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Shin Splints

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Shin Splints

The Bowen Technique is a great help for those who suffer from shin splints. This is a common injury (or symptom) for runners, rugby players and football players.

Shin splints is described as pain over the front of the tibia bone (the shin hence the name) this can be caused by problems from muscle, bone or tendons in the lower leg. The problems are caused from overuse (think of marathon runners) which irritate the tendons and muscle attachments leading to a condition called medial tibial stress syndrome aka shin splints.

When athletes increase training the risk of shin splints is higher, especially if posture is not correct when training causing dehydrated fascia and shortening of the anatomy trains (lines of fascia that run in ribbons in different directions within the body).

Overpronation (foot flattens on surface completely causing the foot to roll inwards) can also contribute to the shin splint problem.

It is important to maintain the health of fascia with appropriate hydration. This can be achieved with adding Hydration Duo, Repair+  or Coll-Force to your training.

Soda Crystals are another great product to use, popularized by athletes and sportsmen, now widely used to relieve swollen joints and ease sprains, strains and aching muscles after exercise or physical exertion

The Bowen technique is great for hydrating fascia, taking down inflammation and decreasing pain. I have treated many footballers and runners with this problem, here is some lovely feedback from Simon who was running the London Marathon

If you feel the pain is acute always refer to your GP to rule out any stress fractures!

Click on the links for more information on sports performance and roll with the punches.

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