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How can we support our Immune System?

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How can we support our Immune System?

With the immense pressure placed on our health services during the COVID 19 nightmare, the absolute best we can so to support them is to make sure we look after ourselves as best we can.

Social distancing, of course will help alleviate the pressure and being infected may be out of our control but boosting our immunity is not! We can do small things to help support our immune system systems so we can reduce the risk of contacting the virus, at the very least allow our bodies to be strong enough to fight it.

The following are tips and remedies you can include to help.

Washing hands for 30 seconds, cleaning your mobile phone surfaces regularly should be standard.

First and foremost is eat clean! Remember what we put in our bodies is fundamental for wellbeing, if your eating rubbish, drinking soft drinks, alcohol then this not only places a strain on your immune system but increases toxicity and crates acidity in the body.

The throat is the first line of defence, making sure you are protecting the throat and nasal passages by doing salt washes. Get a nasal wash bottle and make a solution of cooled boiled water with 7 drops of Spectramin . Lean head over sink with mouth open,  gently squeeze the bottle up one nostril and allow it to come out of mouth then repeat the other side, this aids to cleans the nasal cavity. Other suggestions are the Inhalo Salt inhalers one for Bronchial and one for Nasal. Salt is a natural cleanser and with the lungs being one of the main targets for COVID19 it is a great idea to support the respiratory system. Spectramin is also great to add 2-3 drops in boiled water to gargle with, a natural antiseptic and antibacterial it makes the perfect mouthwash.

The next list are supplements I recommend for boosting immunity, remember the gut has a vast amount of lymph nodes making it the major source of immune health. Looking after the gut is one of the major things to focus on when we are boosting immunity.

Vegan C – a food source Vitamin C that does not contain non synthetic ascorbic acid, it is also long lasting and retains in the body longer. Vitamin C is key to immunity so this is a must in your wellbeing arsenal.

Evolve – contains an abundance of anti oxidants from the sea and earth. Chlorella in particular is known to mop up heavy metals in the body which in itself can cause a weakening to immunity, along with coupling with parasites and viruses so this is always a greater addition for wellbeing housekeeping!

Calmeric – reducing inflammation is one of the key factors to health, disease and imbalance begins with inflammation. Calmeric contains Tumeric, Ginger, Cayenne and a beautiful blend of vitamins and minerals.

Liver Rescue and Eradic8 – both of these contain ingredients like artichoke, cinnamon, garlic, grapefruit seed extract all of which are natural anti parasitic and antibacterial and anti viral, all which cleanse and support the liver cleansing the system and riding of pathogens. Eradic8 anlso has ingredients that are anti sporadic and probiotic to boost gut health.

Repair + –  contains pure L-Glutamine, this is the most abundant amino acid in the body and crucial for brain and immunity, it is also  a component of Glutathione. L-Glutamine is a wonderful addition to gut health as it helps seal the gut wall.

Flu Tone – a homeopathic remedy that contains a wonderful blend including Baptisia and Gelsemium which are classically used in homeopathy for flu like symptoms. To use as a preventative only 5 drops are needed under the tongue daily.

Viru chord – balances our own natural viral community called virones. Again use 5 drops daily as a preventative.

Hydration Duo – intracellular hydration another staple, by adding this duo to you water it will add crucial ionic to aid cellular hydration. The H2CAP is an investment to enable water to be charged to hydrogen water, this boosts antioxidants in your body to fight free radical attack.

Anxiety also pays a part of your wellbeing, looking at many streams of social media and a constant bombardment of different news can cause stress. Calm 5, Relax tone, Theanine and Choline are among the supplements that may help. Just take each day at a time, focus on things what you can control,  reach out to those who may be on their own, we have fantastic tools at our fingertips like Facetime and Skype to connect with our friends and famil;ies, if there are elderly people nearby, connect to see if they need any help. Stay safe and look after yourself and your loved ones.

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