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The Big Skin Theory

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The Big Skin Theory

The title of this blog is clearly a tongue in cheek slant on my views on the latest clinical and scientific skin care products and why I ADORE the results driven benefits they provide.

The Big Bang Theory is the leading explanation about how the universe began. At its simplest, it talks about the universe as we know it starting with a small singularity, then inflating over the  years to the cosmos that we know today.’  After reading what the overview of the Big Bang Theory is I felt that it resonated very much with the explosion of cosmeceuticals in the aesthetic industry and how they have evolved over the last thirty years.

Personally I have always had the ‘less is more’ approach rather than all guns blazing. I don’t and never will find the need for aggressive applications with aggressive ingredients I am all for progressive application with scientifically proven encapsulated, chiral and resilient ingredients that give outstanding results without inflammation, discomfort or pain.

The use of active ingredients have come on in leaps and bounds and are continually progressing to enable aestheticians to take huge strides in skin correction, healthy aging and healthy skin maintenance without the need for invasive or intrusive methods.

I have recently introduced a cosmeceutical range called Cosmedix, an outstanding range that include chirally correct and encapsulated ingredients. Chiral ingredients have been filtered so that when applied to the skin there is less of what it does not need and more of what it does. Ingredients have  left and right sides but only one side is recognised by the skin, if the wrong side of a molecule is applied to the skin it has a greater risk of inflammatory reactions.

Cosmedix products are filtered so all active ingredients are chiral this ensures maximum benefit and minimum irritation. Organic ingredients are chiral by nature and by filtering active ingredients they become nature identical.

Derivatives of Vitamin A come in many forms they are all part of the Retinoid family, some are aggressive and cause inflammation and irritation. Cosmedix unique LG Retinex is an encapsulation of Retinol which means it is kinder and gentler in application reducing inflammation. Being refined by chirality  gives added integrity to results and delivery into the skin. Cosmedix Vitamin A is transported into the core of the skin by AGP (Arabino Galactin-Protein) a complex tri amino acid that delivers the encapsulated Retinol ensuring the optimum outcome.

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals is another product I use particularly the RHA Serum, Filler and Advanced Perfecting Shield all containing resilient Hyaluronic Acid. TEOXANE resilient Hyaluronic Acid is a patented formula that is cross linked, it concentrates on three principles of repair, renew and restructure.  Cross linking gives RHA structural integrity and resistance to degradation, it creates a breathable mesh when applied and slowly releases the hydrating active ingredients to smooth and plump the skin.

It is essential for one to look after and invest in your skin. Don’t look on buying a product as a ‘treat’ or a ‘luxury’ it is a necessity, you only have one skin, look after it!


“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty.
It is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”
– Coco Chanel –

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