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Where's Your Head At?

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Where's Your Head At?

For me head pain is THE worst of all pains. I was a migraine sufferer from early teens until I had my hysterectomy, I still get the odd one, actually just coming out of a four day corker which led me to write this post.

Headaches are not a ‘one size fits all’ we know there are migraines, stress headaches and sinus headaches but there are also the stomach headache, hormonal headache, liver headache and banded headaches.

The gastric type migraine is a headache that can make you feel so nauseous, it is a bilious type headache that makes you want to curl under the covers and not come out until the pain and sickness subsides. Because nausea comes with this type of headache, it is more often linked with the liver. Avoid foods that would aggravate the liver/gallbladder like coffee, chocolate and dairy foods. Eating at specific times can also bring on this type of headache, look at eating before 7pm.

The frontal headache is linked with the frontal sinuses which can give that face ache pain especially from inflammation of the sinuses causing neuralgia. Sinus pain can be caused from wet or dry sinus, sinus pain gives a throbbing in the head and face. They are the first line of defense to the respiratory system, irritants and pollutant can aggravate the mucus membranes causing inflammation. Dry sinus is another condition that can cause neuralgia, women going through the menopause may suffer from dry sinuses. (The drying of mucus membranes occurs during menopause.) Using a nasal wash with a sole solution (solution made from Himalayan crystal salt) is an excellent way to cleanse the nasal cavity and reduce inflammation.

The banded headache, just like its name, gives the feeling of a tight band around the circumference of the head this is linked with stress and anxiety. Look to the stomach for this type of head pain, take peppermint tea or capsules, incorporate some mindfulness and correct breathing techniques this will help. Often this individual may also suffer with stomach anxiety.

The temporal headache is an interesting one, people who have been yanked into the world (those born by forceps, ventouse or cesarean etc)
often suffer from this kind of head pain. It comes with a pressure on the temples or on the back of the neck, hydrating fascia is so important as a general rule but when you have implicit tissue memory from a trauma then it will already have a weakness. Hydration Duo is my number one recommendation for hydration.

Talking of hydration we come to the headache caused by dehydration and toxic abuse – alcohol! yes, the grand old master – the hangover! This encompasses the liver headache, stress headache and the dehydrated headache and it is all self inflicted! Great tips for the hangover include:

  • Place a pint glass of water with the Hydration Duo  and a 1000mg of effervescent Vit C  by your bed before going out and drink before bed! this has proven time and time again to help alleviate the nasty you will potentially wake up to.
  • Artichoke supplements will help protect the liver – Liver Rescue is the perfect supplement – take them before the night out and after!

Now comes the Mother of all headaches – the hormonal headache – as a sufferer of this type of migraine I know first hand the evil that causes such pain that you literally do not know what to do with yourself. The pain pounds in your head before you even wake, the pressure behind your eyes feel that if you were to cry you would cry blood, it feels as though someone is constantly pushing your eyes with their thumbs. Vision is blurred, sometimes you have waves and black floaters in your vision, your head feels like lead on your shoulders which leads to such tension in the neck,  it actually hurts to move your eyes to look at anything, your sensitive to light, the pain is so acute even your hair hurts – and this can last for days. When I came around from my hysterectomy I was in absolute agony not from the massive wound across my bowels but with the pains in my head. I had not been given medication for three days because they were ‘out of stock’ my hormone levels plummeted and I can honestly say I literally thought I was dying – I have never, ever experienced such horrific pain, I was totally immobilized, so a hormonal migraine is THE WORST of all migraines, it is a hidden condition that just has to pass. Stress, traumatic experiences, diet, lifestyle and hormonal imbalances can all play a role. The Osmosis Harmonized Waters come in many different form – the Hormon Balnace water is a must for this type of head pain.

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