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Thirty Three

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Thirty Three

The number thirty three has many mysteries surrounding it. From ancient civilisation, mythology and religions including the Bible (Christ died at the age of thirty three) and the Star of David ( where it links the emotions and thoughts to the number thirty three).

Let's look at one relation to this number which I find so interesting, whether you are a believer or not the coincidences in the ethereal and physical are astounding.

The number thirty three is known as the number of the awakening of consciousness. It is a sacred number in ancient mythology and ancient history. Jacobs Ladder is a story in the Bible of a man called Jacob, whom had a dream of a ladder of thirty three steps, reaching from Earth to Heaven, a place of enlightenment. Once reached at the top Jacob adorned the stone with a scared oil and reached the holy enlightenment of God. This represents the relationship between Heaven and Earth - the body and spirit.

There have been many studies on Buddhist Monks that have many changes in the brain, improving consciousness and cognitive function, however the most amazing thing I found was that in the deepest of meditative states a serum covers the brain.

There are thirty three vertebra in the human spine (like the 33 steps of the ladder). These are made up of the following:

  • 7 Cervical
  • 12 Thoracic
  • 5 Lumbar
  • 5 Sacral (these are fused together)
  • 4 Coccygeal (fused to form the tailbone)

The mind of enlightenment (pineal gland) is reached by the ladder of evolution - the spine. When meditation begins it is believed serum (thought to be the spinal fluid) moves up to spine from the sacrum, ascending up the central nervous system (via spinal cord an extension of the brain) to the pineal gland. Very much like the ascension of Jacobs Ladder and the anointing of the sacred oil.

It has also been suggested that small amounts of DMT (dimethyltryptamine - also known as the spirit molecule) may be released near death. DMT is a psychedelic drug that brings on hallucinations of transcending and although not yet 100% proven if the human brain does this the similarities of NDE and hallucinations from DMT are strikingly similar.

Jimo Borjigin, Ph.D., of the Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology states “DMT is not just in plants, but also can be detected in mammals, we found brain neurons with the two enzymes required to make DMT, and they were not just in the pineal gland. They are also found in other parts of the brain, including the neocortex and hippocampus that are important for higher-order brain functions including learning and memory.”

The results are published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Another fascinating subject, is that the first line of fascia is created within the first division of cells that create the fetus. It forms the coccyx and the dura (part of the brain), from there all other organs and systems are created. This is called the Primitive Streak, also known as the 'Finger of God'. The Bowen Technique for example, involves gentle moves that are performed extremely lightly and then you are left for minutes at a time in between these moves. The body recognises that it needs to ‘reset’ its blueprint and attempts to do so engaging in the spinal fluid and the glycosaminoglycans within the fascia.


So how can we make the best of our consciousness, our body/spirit connection?

I believe and always have done the overloading of 'the toxic bin' has a huge part to play on overall mental and physical wellbeing. Heavy metals, alcohol, poor diet and lifestyle all build up the level of toxicity and thought to calcify the pineal gland, which apart from the conscious side of things has a major input of our circadian rhythms and our endocrine system. Chemicals in food, recreationals (smoking, alcohol, drugs) medication, poor sleep, environmental states, radiation etc all contribute to the 'dumbing down of consciousness'

Being aware of your toxic load is a huge step in overall wellness. Looking at what dental care you are using avoid toothpaste with fluoride, avoid the regular branded mouth washes (Spectramin with distilled water is excellent), stay away from regular sanitary products, look at organic.

Look at how you are managing your stress - the Non Emotional Contract is a staple for myself and my clients.

Being mindful of what words you speak about yourself and others is also key in your physical and mental wellbeing. Especially to yourself - 'I can't, I'm not, I won't' are all self prophecies - words can be poison or fruit - you decide!

Look at your sleep hygiene, by this I mean what time you're going to bed, the count down to bed time. Make sure you wind down and keep all electrical devices out of the bedroom. Sleep is a major part of brain purging and lying down new neurological pathways and electrical devices omit electrosmog! microwaves, radiation and gases. They have no business being near our head or in the bedroom at a time of rest and repair. They also have no business being around our being when meditating, when we need to connect with consciousness. 




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