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Milk Thistle


Milk thistle has been used for over 2000 years in traditional herbal remedies. It’s widely known as a hepatic protectant and has been used to support the gall bladder and gastrointestinal function. Our liquid Milk Thistle provides you with a powerful, stable and extremely bioavailable botanical.

  • Further Information
  • Milk thistle is the most researched plant for the treatment of liver disease. Milk thistle is known to have many additional properties and they include:

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Antiviral
    • Reduce cholesterol
    • Healthier skin
    • Support weight loss Neuroprotective
    • Boost breast milk production Lower blood sugar


Spagyrically processed: Milk Thistle Fruit (Silybum Marianum Gaertn.) 400mg/* Gluten and lactose free - Vegan Other ingredients: Water, Ethyl Alcohol 40%, Grape Juice.

How to Use

25 drops twice a day in water or as directed by your health practitioner - shake well!