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Miraculous Mycelium

publicado por Marie Reynolds el
Miraculous Mycelium

If I told you that the simple mushroom is just a small part of an integral universe that lies underground, part of a magnificent living organism that feeds the earth, that acts as a communication network for other plant species, especially trees very much like our own fascia system and like the world wide web. Would you think I was off on a tangent of weirdness?? probably but I will continue.

I believe that every ailment we have is able to be cured by the living plant sources our earth provides. The plant species is a very intelligent one, none more so than mycelium. 

For those that are not aware, mycelium is the oldest living organism on earth - fungi are part of this amazing life source that runs underground. When we think of the growth of mushrooms we think of them growing from decay, wet dead surroundings, which is true but it is from that decay that life starts. Mushrooms are full of amazing properties that have been attributed to all sorts of health benefits even those going through cancer therapy. We know they can be deadly and even hallucinogenic - Psilocybins - hallucinogenic mushrooms have also been used with great affects for depression and anxiety (of course under controlled environments with professional practitioners).

Mycelium are finger like structures that are everywhere beneath the surface of the earth, its network is vast - so when we think about grounding not only are we absorbing negative ions forced from the ionosphere but we are in-fact engaging energetically with the mycelium. Research has shown that trees communicate via the mycelium - saplings that are struggling with nutrients are fed them from neighbouring trees via the mycelium. The mycelium has its own energy source that feeds life force.

Research in the use of mycelium and mushrooms is growing not only in the use of health and wellbeing but in Biofuel - studies have found mushrooms produce their own electrical source and mycelium can be manufactured to use in batteries and even made into furniture!

Let's get back to the mushroom we use in the MRL supplements! Reishi - this spectacular type of mushroom has a fulll health spectrum - boosts digestion & the microbiome, antioxidant and DNA support, aids respiration, blood sugar support, circulation support, liver and detox support, immune, cognitive support, aids tress/anxiety/sleep, performance and recovery - it is a wonder ingredient! It is known as the mushroom of immortality! Reishi Mushroom is found in our 3-Set and our Defend supplements. 

I wonder at nature, there is always the macro and the micro from the outer universe outside of the earth, right to the core. The mycelium to the earth is almost identical in function and look as our own fascia system to us. Dividing, sliding, splitting, communicating and connected- connected to every system, organ and structure of our body and has a faster electric system that reacts with all of those components faster than the nervous system. 


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