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Louise's Eczema Journey

publicado por Marie Reynolds el
Louise's Eczema Journey

Before I begin sharing Louise’s journey I want to state that I never claim to cure, treat or heal any conditions – that is the job of your Doctor. My work is looking at imbalances that may cause dis-harmony in the body. I look at patterns from your diet, lifestyle and inherited miasma that may be having an affect on your body as a whole. With careful planning and energy therapy I can then guide your body into rebalancing and aim at  healing and rebalancing itself. There is no magic cure, this takes commitment, a lot of it! and financial investment. For me, the problems that you may have are the full stop to a sentence – I read the sentence to see what has lead to that full stop. If at any time you need advice on an illness or condition you must always seek the advice from your medical practitioner.

I was invited by the lovely Nicola Bonn to record a Podcast for Outspoken Beauty and was emailed shortly after, which is the usual occurrence but this email in particular had me so choked. I have spoken to Louise and she is happy to share her journey, so I will start with the email she wrote to me:

Dear Marie,

I listened to your extremely interesting ‘Outspoken Beauty’ Podcast yesterday and thought I’d contact you. 
Let me tell you a bit about my skin journey! I have had eczema since a child (in the normal places ie behind the knees and creases of arms) and am now 48. I used topical steroid creams on my eczema but about five years ago I started getting strange red marks around my forehead and around my eyes (which looked like I had black eyes). I decided that the creams weren’t working so stopped using them and decided to see a Nutritionalist. I also suffer from Colitis and wanted to also stop taking tablets for this as don’t believe all these drugs from the GP are any good as I believe there are alternative natural supplements available. Continuously GPs and dermatologists have told me that the only way I will get better is through taking oral or topical steroids and they didn’t like it when I disagreed. Over the following three months my skin started to worsen with bigger rashes appearing. Approx 4 months later I was in agony and had to get my mum to live with us (to help with my 3 children) The agony was from head to toe and I couldn’t cope (physically or mentally). I later realised I was going through something called TSW (topical steroid withdrawal). I don’t know how I managed to get through most days as I was in so much pain, my skin was flaking/dropping off. I couldn’t stop scratching and if honest even now (5 years later) haven’t slept for more than 3 hours a night. At my worst I think I slept an hour a night and that’s mainly because I passed out due to being exhausted. 
During the last 5 years I have on numerous occasions thought I was nearing the end of my hell and then wham would be hit with another flare whether it be on my face, arms, neck, legs stomach – basically everywhere really!  Most flares have lasted approx 5-6 months. My arms have always been the worst and in constant flare and to this day I am still suffering and feel like I have been thrown into a nettle bush and want to scratch them all the time.
I wish this hell was over! My husband has been  my rock and if honest, I don’t know how he’s coped at times with his demanding job, often having to deal with 3 children when I couldn’t cope and generally watching me in pain and not knowing what to do to help.
I have tried most supplements and creams and have spent what seems like a fortune! I want to be normal again, be able to wear makeup, wear clothes without them being spoilt due to greasy oils spoiling everything. I want to not feel anxious when going out. I don’t want to feel the need to scratch all my skin off my arms after returning from shopping/being out of the house for a few hours. I want to be able to wash my clothes with the rest of the families and I want to be able to have baths and showers again. At the moment I am scared to have them due to the dryness I have to go through for hours after resulting in hours of scratching and sometimes resulting in me having to go to bed to try and mentally switch off from the pain! I feel like I’ve missed 5 years of my children’s lives. They have seen me cry a lot too! I haven’t enjoyed Summer holidays with my family in recent years even in this country as I have to hide from the sun in a tent as feel like I have severe sunburn. My children are used to it but I wished they weren’t. 
I am wondering if I am someone you can help get better as I almost feel I will never be better ever again!”
I immediately got in touch with Louise and as always explained that I do not treat the condition but lets see how we can help and move forward. For me the process with anything is to do two fundamental processes:
1: The Opening Channels – This is a series of supplements and remedies that work in ‘re-setting’ the alimentary canal and eliminating organs. I alsways speak of the Farmers Field as this is the easiest analogy to explain your wellbeing journey – you cannot expect a healthy harvest if the field is contaminated – therefore you have to excavate and plant new seeds, for you to get a healthy crop. This is what the Opening Channels aims to do.
2. The second thing is Energetic Testing – this is fundamental in the healing program, you see, everything resonates, it has its own frequency signature and this includes, pathogens (bacterias, viruses, mould, heavy metals., chemical strains, vaccinations- the list is endless) negative signature frequencies may cause an interference between healthy cellular communications, a little like white noise, so Energy Therapy works on knocking out this ‘white noise’ in various stages.
The whole process takes time and sometimes things get worse before they get better, this is a very common side affect – actually it can be a positive as it shows a level of detoxification the body is processing and the worse thing you can do is give up. The process can take at least 3 months (that is the very least) but usually an ongoing thing, with Louise we are already at three months but we are only beginning, it is a slow process and takes commitment.
Louise’s comments after three months:

After listening to the Podcast and sending my long email to Marie, I was amazed to have a reply back so quickly. We arranged a FaceTime consultation and only a few days later I was meeting the amazing Marie on FaceTime. I was initially very nervous as I didn’t know what to expect as I’d been suffering for so long with my skin. It was often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, until this point. For the first time I felt that someone ‘Marie’ could hear my pain and understood where I was coming from and how she could help me. Marie was friendly, calm, genuine and definitely knows what she’s talking about. I cried a few tears I think more in relief than anything. I came off the Facetime feeling quite excited that I finally was on the right path to getting better. 

Since my first consultation, we have been in contact regularly via email and had several FaceTimes. 
I have taken numerous supplements, tinctures, worn a micro chip, had distance therapy and recently just finished a Flora Wash. All these are clearly doing their job. I’m not 100% just yet but I’m get closer and closer every day to being my old self. All thanks to the brilliant skills and knowledge or Marie Reynolds. Thanks Marie – you’re the best
Even though I am humbled by Louise’s comments I have to say this is down to her persistence, she has been absolutely amazing. I only guide a person in what they need to do,  as I have mentioned it is also a financial commitment ; The Energy Test is £250, the microchips, of which is ongoing is £120.00 per chip, The Opening Channels is in the region of £400 with ongoing supplements, Distance Therapy is £95.00. So you see it is an investment and not a quick fix.
Almost all conditions start energetically and you have to look at the processes that happen within that lead to imbalances. Yes, there are many ‘quick fixes’ that give instant relief but this is usually a suppressant and not dealing with the main factors that play a part in the disruption of energetic communications.
Thank you Louise for trusting my advice and for being so committed, also for allowing others to share your journey.

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