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Lip Service

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Lip Service

The lips are very much neglected in the day to day skin care regimen, they can suffer dehydration playing a huge role in skin issue’s and showing clues on the internal gut!. Cold sore sufferers tend to have painful blisters arrive around the lips, as well as nose but more often the mouth area these annoying, sore unwanted guests are caused from strains of the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1 is the cause of cold sores whereas the HSV-2 is the cause of the genital strain – you can suffer from both strains on the face). Cold sores often begin with a tingling, itching sensation coupled with the feeling of being run down or under the weather, including swollen glands, high temperature aching muscles and joints etc. the skin then blisters and can sometimes ooze and then crust. These horrid, painful sores can also cause pigmentation and scaring on the skin.  They are contagious and there are no known cures for cold sores, however you can help by taking L-lysine (an amino acid) regularly will help to reduce the onset of cold sores, Lysine balm is a great investment to reduce the appearance.Cold sores thrive in acidic environments so look at reducing sugar and inflammatory substances in your diet, as well as reducing or quitting smoking, adding a paste made from cornstarch and water will neutralize the pH of cold sore. Licorice powder is another great ingredient to place topically on the sore as it has huge anti inflammatory actions as does turmeric. Use a lip balm without petroleum but with an SPF, a great one is Avene Sun Care Lip SPF 30 Lip Stick and increase in exercise, which will reduce stress levels – however don’t over do it! exercising more than three times a week will create a dehydrated fascia and suppress the immune system (which is the last thing you need). Make sure you have separate towels and flannels as  you do not want to cross infect, keep hands clean at all times and also invest in a new toothbrush – the toothbrush is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Cold sores lie dormant in the nerve endings and can reoccur

  • under stress
  • poor diet and lifestyle
  • menstruation or hormonal changes/imbalances
  • Immune weakness (caused by many things including recreational or long term medication)
  • Environmental factors – excessive sunlight exposure or elemental exposure (wind)
  • Skin treatments – certain skin treatments including micro-dermabrasion, skin peels and even dermal rolling can cause a trigger to cold sores (NOTE: it is always a good idea to use Acyclovir a few days before having and also after a skin treatment if you are susceptible, however if you have an active breakout a treatment should not be performed)
The lips in oriental diagnosis, relate to the intestines. Dry, pale lips relate to the colon needing more fiber and moisture in the diet, eat things that are high in water content, i.e: fruits high in moisture, melon, kiwi. Increase lettuce and cucumber into your diet as well as foods rich in essential fatty acids. Flaky lips tend to link with ‘furred pipes’ look at introducing a supplement to cleanse the colon and the bring in a good pro-biotic, reduce alcohol and spicy foods intake and increase ionic minerals with the Hydration Duo Repair+ not only heals internally and hydrates but you will see a great difference in the knees, elbows and lips!
It is so important to treat internally, HZ chord and Inflamma-tone are valuable additions to the healing regimen along with Vegan C but a consult is required before purchasing.

I don’t tend to wear lipstick often, I tend to stick to a lip balm that hydrates and protects. There are so many on the market now that are infused with fragrance from cherry to chocolate and have SPF’s with hydrating ingredients. The trend at the moment are tinted lip balms with the likes of Channel, Yves Saint Laurent, L’Oreal, among others all adding to the ‘lipso factor’ .
Many of such products include mineral oils or petroleum – a derivative of petrol. Petroleum is a fossil fuel and creates a jelly like substance as it’s by product. It was used by the workers as healing agent as it sealed the wound from any infection invading the body. The product itself feels as though it is moisturizing when in fact it creates a false hydrating effect and can be dehydrating along with the fact it is comodegenic!

There are many brands that use Shea Butter, an ingredient that I adore. Shea Butter is harvested in Africa, it is rich in omega 6 & 9, has a  very high level of vitamin E and abundant in essential fatty acids. It is extremely nourishing and an ideal emollient for lips that cry out for moisture.
Look at the ingredient listings of products and be aware of ingredients that draw moisture from the skin rather than contribute to the NMF (natural moisturizing factor).

A happy colon literally reflects in your smile – your lips! Exfoliate the lips gently by applying a gentle enzyme peel or  a great little tip is  get a teaspoon of porridge oats mixed with a little natural Greek yogurt with honey and gently rub into the lips. Porridge oats contain beta gluten a natural substance that has an anti-itch, anti-inflammatory and ultra hydrating action on the skin, the application will be gently abrasive. Yogurt contains natural enzymes that will eradicate dead skin cells and honey included will moisturize and soothe. Finish off with a lip balm containing Shea butter, pucker up and away you go!!

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