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Sugar, Sugar

publicado por Marie Reynolds el
Sugar, Sugar

Are you addicted to sugar? I know I seriously have a challenge with it but having a mother that bakes continually and gets offended, I mean seriously cheesed off if you don’t eat her cakes it is hardly a surprise!

Sugar causes internal inflammation and when inflammation occurs so does dis-harmony and dis-ease.

Sugar is extremely acidic when entering the body, it accelerates the skins ageing processes resulting in a loss of structure causing  wrinkles.

Premature ageing from sugar intake creates a process known as Glycation and this occurs because sugar molecules bind to vital proteins (such as collagen and elastin) which then form new harmful molecules known as  AGE (Advanced Glycation End products). AGEs cause a
lack of elasticity in the skin and proteins to harden and degrade.

Glycation is a continual process, happening all the time  but the cross linking of proteins build as we age, they cause free radical attack that create abnormal cells in the body which  is linked to premature ageing, diabetes, hardening of the arteries, liver and pancreas disease and Alzheimers.

The good news is Sugar cravings may be for of pathogenic influences that we aim to rid of. Liver Rescue, Eradic8 and Hydration Duo are among the remedies prescribed. Also Metabapath and drainage tone are homeopathic that  address all aspects of sugar and sweetener overload.

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