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The Vital C

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The Vital C

There have been many posts about the latest Queen or King of the antioxidants but give me good ol vitamin C any day. Known as the ultimate helper, vitamin C packs a punch when it comes to free radical attack.  This water soluble vitamin is sensitive to oxygen and can very quickly become unstable. Once taken in supplement form the body uses the supplies within hours and excretes through urination so it is an important supplement to top up.

Vitamin C is secreted throughout the body when under stress physically, mentally or emotionally. Stress hormones trigger the rush of this super antioxidant to help counteract the free radical onslaught to cells by neutralising them. Everyday we encounter some form of stress which we can process when we talk about physical, mental or emotional but the physical stress includes the stress our skin takes every second of the day from the environment, medication, topical products, diet and lifestyle. So imagine then the amount of vitamin C we naturally use up. Vitamin C plays such an import role in protecting the skin from the imbalance of free radicals (oxidative stress) and to prevent Lipid peroxidation (free radicals attacking lipids). Vitamin C is also used to reactivate Vitamin E, so if you’re using a topical Vitamin E product without its best buddy Vit C, you won’t be better the benefit you may think!

Smoking depletes oxygen and vitamin C at a rapid rate in the body and skin which strengthen and increase the free radical infantry. Over the counter medication for colds and flu virus’ actually deplete vitamin C levels counteracting the ability to fight infection. I swear by increasing vitamin C when I have a cold as THE best remedy and take it regularly, every day to achieve optimum health.

Clinical studies have shown that vitamin C helps boost immunity, protect against pollution through smoking, helpful for depression, brain function, candida, high cholesterol, fatigue, muscle weakness and irritability.

Vitamin supplements are worth investing in but many contain bulking agents and very little of the actual supplement you need. I  recommend my own MRL Vegan C The human body struggles to recognise synthetic substances, and this includes vitamins. It is best able to process and assimilate nutrients from natural whole foods. However, as food quality declines due to (for example) mass production, the incidence of multiple micro-nutrient depletion continues to increase, along with associated ailments.

Vegan C is a unique whole food (food based) source of vitamin C, derived from some of nature’s richest sources of this essential vitamins and antioxidants. As well as providing vitamin C, it is packed with a host of other natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, pectins, essential oils, lycopene, carotenoids, plant sterols, catechins, polyphenolics and other phyto-nutrients. Gentle and non-acidic – no ascorbic acid! Synthesised vitamin C (which is normally in the form of ascorbic acid and mineral acsorbates) may look like Vitamin C in chemical structure, but it is missing all of the natural and essential co-factors found in food state health food products. This Vitamin C combination is made up of natural food ingredients, as recognised and required by the body for maximum digestion, absorption and utilisation.

As mentioned above our skin is the organ that reflects what is going on internally but also externally. We should all have a vitamin C product in our skincare regime, it is not only the super antioxidant it is beneficial for pigmentation, collagen and elastin synthesis and protects against environmental factors.

MRL Elixir contains a blend of Apricot & Marula Oil, which has four times as much Vitamin C as oranges, omega 9 fatty acids and Vitamin E. It protects against environmental damage as well as being extremely high in antioxidants. A beautiful blend of Frankincense, Rose & Neroli was chosen for its resonance and ability to nourish & repair the skin

Another favourite of mine is Cosmedix Pure C Mixing Crystals from Medico Beauty 100% L-Ascorbic acid crystals that have been purified so non-irritating and a stable form of vitamin C. Its kept in powder form for maximum potency and freshness. Mix a small amount of Pure C  crystals with any CosMedix serum or moisturiser and apply to the skin morning and evening. To purchase this please drop us a line and we can make you a Harley profile.

“Vitamin C is the world’s best natural antibiotic, antiviral, antitoxin and antihistamine.  As English literature concentrates on Shakespeare, so orthomolecular (megavitamin) therapy concentrates on vitamin C. Let the greats be given their due. The importance of vitamin C cannot be over emphasised.”

- Andrew W. Saul

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