breast before baby latches on but that would need a consultation!


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