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The Crystal Maze

publicado por Marie Reynolds el
The Crystal Maze
Crystals have a way of dipping in and out of trend. I have always been a fan, even from a small child I had a fascination with them.
Below are some questions I was asked about Crystals and how they interact with the skin, enjoy!
What exactly are crystals and where do we get them from?
Magma is the liquid rock material that pours out onto the earths surface from volcanoes . We know pure essential oils are the life force of the plant, crystals are the life force of the earth. Igneous rock forms when magma cools creating crystals. The type of crystal formed is dependent on the type of heat friction from the earths platelets, as well how fast rocks cool. For example: the lava can be cooled by compression of rocks over hundreds of years, it can be cooled from the atmosphere or by the sea. Molecules from the soil are compressed over thousands of years the earth is a living, breathing planet it moves and changes constantly in atmosphere, weather and climate. Protocrystalization is what happens in the earth when molecules are attracted to one another and form in a solid mass until it forms a crystal.
How do they ‘work’ and what is the energy they give off?
Electromagnetic Energy from a crystal can transmit to balance and energize they hold electrical charges within their structure, small minute charges that vibrate. Raman activity is high on many crystals it is the study of how light and electrical charges interact with molecules ( study how left & right polarized light travel and connect with Chiral molecules)
What do we mean by them giving off ‘vibrations’?

Just as everything has an electromagnetic field, everything also has a vibration. The chair you sit on, the pen you write with, the table you eat off of. Vibrations resonate at different speeds, as human beings we pick up vibrations as do essential oils and crystals. Frequencies in the atmosphere have an influence on the human being, they draw in either ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ experiences. Even the air we breathe and the air that surrounds us is charged with electromagnetic energy, which is showered down to the earth from solar rays and planetary radiation. We act as antennae, which pick up the electromagnetic energy.

Most of us are now used to the theory that crystals combat negative energies but how does that translate into skin cells?

Everything has a positive and negative energy, skin cells interact negatively from free radical attack, molecules in the skin also respond amazingly well when you apply ingredients that are chiraly correct. It is like making sure each molecule in the skin has a correct ‘lock in’ ingredient to give optimum results, like a glove on a hand. Ingredients that are not chiral is like putting your hand in a lucky dip and hoping to get the correct glove to fit. So when we use crystals that are not only chiral but have high resonance we have a winning combination, especially used with LED.

How do crystals work on your skin?

Explained in last question with chirality but we also have to remember that our collagen and fascia are essentially liquid crystal, we are also 70% water – liquid crystal. It amazes me that most people look on crystals as a new age, tree hugging fad when actually when you think of all the ingredients used from the earth is used in skincare it is logically processed and accepted, why can’t it be the same for crystals? they are abundant in minerals, vitamins as well as the electrical charges.

Is it a chemical process?

Everything has a chemical process, we are walking, talking chemical processes. Crystals are chiral and have the ability to bend and resonate interacting with molecules.

Can crystals give skin cells more energy and therefore act as an anti-ager?

Defiantly! Amethyst, clear quartz are among the master chargers

Do they still have the same ‘power’ if ground down into a complex formula?

For me it is all down to technique, application and what you combine with, as I mentioned using with LED can amplify, I use hematite stones, selenite rods, jade and rose rollers but I use ground amethyst, aquamarine and quartz combined in exfoliation, moisturizers and masks. I feel that crystals in their larger solid state can and are useful for the balancing emotional aspect of treatment, however for specific concerns then powdered crystals and rollers are better.

Those frequently mentioned are jade, ruby, topaz, sapphire, malachite, tourmaline and rose quartz – how do these differ from each other?

Malachite can be toxic – it can contain high levels of copper sulfate so I don’t use that in skin treatments but as an anti-inflammatory as a whole stone its great, Jade is excellent for the lymphatics and hydration – great as rollers on the skin, Rose quartz great anti-inflammatory and high in vibration energy so good for anti aging also, Tourmaline helps to brighten and detoxify good for pigmentation type treatments (depends on what tourmaline – black, pink, green etc), Ruby another high vibration so great for collagen and blood circulation, Topaz – high vibration another one for brightening skin conditions, Sapphire is cleansing and purifying stone stone. The effects of frequency depend on the RAMAN osculation the higher the oscillation the deeper the frequency into the skin.
Are there such thing as bad crystals for the skin?
Some crystals hold arsenic, and high levels of copper sulfates. Remember these stones are formed from many minerals and earth compounds as well as atmospheric elements.. not all are good. As well as that every person, every skin condition is unique and that also depends on how an individual feels which is why ingredients react on one day and may not on another.

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